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Day 99, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today was a very profitable day; let me explain. I
came out of the library, as usual, and was called to open the gates at
OC, as usual. We hunted there, as usual, and had quite a good time, as
usual. That was when something out of the ordinary happened. We
suddenly received a cry for help over the sunstone. It seemed an Orga
Rage was rampaging in West Puddleby. “Rages!”, we spat. We had plenty
of those is OC. But as we continued our hunt, the cries for help became
more dire. One Rage, two Rages, three Rages… and a Fury to boot! We
all made way to Puddleby as fast as we could. We were not prepared for
the site that greeted us…

Orga Invasion

An army of orga met our party, in what was easily
the largest Orga Invasion in the history of Pre-Ripture Puddleby. There
were countless Orga Rages, Furies, and Frenzies, accompanied by
Hemlocks, Warlocks, Spites, and Zerks. Now this horrid scene placed
fear in the hearts of many exiles, but not I. I ran from orga to orga,
doing what I could with my “boosts”, and gaining a hefty profit in the
process. All told, I made over 400 coppers from the chests and bounty
of the invading orga. Yes, very profitable indeed.

This battle was also unique, in that it was the
first battle in which any exile had manned the newly built catapult.
The catapult shot out otherwise useless stones, and flung them at the
orga with deadly force. The catapult dealt immense damage against an
Orga Rage, and felled a virtually unscratched Death Vermine. Tan’ki,
Katpus, for the wonderous addition to Puddleby’s defenses!

Day 90, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Boy it’s been a long time since my last entry!
But, as the wise Worf once said: “When faced with the daily decision of
clanning, or updating your page, Clan Lord wins over every time”(or
something like that). Anyhow, it’s been quite an interesting day today.
It all started when I met an ELF member from way back when; Firebird.
It seems that many of the older exiles are coming back: Firebird,
Maqui, and many others. Anyway, after wittnessing the miracle of J’jh
being raised in town(with a record 21 healers), I took Firebird for a
quick tour of OC, and ofcourse for a few falls here and there to Rages
and Warlocks.


Later that day, I was lucky to be graced by the presence of the vaunted Licenses.


If you have not heard, Licenses can add a short
text string to the end of your /INFO, ooc, and lately she has been in
the lands with increaseing frequency. With her Thoomish aid, I was able
to get the description that I always wanted. Afterwards, I made a treck
to Dal’Noth Isle with a brave band of adventurers, and succesfully made
it to the Dal’Noth Town and back. All in all, it was an exciting day!

Day 50, Year 535 of the Ascendancy

Today was another interesting day. After a very
profitable hunt in the Southern Passes, I returned to town, and visited
the Academy, only to find it filled with several Mystics in uniform.
They were here, it turned out, to promote my good friend Diotima to the
status of Mystic. I was elated, for Diotima was a Mystic I had known
since the very beginning.

This was an especially unique promotion, because
one of the three Mystics promoting Diotima was none other than our
venerable Aki. The ceremony was a beautiful one, and after Aki gave
Diotima a tour of the Academy, the two visited the town in uniform.
Grudos, Diotima, on becomming the second full Mystic of Puddleby!

Diotima the Mystic

Day 49, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today was quite an eventful day. While I was
meditating in the Academy, I was asked to open up Dal’Noth isle for a
group of rescuers. I did so, and the rescuers quickly slayed the foul
inhabitants of the isle, and rescued the fallen. However, instead of
leaving, we decided to stay, and more and more exiles poured into the
isle. We gathered about 30 or so exiles, and decided to make a visit to
the Dal’Noth Town. It was quite an eventful trip, filled with many
perils and dangers.


We made our way to the town, but part way through,
a few more exiles wanted to join in on the fun, so I returned to shore
to let the exiles in. However, when I reached the entrance of the isle,
I saw no exiles in sight. Suddenly, several thoughts flooded through my
head, via the sunstone, all speaking of massacres occurring throughout
Puddleby. It seemed that while our party was exploring Dal’Noth, a
large army of Darshak and Undine had surrounded, and taken over our
town. Despite many warnings, I peddled my boat as fast as I could from
Dal’Noth, and reached the shores of Puddleby. However, as soon as I
landed upon the beach, literally hundreds of Undine and Darshak
surrounded me, and an evil Necromancer used his tainted magic, felling

Undine Invasion

It seemed that the Darshak had occupied many parts
of town, and a rescue was long in coming, but in the end, the exiles
triumphed over the greatest Undine invasion since the Ripture War.

Day 27, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today was ELF’s Dun’ilsar against the Dwarven
Militia(DM). The clan mates of each clan met within the Purple Tor, and
made final preparations for the Dun’ilsar, a money hunt. Things looked
bleak, for there had been a mis-communication, and very few ELFs were
present. DM outnumbered us 2 to 1, with 14 exiles on their side. We
decided it would be best if we split our group in two; Sylune, Magnels,
and Afton headed for the Passes, while Fleming, Vequalir, Zippy, and I
headed for the North Forest. Hunting was pretty difficult, especially
since everywhere we went, it seemed there was a group from DM there as

Finally, the two hours was up, and the two clans
headed back to the Purple Tor. This is where luck came to play on our
side. All seven ELF members made it back to the Purple Tor with time to
spare, but DM was not so fortunate. Several factors slowed DM down,
including a minor Darshak Invasion in East Field, and Jury Duty. A few
exiles from DM did not make it to the Purple Tor in time. The totals
were then tallied from both clans, and it turned out that ELF barely
lost, with a coin count of 325 versus DM’s 348. It was a great
Dun’ilsar nonetheless, and next time, we will hopefully kick some
Dwarven posterior!


Day 26, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Well, for those of yi who missed the BOW Tournament, yi’re in luck! The wonderful Scheme has made a Vision Stone of the event. Now yi too can find out who the Best Of the Weak.


However, for some reason the beginning of the
stone is a bit corrupted. Just fast forward through the beginning(it’s
boring, anyway) and the stone will fix itself. Enjoy!

Day 24, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Well, I guess I missed the Mystical BOW Tournament
today, but today was still a day to go down in history! Today, almost
as soon as I got out of the library, I received several requests to go
to Orga Camp. I needed some excitement, so I said “Sure, why not”.
Well, I arrived at the camp, and there was quite a party there. We
quickly plowed our way through the first three camps, and made our way
to OC 4. That was when a found out that another party had arrived in OC
1, and that they needed someone to open the gates. I quickly made my
way back to OC 1, accompanied by several fighters and healers. The
group in OC 1 was quite a bunch of exiles, and we survived numerous
attacks from Orga Rages and Furies. We quickly made our way through OC
2, when the following message resounded through all our heads:

SS Message

We all rushed down to OC 4, and found that the
claims of Jackie were true. OC 4 was under exile control. We quickly
searched the Orga Camp, looking for an entrance to OC 5. We did not
find any other exits out of OC 4, other than the one in which we came,
but what we did find was quite interesting:

Weird Rock

To me it appeared to be a giant slab of rock.
Others thought it a hole, a tree stump, or a large pile of [censored].
Whatever it was, it wasn’t ordinary. Other than that, there was little
of interest in OC 4. However, I was lucky enough to find my first
cluster of berries, Bramble Berries to be exact.

Bramble Berries

I was earnest to get back to town to try the
berries As we began to make our way back to town, however, a spawn that
Natas later described as a “DV spawn from hell” hit us. More than
thirty Death Vermine jumped out of the shadows, and felled the lot us.
We narrowly survived, and headed out of OC 4. The final peril that we
met seemed a parting gift. As we made ready to leave OC 2, twenty or so
Orga Berzerks jumped us, again felling many exiles. Afterwards, we all
made our way back to town and rejoiced over the capture of OC 4. I even
made a record of 11 shares 😉

Day 21, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Happy New Year all! Today was surely a day to be
recorded in history. From the moment I came out of the library, I knew
something was happening. There was just something, different in
the air. My suspicions were confirmed when I found three Mystics
speaking with none but Aki, within the Mystic Academy. After a long
delay(Mystics) Aki was promoted to the status of full Mystic!


After being promoted, Aki took a stroll through town in his new uniform, and he was given the reception of an Ancient.

Grudos, Aki, on making 1rst circle! 😉 As for all
yi Wannabes, Apprentices, Journeymen( and women ) out there, tomorrow
is Les Cherchuers’ BOW Tournemet! Find out who is the Best Of the Weak!
Go to the Les Chercheurs’ Scroll for more info on the Tourney!

Day 359, Year 535 of the Ascendancy

Today was the much anticipated E’las Loth’mon
Ferindril(ELF) and Order of the White Elephant(OWE) joint hunt. After
our monthly meeting at the campfire, ELF went for a short hunt in the
bear caves. Afterwards, we readied ourselves for the great hunt! The
two clans met outside of Falinea’s Temple, and we divided into five
groups that consisted of a perfect blend of Mystics, Fighters, and
Healers. Here was the group I was in:

Hunting Group

The five groups were led by the stout Dwarf
Charlos, and the 27 or so exiles made their way to Dal’Noth Isle.
Charlos decided that we head east through the beaches, going north
through a secret passage in the mountains because the passes were too
“bottlenecky”. However, the groups soon found that the cave had somehow
been closed, and had to go the long way around. We traveled slowly,
fighting all the ‘Noths we encountered, so that we would not get
sandwiched and trapped between these foul beasts. However, when the
expedition reached the giant lake of Dal’Noth Isle, a large spawn of
Dal’Noths, Vel’Noths, and Zol’Noths split our group in two, and they
were both slowly disseminated. Afton and Zippy were the last to fall;
Zippy surviving for a whole 20 minutes after Afton fell. In the end
though, Zippy was felled too, by a Death Vermine spawn. If J’jh and the
other healers were not so badly fallen, we might have left the isle
alive, but unfortunately, they were too far gone. All in all, though,
it was great clan hunt!