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Day 351, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today was my clan’s monthly meeting, and after the meeting we decided
to hunt on Dal’Noth. Myasis and Rellen also came along for the ride,
and we recruited Mjollnir because we were a little short on healers.

At Dal’Noth we encountered a huge swarm of gcp on
the west coast. After we’d cleared the plankton, we hunted along the
passes of Dal’Noth for a while, until we were forced to turn back by a
vicious Landew. We then decided to hunt the south side of the island
instead, and recruited another healer.

The hunt went pretty well, and after we hunted the
south side, we also cleared out the Dal’Noth underground. However, we
got into a little trouble when we ran into a Hel’Noth by the lake, and
several members of our party were toasted past healing. We decided it
was time to call it a day, and headed for the southern beach.

However, on the beach we encountered another
Hel’Noth, which roasted everyone in our party. Luckily Vequalir was
able to get away, and he was able to heal me after the Hel’Noth had
wandered off. I was then able to chain everyone off the island, only to
be felled by gcp in the north ocean. Help soon arrived though, and we
were able to return to town safely.

Afterwards, most of my clanmates went to study,
but a few of us remained to hunt undine. The sisters Satana and
Demonica had placed some incredible bounties on undine(50c for 500
hooded corpses and 666c for 3 Greater Deaths) and everyone was rushing
off to find corpses to kill.

First, we tried looking in the undine hut, but
there was already a large party of exiles there. We then headed off to
the Bad Lands and Ash Island, which had also been cleared of undine. We
were finally able to find some undine near Tenebrion’s Keep, and tried
looking for undine on Devil’s Isle, but by then the bounties had run

Meanwhile, several, more ambitious exiles tried to
slay a Greater Death hiding deep within the depths of the Dark Temple.
Unfortunately, they were unsuccessful, and this resulted in a lengthy
rescue. All in all it was quite an exciting day.

Day 311, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today there was a massive Darshak invasion in town and in the oceans
that surround our isle. It all started with the appearance of a few
Darshak Scouts, which was followed by a full scale invasion of Darshak
pirates, including the dreaded “elite” Darshak.

Town was initially overrun by the invaders, but
the Darshak were pushed back as more exiles arrived. We then fought the
Darshak on the western beaches, and pursued the fleeing Darshak into
the ocean.

This turned out to be a mistake, because there was
a huge force of Darshak waiting for us on the sea. Most of us were
felled almost immediately and forced to drift aimlessly through the
oceans, but a few exiles managed to survive, and slowly depleted the
Darshak forces.

After several hours of intense fighting the tide
had turned against the Darshak, and we finished off the last of the
remaining Darshak, who were hiding in the cove of Ash Island. It was
quite a battle, but in the end we were able to defeat the fould Darshak

Day 206, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today Drue’Dreemi and Yor organized a small party to explore the
yet-to-be-opened path in Alchemist’s Folley. The party was made up of 2
fighters, 2 healers, and 4 mystics, and we all decided to dress up like

We made it through the entrance snell pretty
easily thanks to the powerful Yor, and we ran through the rest of the
maze in record time.

Once we reached the pf path, we took turns staring
at it, and pushing each other, trying to open the path. Unfortunately,
we were unable to open it. Only two of the four full pathfinders
present could even see the path.

This is surely one of the most difficult paths in
the lands, right up there with the paths in the Foothills. Who knows
what amazing sights lie beyond it, though?

Day 297, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

There are some parts of this island that can give an exile a dark
feeling about that place, like a chill running up their spine. The
three known locations of such phenomena are the Noids Cavern, the Gnome
Mines, and a beach to the west of the Southern Sand Dunes. Today,
Mjollnir, the adventurer Stinkfist, and myself, set about exploring
these locations.

We started off by heading south of town, to the
southern beaches. As we walked around, checking for any hidden
illusions and paths, sure enough I got a dark feeling about the place.
Strangely, neither Stinkfit nor Mjollnir sensed anything.

We scoured the beaches, checking every nook and
cranny for anything that might be suspicious, but we were unable to
find anything. We then headed to the gnome mines, and again I got a
dark feeling about the place, and again my companions sensed nothing.

While we were exploring, we got caught in the
fiery Gnome trap, and had to exit via the back entrance. We then
decided to explore the caverns under the Maha Den, which turned out to
be a mistake because we were soon overwhelmed by undine.

Luckily, we were soon rescued by Tara, Dandu, and
Clyde. Clyde and Dandu decided to help us in our explorations, and with
their help we explored the rest of the underground caverns. We then
returned to the Gnome mines to get one last look at the place, then
returned to town.

Disapointingly, we were unable to solve the
mystery of the “dark feeling.” Stinkfist is now offering a 2000 coin
reward to anyone who can solve the mystery. More details about the
reward should soon be posted on the Adventurer Guild Scrolls.

Day 294, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today was my clan’s monthly meeting, and we decided that we should go
to Tenebrion’s Tower so that our clanmate Pluto could speak to the
second Ethereal Amulet trainer.

Since we were much too underpowered, we headed to
Centaur Isle and began recruiting exiles for our raid. There was a KI
and Valley hunt going on at the same time so it took us a while to
recruit people, but soon enough we were on our way to Tenebrion’s Keep.

Once inside Tenebrion’s Keep, we headed to
Tenebrion’s Tower, to gain the Mist Key necessary to reach the Amulet
trainer. For those of yi unfamiliar with Tenebrion’s Tower, it consists
of thirteen levels, and is filled with powerful undine. To make matters
worse, anyone who falls within the tower is instantly teleported to
Tenebrion’s meat locker.

Our party had little difficulty travelling through
the first few levels of the Tower, but unfortunately some of fell on
the last level of the tower, and had to put up with Tenebrion’s
butcher, Morty, until the rest of the party could rescue us.

Fortunately, we were able to obtain the Mist Key
necessary to enter Tenebrion’s basement, and Pluto and the Mystic Nevyn
were able to speak with the Ethereal Amulet trainer Lalerad.

It was quite a successful mission, and my thanks goes out to all the fighters and healers who helped us reach the trainer.

Day 289, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Early this morning, a small hunting party entered the Valley. And fell.
Soon after, a small rescue party was assembled, consisting mostly of
healers, and bravely charged into the Valley in a suicidal chain run.
They too were felled. Several more rescue attempts were made(also
failures), and pretty soon the entrance cave to the Valley was packed
with dead bodies.

For a while things seemed pretty bleak, but just
as some of us we beginning to lose hope, a sizeable rescue party
arrived, and managed to save us from the Cave Cobras and Stinging
Beetles. Even after we were raised, more exiles arrived, and soon there
were more than 30 exiles packed into the small cave in the Valley.

At this point, it seemed that getting out of the
Valley would be a piece of cake. However, we were wrong. The moment our
group stepped out of the cave, we were nearly overwhelmed by 7 Valley
Panthers, and were forced to retreat back west.

Once we had regrouped, Tara was able to run the
panthers around while we peeled them one by one, and we were able to
defeat the beasts easily. The rest of our journey through the Valley
was pretty uneventful, except for at the exit cave, where some beetles
gave us some trouble.

All in all, it was a fun and exciting rescue.

Day 287, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Lundar’s Library of Scrolls has moved to a new location! My webscrolls are now hosted on, the shelf space that the healer Thuja generously offers to all exiles.

In addition to a new and improved interface, and
all the features that yi could find before, I’ve created several new
sections including a Maps section and a Scrapbook, which I hope to
flesh out in the days and weeks to come. Please bear with me as I
finish these up.

Finally, to commemorate my new webscrolls I’ve
bought myself a new outfit. It’s a bit too expensive to wear on a
regular basis, but it’s perfect for special occaisions where I need to
dress up.

A new scroll. A new look. A new beginning. Watch out Puddleby!

Day 271, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today, as I walked through Town Square, I noticed three young
rockodiles trapped on Mai’s Lawn. I asked around, but nobody seemed to
know where the lizards had come from.

Since I wasn’t doing anything else at the momment,
I decided to grab a few more young rocks from the beaches, the futher
the collection. I slowly lured the lizards one by one onto Mai’s Lawn,
and pretty soon there was decent sized collection of young rockodiles.

As other people noticed what I was up to, they
began to collect rockodiles of their own. Pretty soon, everyone was
helping to bring in lizards into the rapidly expanding zoo.

After a while, a few bright exiles decided to
bring some adult rockodiles into the zoo as well, and a few brave souls
lured several great rockodiles all the way from the beaches. I even
managed to coax a water lizard into town, from the southern marshes.

The high-point of the zoo was when we had gathered 11 young rockodiles, 9 adults, and 3 great rockodiles, all on Mai’s Lawn!

Unfortunately, the dangerous isles of Lok’Groton
seem to have honed exiles’ killer instinct to the point where we can no
longer merely watch monsters, but must kill them as well. This was what
eventually happened to our wonderous collection of rocky lizards.
Still, our zoo was a fun, cooperative project– at least while it

Day 253, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Well, it certainly has been a long time since I last updated my
scrolls. I’ve just been too busy, both in and out of the library to
spend time working on my scrolls. Today I finally got to work on my
scrolls, though, and I’ve written quite a few entries to catch up to my
backlog. The older entries can be found in the archive.

Anyway, I heard today from my friends that there
was a great display of fireworks put on in town center, by the
pyromaniac Pyra. I was unable to witness the event myself, but my
friend Kilos was kind enough to send me a Vision Stone of the event.

I’ve also heard rumors that there was an ethereal
invasion just before the fireworks show, as well as several other
invasions in the past couple days. I really must come out of the
library more often.

Day 249, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

The 240th Chaos Storm has swept by the lands, and Bick seems to have
finished the rennovations for his Pub. There’s only one problem: Bick
is now catering only to new exiles! That means that experienced exiles
such as myself are no longer welcome in Bick’s Tavern.

Now many exiles such as myself find ourselves in
the uncomfortable position of not being able to enter either Bick’s OR
Puck’s Tavern. Needless to say, this has irritated more than a few

Luckily for us, there is a huge abundance of
drinking establishments in town. There are the healer and mystic pubs,
and the fighter pub which is currently under construction. The recently
built bathhouse also serves a variety of alcoholic beverages. Then
there’s Bart’s Pub, which caters to everyone, and if all else fails,
exiles can visit the Brewery for a keg or two of their favorite beer.

There’s nothing else new in town that I can see.
The path that was discovered in Alchemist’s Folly a few weeks ago still
remains unopenned. Hopefully the next few weeks will reveal more of the
changes that the recent Chaos Storm has brought.