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The Feast of Tsrinn is bad news. Every four years when the planets align, a great curse strikes Puddleby, turning its inhabitants into undine. The barrier between the planes is also weakened, and all manner of strange and dangerous creatures appear in town.
Sure, there are free costumes and candy available, but you hardly get to enjoy them when you’re shambling along, thinking about brains. As a general rule, I usually hide myself in the library whenever the Feast comes along, re-emerging only when the curse is past. This year, however, I actually decided to participate in the Feast, and ended up having lots of fun.

The day began with some trick-or-treating with Vagile. We spent about half an hour together searching around Puddleby for houses that were giving out candy this year, so that we could get this year’s special costume, a chubby old drake. However, try as we might, we could not get Persute to recognize our worthiness.
Afterwards, we returned to town to find Puddleby being invaded by Abyssal Hunters. Wave after wave of the powerful undine kept pouring forth, and each time our fighters cut one down, more appeared in its place. Town was quickly overwhelmed.