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Day 266, Year 535 of the Ascendancy

Today, I ran across one of the strangest websrolls yet. It’s called Zippy’s Metal Dealies. Now what the heck is a Metal Dealy, yi ask? Here is a small sketch of one:

Metal Dealy

It looks like a metal umbrella if yi ask me, but if yi see any Dealies around, make a sketch of them, and send them over to Zippy. Also, yi Mystics and Wannabes out there, get ready for…


Les chercheurs de la clef des champs is holding a
competition called the BOW Tournament, a full lunar month from today.
This competition is only open to Mystics and Wannabes, and there will
be cash prizes awarded to the winners. Go to The Les Chercheurs Scrolls to get more details on this competition.

Day 254, Year 535 of the Ascendancy

During the last ELF meeting, I fell unconcious,
and didn’t wake until almost two weeks later, still within the
campfire. I do not know what could have caused this strange seizure,
but I pray that it never happens again(OOC: My power went out, and I
could not get back on the ‘net until three days later. Eek!).

The 105th Chaos Storm brings many changes to the
lands. The most obvious is that many of the buildings throughout
Puddleby have been completed, though it seems most are still not ready
to cater to exiles. When will these buildings be operating at full
capacity? Lana Garaka offers this hint:

Lana Garaka

In other news, I finally got a new sun stone! It
has been literaly ages since I have last used an SS. My first sun stone
shut down on me after a few days of use, and after I repaired it, the
stone shuddered and died on me again, without even a single use! I was
so happy when I got this stone, that I SSed everybody I could, even
myself! Hopefully, this stone will last longer than my past ones…

My New SS

Day 237, Year 535 of the Ascendancy

Early in the morning on the 57th day of Autumn,
ELF, and a few other exiles, were happily hunting ferals in the North
Forest. Suddenly, I felt Felon fall to a burst of flame. A quick skry
with my skristal told me that Felon was quite nearby, and north. I had
a bad feeling about this, but the party swiftly headed north-wards.
Fleming said that it could have been a Shaman or something, but I had
never heard of an Orga Shaman wandering about the North Forest. We
continued north, and in no time found Felon’s fallen body. It was then,
that the ear-piercing screech rung through the forest.

Forest Drake

As the echo of screech was still fading, the party
was engulfed in a sudden burst of flame, and a dreaded Forest Drake
flew out from within the trees. Several of the party members and I were
quickly felled, but a few escaped. Luckily for us, a group of healers
was wandering nearby, and together, the Forest Drake was easily
dispatched. We rejoiced, but a doubt lingered at the back of our minds.
This was not the first such drake attack in the past several weeks. Why
was such an elusive creature as the drake suddenly becoming so common?
Hopefully it was coincidence, but…

Day 229, Year 535 of the Ascendancy

One day, while relaxing in the Academy, my clan
mate Sylune told me of a new trainer that taught the skill of
pathfinding. Now, I was quite surprised by this, but even more so by
the fact that the man who taught this skill was the crazy Marsh Hermit
himself! I had spoken to the Hermit on numerous occasions before, but
he had told me nothing of pathfinding. I had to check this out for
myself. So the two of us made our way to the Marsh, and eventually to
the hut of the Marsh Hermit. There, I made some idle talk with the
Marsh Hermit, before asking him the big question.

Algernon's Father

It turns out, the Hermit does in fact teach
pathfinding. Several people have already begun training with the
Hermit, but so far, the benefits of pathfinding cannot be seen.
Hopefully, this skill will lead us exiles to previously undiscovered
areas of the isles.