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Day 343, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Well, the 193rd Chaos Storm has swept across the lands, and it’s
brought many changes with it. Perhaps the most obvious change is that
there is now an additional extention to the library. It seems that the
Dwarves digging under town found a hidden cache of valuable tomes, and
an extention to the library was hastily made to accomadate them. The
only catch, is that Sebric, the caretaker of these books, is charging
875 coins per Zodiac to study with the books! 875 coins! That comes out
to more than 30 coins A DAY just to study with the newfound tomes.
Charging so much for knowledge should be a crime…

Anyway, the tunnels under town have been greatly
expanded again, thanks to the work of the miners, and there are many
new tunnels and passages to be explored. I’ve never been much of a fan
for going underground, beyond the reach of the Sun, but the tunnels
under Puddleby are begining to interest me. If we found a hidden stash
of books under Puddleby, who knows what the miners will dig up next? A
horde of hidden treasures? Ruins of an ancient civillization? Strange
and magical creatures? The possibilities are endless. And while the
Dwarves are hard at work at their building project, Usnar seems to be
slacking with his. The T’rool Outpost has still yet to see daylight,
even after over a year of developement. There does seem to be some
progress being made, though. The other day, while I was resting by the
Outpost construction site, I could hear some muffled voices coming from
within the Outpost. Maybe the Outpost will be finished any day now.

Day 340, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today the Journeyman Nevyn advanced to the rank of 1rst circle Mystic!
F’nom grudos, Ma’ta Nevyn! The number of Mystics in Puddleby certainly
seems to increasing lately, and a good thing too. Our town needs
Mystics now more than ever, to face the many challenges that are
springing up before us, like Tenebrion, and the imminent threat of the
Ethereal Plane. I’ve heard rumors that a group of exiles have spoken
with Tenebrion, and agreed to a deal to trade 6 Teleportation Stones
for a permanent, two-way portal between our plane, and the Ethreal.
Puddleby definately needs our guidance to see that we are not
short-changed in this deal, and that we are not introducing something
potentially deadly to our town.

In other news, I’ve renovated the Links
section of this scroll, and removed some of the out-dated and broken
links, while adding links to some new informational scrolls. Some of
these include links to Forey’s Journal, Solas’ Diary, and Yorg’s Smial.
So go down to the Links page, and check out all the new scrolls.

Day 336, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Well, the year is certainly winding down to a close, and we’ve less
than a month before it’s the year 543. Time sure flys. My last couple
of days have been a flurry of activity, what with my mapping of Devil’s
Isle, several explorations, and many challenging rescues. I’m barely
finding enough time to devote to my studies. Anyway, today Muzea
returned as she promised, to auction off another museum space. I
attended the auction to see how it would go, but of course I could not
bid, since I’m struggling to pay my library fees as it is. The main
bidders were the witch Prue, the Zo Cutlas, and the Fen Noah, who
seemed interested in a second museum space. When the dust settled
though, it was Cutlas who had won the museum space with his winning bid
of 3000 coins. After the auction, Muzea made a deal with the merchant
Wormtounge, and now he is selling a museum space as well, with prices
starting from 3000 coins. If yi’re interested in displaying yi artwork
in the museum, yi might want to seek him out.

Day 330, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Well, LIFE’s Foothills expedition was cut short today, when our
expedition’s two shovel holders went into the Ash Valley, and got
killed past healing. We still had a large number of people camped out
at the base of Ash Valley, including powerful exiles as Yor and Urgelt,
but it was decided that the expedition would go no where without the
shovels. So, Yor and Urgelt went into the Ash Valley to rescue our
shovel. And fell. At this point, it was decided that the only chance
for the expedition to continue, was to chain out the fallen exiles out
of the Ash Valley. Unfortunately, our whole party got killed doing just
that. Thus, everyone was forced to depart or pendant out from the

Our expedition wasn’t a total failure, however.
Before we fell, Soulmaster and I were able to use our skristals to
learn interesting things about the structure of the Foothills. We also
learned some valuable lessons from the expedition, and and grew closer
to working together as a team. Yor’s idea to camp out in the east end
of the Foothills also proved to be a great idea, and we got a lot of
exploring done, before the unfortunate events in the Ash Valley. I am
confident that our group will do better next time. Departing early from
the Foothills gave me the opportunity to attend my clan meeting though,
and I also got to do a lot of work on my Devil’s Isle map. Best of all,
I made close to 200 coins in the Foothills, so I no longer have to
sleep in the cheap library. Woo!

Day 328, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Whew! Well it certainly has been a long time since my last update! To
tell yi the truth, I simply haven’t been doing anything newsworthy, and
haven’t found anything worth reporting that others haven’t written
about already. Jazz and Babajaga
are back in action, and their diaries are as entertaining and
informative as ever. Seems they’ve been on adventures to the Ethreal
Plane, and witnessed the makings of a new type of healing potion. As
for me, I’m busy finishing up my work on my McBolie Cavern map, and
working hard on my new Devil’s Island map as well. I’ve also finished
my training with Loovma for now, and my chain has over 80 pulls on it,
without a break yet, and good thing too. My bank account is empty, and
my purse is like a deflated Thoom air-sac, which is to say empty. This
has forced me to sleep in the old, free library, and has cut down on my
ventures to Devil’s Isle, since I can’t afford the boat fare. So, as yi
can see, my last couple days have been pretty dreary.

All that changed today though. The Lok’Groton
Islands’ Foundation for Exploration(LIFE), which I am a member of, made
an expedition to the North Eastern Foothills today, along with such
powerful exiles as Urgelt and Gurgi. We successfully navigated the Orga
Outback and Dread Passage, and we are now camped in the Foothills,
searching for a way to Trillbane’s Library and beyond. So far we’re
doing pretty good; even though three people were forced to depart, we
got to cover a lot of ground today. Our fearless leader Yor thinks that
something significant might happen at noon, so that is when we are
conducting most of our explorations. LIFE intends to camp out in the
Foothills until the next Chaos Storm, so we’ll be here for a while.
This time though, unlike all previous expeditions, we have decided to
camp out at the foot of the Ash Valley, instead of in Katpus’ safe
cave. This puts us in a much better position to explore the Foothills,
since Trillbane’s Library lies to the east. Hopefully we will be able
to discover where the reclusive pathfinder is hiding out at.