Puddleby Underground Expands

Posted on August 8, 2001 in Uncategorized

Day 343, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Well, the 193rd Chaos Storm has swept across the lands, and it’s
brought many changes with it. Perhaps the most obvious change is that
there is now an additional extention to the library. It seems that the
Dwarves digging under town found a hidden cache of valuable tomes, and
an extention to the library was hastily made to accomadate them. The
only catch, is that Sebric, the caretaker of these books, is charging
875 coins per Zodiac to study with the books! 875 coins! That comes out
to more than 30 coins A DAY just to study with the newfound tomes.
Charging so much for knowledge should be a crime…

Anyway, the tunnels under town have been greatly
expanded again, thanks to the work of the miners, and there are many
new tunnels and passages to be explored. I’ve never been much of a fan
for going underground, beyond the reach of the Sun, but the tunnels
under Puddleby are begining to interest me. If we found a hidden stash
of books under Puddleby, who knows what the miners will dig up next? A
horde of hidden treasures? Ruins of an ancient civillization? Strange
and magical creatures? The possibilities are endless. And while the
Dwarves are hard at work at their building project, Usnar seems to be
slacking with his. The T’rool Outpost has still yet to see daylight,
even after over a year of developement. There does seem to be some
progress being made, though. The other day, while I was resting by the
Outpost construction site, I could hear some muffled voices coming from
within the Outpost. Maybe the Outpost will be finished any day now.

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