Nevyn Promoted to Mystic

Posted on August 7, 2001 in Uncategorized

Day 340, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today the Journeyman Nevyn advanced to the rank of 1rst circle Mystic!
F’nom grudos, Ma’ta Nevyn! The number of Mystics in Puddleby certainly
seems to increasing lately, and a good thing too. Our town needs
Mystics now more than ever, to face the many challenges that are
springing up before us, like Tenebrion, and the imminent threat of the
Ethereal Plane. I’ve heard rumors that a group of exiles have spoken
with Tenebrion, and agreed to a deal to trade 6 Teleportation Stones
for a permanent, two-way portal between our plane, and the Ethreal.
Puddleby definately needs our guidance to see that we are not
short-changed in this deal, and that we are not introducing something
potentially deadly to our town.

In other news, I’ve renovated the Links
section of this scroll, and removed some of the out-dated and broken
links, while adding links to some new informational scrolls. Some of
these include links to Forey’s Journal, Solas’ Diary, and Yorg’s Smial.
So go down to the Links page, and check out all the new scrolls.

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