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Day 355, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Five more days ’til the new year folks! Well,
today was the monthly clan meeting of E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, and we
all met at the campfire near the Myrm Higlands. The meeting was very
brief, but it was decided that the ship builder Kixus Everide, who
specialises in sylvan ship building, would be contracted to build our
ship. After the meeting, we all took a trip to check out Orion’s Forest.

ELF in Orion's Forest

Kor’gah and Entil’Zha being the primary experts on
the place, showed us around the forest. In the early morning, the
forest was eeirily quiet, and a bit dull. After a through look at the
forest, we all went back to town, and I suggested we go to the savanah,
the long way, suspecting that there might be some new developements in
that direction. Unfortunately, we never made it very far, because the
tide was too high for us to pass through. We reluctantly gave up, and
headed back to town. Most of my fellow clanmates headed for the library
to study, and I was left alone in the town of Puddleby. I sat myself
down in town square, and an hour later I found myself watching some
foolish and frivolous court case.

Suddenly, I heard that there was a fungus
invasion, and rushed to town. I was saddly disapointed. It seemed that
the fungus, a mildew had been slaughtered by Gandor Durin, and that was
the end of it. But no, it was a Neodew. No, there were all sorts of
“dew”s tramping around town! I gave a little shout, and started hacking
away at the little fungi. Then, I heard that these fungus were coming
from within the mushroom farm. I jumped inside, and found myself face
to face with the ugliest fungus that I’ve seen in my life.


This so called “fungus monster from outer space”
was a Palidew. It packed quite a punch, and was just overall
intimidating. More Mildews and Neodews, and the medium sized Wildews
appeared, and felled the exiles focussing on the Palidew. The Palidew
was finally slain, and it even left a 9 coin chest. Thus ended the
fungus invasion(though there were several more throughout the day).
It’s interesting to note that the mushroom farm yields no useful
mushrooms or spores, but only deadly fungus. Who donated wood for that
thing to be built? ;p (Check out some Vision Stones of the Palidew and the ELF Hunt.)

Day 347, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

When I first stepped out of the library, early in
the morning of the 77th day of Autumn, I thought that is would just
another ordinary day. How wrong I was. After a brief chat with Ankrus,
I found myself sitting in the town square, trying to fight back the
yawns that kept on climbing up my throat. Suddenly, a sunstone message
rang through my head, that woke me up like a splash of cold water. It
was a desparate cry from the dwarf Raldin; the Darshak had landed on
our western shores! I rushed to the pier, and found the poor dwarf
trapped by a band of Darshak pirates.

Trapped Raldin

What really took hold of my attention, though, was
the gold and brown Darshak Warship that floated confidently in the
waters above me. I could not gaze long at it, however, for multitudes
of Darshak began to pour out from within the ship. I quickly fled, but
was felled by the cruel blades of the Darshak. Among the invaders, I
spotted many Darshak flaunting colors other than the greens, blues, and
blacks I was used to. Some wore forest green suits, while others
sported red, or even yellow. These I later learned were Darshak
Invaders, Marauders, and Defenders. As I lay and observed this, the
forces of Puddleby finally reached the pier, and clashed with the
Darshak. At first, it looked as if we were winning, but more and more
Darshak poured forth from the ship, and the Darshak Marauders and
Defenders felled even the most powerful of exiles. Our army was forced
to retreat, and fight the Darshak by the western gates. Finally, the
invasion force was repulsed, and we all came to the pier to admire the
Darshak Warship.

Darshak Warship

At first the exiles wanted the ship burnt to the
ground(or water), but popular opinion slowly geared towards capturing
the ship, and keeping it as our own. Some even began naming the ship.
However, the Darshak Warship was far from empty. Led by the evil
Necromancers and their apprentices, another wave of Darshak landed upon
the pier, and the battle was upon us once more.

Darshak Invaders!

Again, the exiles were forced back to the west
gate, and again the Darshak were repulsed. The Necromancers were
enraged, and with a few summoning rites, they summoned forth multitudes
of undine. They then fled back into their ship, and left the isle,
leaving us to deal with hordes of skeletals, hooded corpses, and
detached spirits. We gradually erradicated the undine, and the
remaining Darshak pirates, and we sat about the west gate, healing our
wounds. Then suddenly, a shrill voice cried out “Kill me and pay 50
coins, and you’ll never have to pay the balance penalty again!”
Everybody searched around them for the source of this voice, and found
that it came from the mouth a fat halfling, dressed in a red suit. The
halfling repeated his shrill message, and the chase was on.

For a short and fat halfling, the guy sure could
run. He lead us all around Puddleby, never letting himself get caught,
never letting himself get cornered. The chase was confusing, and many
times we lost sight of the halfling. Pure chaos reigned Puddleby, and
it seemed as if there were two halflings running around Puddleby.
Finally, the halfling was felled just north of town center, and it
seemed as if there were two halflings after all; for as the halfling
fell north of town, so did another within the rat tower. Now we had two
dead halflings on our hands. The halfling, who’s name turned out to be
Swindlos, demanded that we raise him, and put the two halves of him
together. Then he would do our bidding. So, after much fuss, the two
halflings were assembled together in north Puddleby.

The two Swindlos' meet...

The two Swindlos’ met, and then merged into one
being. However, he did not seem to want to do our bidding, so he was
felled again. The exiles poked and prodded him, but it was to no avail.
Some even paid him 50 coins in hopes of restoring their balance, but no
luck. Suddenly, without warning, Swindlos exploded in a ball of fire,
taking with him any hopes of eliminating the balance tax, or gaining
back the 50 coins that were paid him, for the matter. It just goes to
show, you can’t trust halflings with names like “Swindlos”.(Check out
the Vision Stones of the chase and capture of Swindlows.)

Day 340, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

On the eve of the 70th day of Autumn, a Chaos
Storm ran rampart through Puddleby. I took refuge in the library, and
when I emerged, I learned of the many changes that the 130th Chaos
Storm had brought: new fish in the sea, new beasts on the land, and
most importantly, new lands to explore. But I am getting ahead of
myself. It all started when I stepped out of the library on that 70th
day of Autumn…

The Fen Leogic was setting up an exploration
party, to see what the latest Chaos Storm had brought. The expedition
was an utter failure. Our first destination, the Trool Outpost remained
unchanged, the mirror remained impassable, and none of the Trool mines
had been expanded at all. We all returned to town, and I started doing
a little exploring of my own. The first place I thought to check was
the hut on the grassy island, which had seemed to give a little, before
the Chaos Storm. Perhaps the Chaos Storm might have torn it open…
With such thoughts in my mind, I rented a boat from Captain Barnak, and
set to the sea. That was when I first encountered something that had
been previously unknown.

The Yae-Su

The strange looking fish, which some have
described as “being like a Shredder, only larger”, is the Tae-Su. It is
lightning quick, and deals fairly powerful blows with it’s mouth, and
serrated fins. The creature made short work of me, and I had to float
through the currents of the northern ocean, until a rescue party was
assembled, and I was fished out of the water. The Tae-Su was
vanquished, and I once again set my mind on the task of reaching the
grassy island.

Finally, after struggling against the currents,
and sweating in the cold winter sun, I reached the grassy isle. Much to
my dissapointment, the door of the strange hut did not give
away, and I slowly trudged back to shore, to my boat, barely
acknowledging the centaur guardian. I would have left the grassy
island, and that would have been the end of my end of my adventures, if
it had not been for a bunch flowers that caught my attention out of the
corner of my eye. I slowly looked towards the direction of the bright
flowers, and noticed a gate leading to the east, which I had never seen
before. I stepped through, and entered a strange, magical forest filled
with evergreen trees…

Orion's Forest

The humid air about the place like a curtain, yet
it was strangely not uncomfortable. The trees gently rustled, and the
air was filled with the sound of a multitude of insects. Suddenly, the
tranquil atmosphere of the forest was broken by the loud cry “Hunter!”
Seemingly in reply, dozens of other voices called forth as well:
“Hunter, Hunter, Hunter!”

It was the clan Hunter, and these sons and
daughters of Orion claimed that they were the first exiles ever to
discover this hidden grove, and they had named it(creativly enough)
“The Forest of Orion”. I was in no position to argue, and I slowly
accepted that this place was the Forest of Orion. The name was
strangely fitting. There were many creatures to be hunted in the Forest
of Orion, Giants Vermine, Artak Cougars, Orga, and even a few Trools.
There were also several varieties of cat which I had never heard of
before, including the Rodan Panther; a rather cowardly animal that
flees at the slightest provocation(see a Vision Stone
of the creature). I explored the grove for hours, but I suspect that
the forest still hold many secrets. It is up to you to discover these
on your own(hope you’ve enjoyed the slightly-longer-than-usual journal
entry ;).

Isn't this a...?!

Day 326, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

E’las Loth’mon Ferindril has lost the Dun’ilsar to
the Dwarven Militia countless times. Today, we finally got our chance
to redeem ourselves. Many months were spent in preparation, practicing
our maneuvers, charting out the best paths we should takes. Finally,
when the time of the contest neared, the two clans met in Gaia’s Temple.

Gathering for Dun'ilsar

The Dwarven Militia outnumbered us sixteen to
nine, and one of our members, Vequalir, wasn’t feeling well. The
challenge was to be a rescue. The fallens were to be rescued from the
Wyrm Caverns, and brought to the Dal’Noth Town. The fallers from ELF
were Afton and Magnels, and Pookoiko and Tuzar Bloodbane were the
fallers for DM. The neutral Mystic chosen for opening Dal’Noth was Aki.
When the fallers from both clans fell, the countdown was initiated, and
the contest was begun!

Sylune and I hung back in Puddleby, while the
others headed to rescue the fallen, to watch out for any funny business
that the dwarves might pull. Sure enough, two members of the Dwarven
Militia blockaded the East Field bridge. We notified the others, and
the trap was evaded. We then set to sea, and headed for the Dal’Noth
Isle. There were few obstructions preventing us from reaching the Town,
and Magnels and Afton managed to run into the Town, just seconds before
the fallers from DM did. We had won the title of Dun’ilsar back at
last! Tav’riel Ferindril!

Day 319, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Very rarely does Puddleby receive many visitors,
besides the occaisional influx of slaves and exiles. Today, Puddleby
was honored by the arrival of the learned scholar, Libros.
He came to Puddleby, thinking to build another library on
Puddleby(although we have 5 of them already), and brought with him many
valuable tomes. However, as his ship neared Puddleby, it was beset by
Darshak pirates, and his nearly three dozen books were stolen by the
Darshak. Luckily for Libros, the exiles of Puddleby intervened, and got
the books back from the Darshak. The problem was, some of the exiles
did not want to give up the valuable tomes, once they had gotten them.


Libros got back twenty of his thirty six books,
and is still searching for the missing sixteen. Libros has decided to
donate his tomes to Edric’s advanced library of Puddleby. Libros
noticed that some copies of his tomes already exist in Edric’s
collection, and that could make up for some of the losses of tomes, but
not all. Libros now resides in the library, patiently waiting for the
dishonest exiles to return to him his tomes.


Libros’ tomes can only benefit exiles, by helping
them to learn more quickly in the advanced library, so any exiles
holding onto these valuable tomes should give them back to Libros!

Day 301, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Today was quite an interesting day. It all started
when I went on a hunt to the Savanah with my clan mate Viper, and met a
man who had a nicer outfit than me.


He calls himself “Ashra”, and he is a quiet sylvan
with dark skin, and an irritating laugh. And he has a better outfit
than me. His tunic and pants are the perfect deep blue, not too bright,
and not too dark, and his jet black shoes go perfectly with his shirt
and pants. It made my jaw drop when I first laid eyes upon it, and my
jaw still does drop on occaision when I gaze at that stunning outfit…
Anyway, we had a fine hunt in the Savanah, hunting Mahas, then hunting
for ore in the Gnome Mines(we found 2 pieces). Afterwards, we headed
for the northern fields, hearing that there was an unnatural ammount of
vermine there. There were.


There were all manner of vermine in the northern
fields; Giant Vermine, Large Vermine, and the common, household variety
of vermine were all present, and in great quantity. It was quite
difficult, and strange battle, with vermine swarming everywhere, biting
at the ankles, while exiles tried futily to clear them out with swords,
axes, and clubs. Finally, we were able to dispatch all the vermine, and
took home with us quite a few vermine furs. It was an interesting day

Day 297, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

The Orga Camp has become more deadly in recent
times, and today was an excellent example of this. Sitting in town, I
heard some cries for help in the Orga Camp, via my sunstone, and
decided to help out. I quickly sprinted through the Tangle Wood, and
rounded the slight turn, which leads towards OC. There, I was met by an
enormous band of orga warriors.

Orga Warrios

I barely escaped with my life. I quickly fled
south to a hidden copse of trees, to recooperate. I then headed back
towards the Orga Camp, and met the foul orga by the entrance. After a
long and arduous battle, we defeated the orga, and rested up. Then we
took the battle to the Orga Camp itself. The inside of the Camp was
worse than the outside. Many Warlocks guarded the camp, throwing
lightning bolts, while larger orgas such as Zerks and Frenzies smashed
exiles into tiny pulp.

Orga Frenzy

Bit by bit, the orga army was depleted, and the
exiles took hold of Orga Camp. But this was only OC 1. There were more
fallen exiles to be rescued in OC 2. The inside of OC 2 was worse than
OC 1, and the task was made very difficult by back spawns or Orga
Warriors in OC 1. Finally, though, all the fallen were rescued, and we
turned to town contentedly. We did, however, comment amongst ourselves
on how powerful the orga were growing. The Orga Camp seems to grow more
dangerous with each passing day, and we have yet to venture forth into
OC 5 to reclaim our stolen catapult. We must hurry, before their forces
grow too powerful to repulse…

Day 296, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Well Journal, today I made it to ELF’s monthly
clan meeting, in which we discussed how our plans for ship building
were coming. We now have all the necessary wood and silk(see day 269)
for the ship, and all we need now is a skillful builder to build a ship
for us. When the ship is complete, chosen members of our clan will sail
away on it, to an isle on which we hope to build our Sylvan Outpost.
While discussing the plans for our Outpost, the subject of the new
outpost being built by Usnar was brought up.

Strange Outpost

The oupost, it seems, is being built to protect
Puddleby from a new menace from the south. Why the builders thought to
build an outpost in such an obscure location was beyond us. It was
decided by the clan that wood and stones would be donated to Usnar, to
help a fellow sylvan out in his endeavors to build an outpost. And if a
single sylvan can build an outpost, surely so can we!

Day 274, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Today I got to meet up with quite a few variety of
Trools. How it happened was something like this: a party of exiles
travelling through the South Forest happened to come across a band of
strange looking Trools, which turned out to be a full fledged army of
Trools headed towards Puddleby! What was strange about these Trools,
was that they were not all the usual greenish color, but bright orange
and pink as well! To top it all off, they were astoundingly powerful.
Soon, Puddleby sent out it’s own army of exiles to meet up with this
fould band of Trools. We quickly took the fight down to the Trool Town
itself, and soon the invaders were being invaded.

The Vol'Kin

The last Trools to remain standing were the
Vol’Kin. The Vol’Kin are fearsome magenta Trools, that really pack
quite a punch. A single hit from the Vol’Kin can leave an exile such as
myself fallen, even at full health! After some intense fighting against
some Vol’Kin, the Trool Town was finally taken. However, we did not
have much time to rejoice over our victory, for while we were attacking
the Trools to the south, the Darshak had set sail from the west. Now,
an army of Darshak Raiders and Scouts had landed on the western shores
of Puddleby, and making ready to invade our town.

Darshak Invasion

We quickly rushed from the Trool Town to meet the
foul pirates at the western gate. The Darshak were many, but the exiles
were finally able to overcome them. We then made our way to sea, where
awaited us three Darshak Warships. Battle on the ocean was fierce, and
the small boats of the exiles were beset by plankton, and the strong
currents of the sea. The Darshak were also aided by their new cannons,
which shot out scathing flames, or immense boulders.

Watch out Lundar!

The battle eventually drifted into the Ash Island
bay, where the fighting was long and bloody. Finally the Warships were
sunk into the ocean, one by one and the exiles could return to their
homes at last. However, upon the ocean awaited a final peril, a Culcan
with a large appetite. Many exiles were felled and left drifting before
this foul creature was put to and end. It was a long day indeed( For
more details on the Trool invasion, see Shrug’s Scrolls ).

Day 269, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Today was the day of ELF’s monthly meeting, which
I missed as usual, but I did make it to the clan hunt. As yi may have
heard, ELF is currently constructing a ship in which we hope to sail to
an isle in which we may build our Sylvan Outpost. We stole the map from
the Darshak last month, and now we have begun to collect the propper
materials to build the ship. Today, we hunted in the Archane and
Arachnoid caverns to gather silk for our sails.

The method in which we collected the silk was
simple, we simply surround the target Arachnoid, and had one member of
our party spool the silk onto a wooden club. We got quite a lot of silk
from the Arahnoids this day, and it was great fun too, though there
were some dangerous momments in the Archane caverns. The most memorable
momment was when Fleming was wrapped up in silk by some grouchy
archane, and trasmorgified into a giant cocoon. We eventually unraveled
all the thread from Fleming, and went home with enough silk for our
sails. It will be quite a task sewing all that silk together to form
the sails, and many more materials still need to be gathered, but when
we have finished our task, it will all be worth it.