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Day 324, Year 543 of the Ascendancy

It’s that time of the year again. The Feast of Tsr’rin has come ’round
once more to Puddleby, and it’s time once more to throw on colorful
costumes to spite the Darshak, and collect tasty candies from firendly
townspeople. I haven’t been able to collect too much candy yet, because
my pack is nearly bursting, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with the
costumes. Corstun seems to have aquired some new costumes for this
year’s festival, and some of them have been quite popular, especially
the old sylvan and mummy costumes.

Today was my clan’s monthly meeting, and although
we had a small turnout, we went hunting in the Snaggle Wood and Lily
Pond. Most of us chose to wear the old sylvan costumes except for our
Clan Lord, who chose to wear a spriggan costume, and Afton, who dressed
up as a rat. This led to quite a lot of confusion during the hunt as we
kept trying to attack Afton, and kept stepping on poor Fleming… All
in all though, it was quite a lot of fun. I also got to speak with the
phantasm expert Mr Pudding today, and gained some insight into the
workings of the Phantasmonomicon. Hopefully I will be able to join the
next expedition to Kizmia’s Isle, and obtain myself some catsbane.

Day 256, Year 543 of the Ascendancy

The last two days have been really eventful for me. It all started with
an expedition led by Kiriel D’Sol to the Drake Den on Devil’s Isle. A
group of 3 fighters, 4 mystics, and 6 healers was assembled, and we
made our way through the maze-like McBolie Caverns, and deadly Crater,
to reach the Drake Den. We did encounter a few setbacks, in the form of
lava walker re-spawns, and people falling outside of the wall, but for
the most part, the expedition went extremely smooth. However, when we
reached our objective of the Drake Den, we found that there were no
Fire Drakes in it at all! I’ve seen vision stones of the Den filled
with Drakes, young and old, and the few visits to the Den that I’ve had
have included at least one Drake. This leads me to the question: Where
have all the Drakes gone? The Drakes of the Den are much more poewrful
than the Drakes which we encounter on Puddleby, so I doubt they’ve been
killed. Perhaps they’ve gone into hiding…

Anyway, after the successful expedition to the
Drake Den, I joined a party formed by the Rising Claw clan, to rescue
their clan mate Aldernon from the clutches of Umbrion. Aldernon had
requested that he be taken prisonner of Umbrion in a fit of madness
several moons ago, and he had spent his time in Umbrion’s Keep ever
since. A truly massive party of more than 30 exiles gathered on
Kizmia’s Isle today, to rescue the deranged sylvan. The party gathered
just off the shore on the southern coast of Kizmia’s Isle, and waited
for the sun to rise, and weaken the Lyfelidae inhabitants of the isle.
We then stormed the southern beach en masse, and were met by
such as foes as the Darshak, and their warhounds, deadly serpents, and
ferocious cats, in addition to the dreaded Lyfelidae. We were able to
overcome these with a little difficulty, and we proceeded to assault on
Umbrion’s Keep. Inside the Keep we were beseiged by fiery bubbles, lava
walkers, and lava beetles, as well as Umbrion’s elite guard, but we
were able to persevere, and continue on our rescue for Aldernon.

Once we cleared out most of the beasts from the
Keep, we were able to make several important discoveries. One, is the
slave that Tenebrion hinted at during his meeting with the Mystic
Council of Puddleby. The slave, who goes by the name Leladar, offers
training to any mystic on how to better use the ethereal amulets, that
Tenebrion has been doling out lately. However, Leladar offers her
training only to mystics, and will not train those who do not belong to
the Mystic Guild. Many of the mystics present in our party signed up to
receive training, which is very good, since it is very important that
we have exiles who are skilled in the use of these amulets. By
measuring the flow of ether into the different parts of our isle, we
may be able to determine the cause of the ethereal storms that have
been plaguing our plane as of late, and maybe even a solution to the
problem. Tenebion has also hinted that we may be able to travel to the
ethreal plane where the ether is thickest, which may certainly come in
handy in the future.

Another discovery that we made in Umbrion’s Tower,
is the slave Asteshesha, who offered to teach exiles in the use of
phantasms. Phantasms are basically just harmless illusions that are
created in the minds of sentinent begins, but they are very difficult
to learn and master. In order to cast phantasms, intensive training is
necessary, as well as a tome called the Phantasmonomicon. In addition,
the pages of the Phantasmonomicon need to be found, in order to cast
different phantasms. One of Umbrion’s slaves was trading a
Phantasmonomicon for catsbane, which is a very rare component found
only on Kizmia’s Isle, so I don’t think I will be getting one myself
anytime soon, but learning to cast phantasms definately sounds like
fun. Asteshesha offers his training to fighters, healers, and mystics

Finally, we were able to reach the top level of
the tower, and convice Aldernon to return to Puddleby. Luckily, Umbrion
did not show up, and we were able to make it out of his Keep alive. We
traveled north from Umbrion’s Keep, to the tar cave, where we filled
our barrels with tar, and split up into two groups so we could reach
our respective trees. However, we soon suffered a variety of mishaps,
and that coupled with the coming of night doomed our party to
destruction. A few resolute exiles waited for the coming of the new day
to weaken the Lyfelidae of the isle, but the majority of us departed.
Still, our expedition was successful, and Aldernon returned safely to
Puddleby(or as safely as anyone can return via Purgatory). I am now
very interested in phantasms and the Phantasmonomicon, and would
appreciate any information relating to those two subjects.

Day 246, Year 543 of the Ascendancy

There was quite an exciting incident today, that involved the strange
stones, the Nox Sorora, the Darshak, and explosive potions. The exact
details of the event were rather confusing to me, but essentially what
happened was that Jo Ma’ril and a few other were tricked into dealing
with the Darshak, by a strange woman by the name of Agrath. This Agrath
led the exiles into a never before seen Darshak camp, which lies to the
east of the campfire on Ash Island. What happened next is rather
confusing, but the way I understand it, is that the exiles traded the
Darshak several colorful stones for two explosive potions. Somehow one
of these potions was dropped near the developing Nox Sorora
Chapterhouse in Puddleby, and reduced it to cinders.

It is still unclear what the Darshak wanted with
these stones, or how Agrath ties into all this, but it is theorized
that the stones as used to operate the powerful canons aboard the
Darshak Warships. Currently, Rel’lim is in possetion of the second
potion, and the current plan is to have Stainfinger analyze the potion,
in hopes of learning how to create similar such potions in the future.
Perhaps we can use the powerful explosive potions as weapons in combat,
or use them to completely level the Darshak settlements on Ash Island.
The potions might also be useful in blasting a passage to the east side
of the island, in the North Eastern Foothills. Who knows?

In other news, Tenebrion has instructed a Sorer in
his keep to begin distributing Ethereal Amulets to those that seek
them, as was agreed upon in the meeting
with Tenebrion. The Sorer can be found alongside the other traders, who
trade in Ethereal items for Portal Stones. The price for the Ethereal
Amulets is very cheap– a single piece of metal for a fully crafted
amulet. Now we can begin an indepth examination of the ether that has
been seeping into our plane. Of particular importance would be the
monitoring of the ether flow into Purgatory. Perhaps our fourth circle
healers could purchace amulets, and use them to check up on the ether
levels of Purgatory every so often. Now, what we need to do is find
Umbrion’s slave that Tenebrion hinted at, that will allow us to better
control the Ethereal Amulets, which are currently very fragile.

Day 196, Year 543 of the Ascendancy

I’ve been very busy with my studies for the past few months, and I
hardly get to spend any time outside of the library. As a result
though, my training is coming along very nicely, and I’ve still managed
to make it to a few exploratory trips on Kizmia’s Isle and Devil’s
Isle. I also visited the carnival that popped up in East Farms for a
few weeks, which was quite amusing, even if the fortune teller spouted
utter nonesense.

Anyway, I’d like to relate to yi some rather
important events that transpired a few weeks ago. It was the 16th day
of Summer, and most exiles were engaged in a dangerous rescue on
Kizmia’s Isle, for the enigmatic witch Fat Alice, who had managed to
fall in the far eastern mountains of the Isle of Lyfelidae. However,
while exiles attempted the rescue afar, important events were
transpiring in Puddleby as well. The Mystic Council of Puddleby had
scheduled some kind of conference with Tenebrion, and Tenebrion’s Sarir
appeared in town. Soon after his appearance, several representatives of
the Mystic Council arrived, and hastily escorted to the conference room
for a secret meeting. While I have been forbidden to reveal everything
that was discussed in the meeting, the Mystic Council has given me
permission to reveal several of the details, as they concern Puddleby.

The information that might be of interest to
exiles concerns the ethreal amulets that Tenebrion has been handing out
as of late. Tenebrion claims that he is as concerned as we are with the
dangerous flow of ether into our plane from Purgatory, and he wishes us
exiles to aid him in the research of the flow of ether, by using the
amulets, because we have access to certain places that he does not.
Tenebrion says that he has a huge stockpile of these amulets, and will
soon be handing them out freely. Tenebrion says that he and his
brothers are very knowledgeable about the ethereal plane, and that they
might be willing to share some of their knowledge, if we demonstrate
that we are ready for it, by learning how to use the ethreal amulets.
He also hinted that Umbrion has hidden somewhere in his isle a slave,
that may be able to aid us in using these amulets. Read the edited transcript for more details.