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Day 135, Year 548

It seems that I will not be camping in the Power Room, after all.
Today, I awoke to find myself not in the Power Room, as I expected, but
right in the middle of OC4. Needless to say, I was fried by lightning
bolts faster than you can say “orga warlock”.

Rude Awakening
A rude awakening

Luckily for me, there was an Orga Zealot nearby, that teleported me
to OC1. The Mystic Phiros soon organized a rescue for me, but
unfortunately, the rescuers ended up needing to be rescued as well.

Trapped in OC
Rescue gone awry

Eventually, a large party swung by OC to get us all back on our feet
again. So now I’m back in town again. My plan of camping out in the
Power Room didn’t work, so it seems we’ll just have to do this the hard
way again, next moon. With any luck, we won’t run into the problems
that we did during the last FMOCR.

Day 134, Year 548

Due to strange circumstances, the FMOCR today was a failure. From the
start, things looked grim– just an hour before the raid was to start,
there were only 2 healers in the lands.

Luckily, as the time of the FMOCR approached, we were able to
gather a force sufficient enough for the Orga Camps. We were able to
take the first three camps with ease, and we were able to conquer OC4
in one go thanks to our powerful healer rod, led by Kin and Ledward

Rod in OC4
The rods hold off the lightning in OC4

Once the rod was stablized, our fighters rushed the Orga Magician,
and I entered the Power Room. However, to my surprise, I was unable to
obtain a stone. This came as a shock to me, as I was able to obtain a
stone just last moon.

After I made several attempts, the Mystic Zorton also tried to obtain a
stone, but he also failed. We stayed in OC4 until midnight, amusing
ourselves with music and beer, all the while trying to obtain the
teleportation stone.

Waiting in OC4
Xepel entertains us with his music

In the end, though, we were unsuccessful in obtaining the stone.
This was a very puzzling and frustrating FMOCR for us. I am now camped
out in the Power Room, in the hopes that I will be able to obtain a
teleportation stone if I stay here long enough. If I fail, hopefully we
will have better luck next moon…

In the Power Room
Camping in the Power room

Day 118, Year 548

ELF in Snowy Dale
Hunting in the Snowy Dale

Today my clan went hunting in the newly discovered Snowy Dale, along
with Alchemist, Mouser, and Phroon. We were easily able to clear out
the beetles and cobras in the Cove, but he had some trouble in the
Snowy Dale, especially when nearly a dozen Tae-su Lyfelidaes spawned
right on top of us. We had to retreat a couple times, but we were
eventually successfully in clearing out the Dale.

We also had a clan meeting today, where we inducted FInnian
into the clan as a hopeful. Welcome to the clan Finnian! We also
started our project today to expand the dictionary of Ilsardinish,
the sylvan language. Starting this meeting, we will each be assigned
several common words to translate into Ilsardinish as “homework”. This
should be interesting 😉

In other news, it seems that a group of adventurers has managed to
find a way into the third sphere of the Ethereal Plane, which has been
creating a number of distruptions lately, ever since Tenebrion conducted some strange experiments on the plane.

The party was not able to find the source of these disruptions, or find
out what sorts of experiments might have caused Tenebrion to injure himself,
but the party did find a hut where exiles can create ethereal items
like kyuems and amulets, from highly concentrated blocks of ether known
as ethercles. Drablak has written more about this discovery on his Scrolls of Ether.

Day 106, Year 548

In OC 4
Entering the Power Room

Today’s Full Moon Orga Camp Raid(FMOCR) was a great success. We got off
to a rather slow start, but as two hunts on Kizmia’s Isle and the
Valley concluded, more exiles joined our party until we had a force to
be reckoned with.

A total of 25 exiles attended the raid, and we were able to
take the deadly OC4 in one try, thanks to the fantastic leadership of
Jo’Maril. We successfully slayed the Orga Magician, and I was able to
obtain a teleportation stone.

F’nom tan’ki to all those who attended the raid, and special thanks to Jo’Maril, who lead our party to victory.

Day 102, Year 548

The Snowy Dale
The newly discovered Snowy Dale

Today, shortly after the Chaos Storm, mystics all over the islands
sensed a current of cool air flowing through the isles. After a bit of
study, we were able to determine that this current was coming from
Kizmia’s Isle. We feared that this might be a prelude to another
Ethereal Storm, so I organized a small party to explore the waters
surrounding Kizmia’s Isle, to see what we could learn.

We eventually tracked down the source of the cool air to the
cove on the east side of Kizmia’s Island. With the help of the fighters
Michael and Madcat, and several healers, we were able to clear out the
cove and make our way to the small valley on the other side. Here, we
discovered a passage to a previously undiscovered portion of the isle.

The Dale Entrance
The entrance to the dale

I won’t give away too much here, but the newly discovered dale has
dozens of snowy creatures like Frost Giants and Snow Cougars, with an
assortment of various Lyfelidae. My prediction is that the Dale will be
a popular hunting ground for the next few weeks to come. Maybe we can
even get some snowy creatures in the Coliseum.

However, I do give this one warning to travelers and explorers
to the Dale: in the north-western corner of the Dale, there is a cave
entrance that leads to the Lyfelidae Caverns on Kizmia’s Isle. This
passage is apparently one-way, so going in is an almost certain depart,
unless you have a large army of exiles with you. Unfortunately, some of
us had to learn this the hard way…

Master Departus
Reaching a new milestone with Master Departus

Day 98, Year 548

Ehereal Portals
Portentous Portals

At around 3:30pm today, exiles with Ethereal Amulets sensed a
disturbance in the third sphere of the Ethereal Plane. Shortly
thereafter, Puddleby was rocked by an Ethereal phenomena later
described as an “Ethereal Storm” by the mystic Drablak, one of
Puddleby’s top ether experts.

The onset of the “Storm” was marked by the openning of an
Ethereal Portal on the western beaches, and gradually more and more
portals began openning, slowly making their way eastwards, towards
Puddleby. As the Storm progressed east, it spawned dozens of Ethereal
denizens both on the beach and on the ocean.

Ehereal Creatures
Battling the Ether Creatures

As we battled against wave after wave of Ethereal creatures, the
Storm was apparently deflected by the town’s walls, and began pooling
in the northern most portion of the wall, where the wall meet the

Ethereal Portal Pool
The Ether builds up

More and more portals began to accumulate in the corner of the wall,
and we gathered around the portals to ponder at the strange phenomena.
Several expeditions were made into the portals, but unfortunately they
were all failures, resulting in a massive number of departs from the
Ethereal Plane.

The portals themselves seemed harmless enough, except for their
unfortunate tendancy to pop up right in front of unsuspecting exiles.
However, when we least expected it, the collection of Ethereal Portals
released a massive expultion of ether that left all of us that were
even remotely near the portal fallen.

Fallen Near Portal
The after effects of the expultion

Afterwards, the Storm seemed to dissipate, and the Ethereal Portals
gradually disapeared, leaving only a long trail of ashes from the beach
to the western wall. I’ve created a sketch which shows the path that the Ethereal portals took.

It seems that the reprecussions of Tenebrion’s experiments with the 3rd
sphere of the Ethereal Plane are only getting worse. We really must
mount another expedition to the Ethereal Plane with our top ether
experts, and figure out what is going on in EP, once and for all.

Day 89, Year 548

ELF/WoD in Meadow
ELF & WoD gather in the Meadow

Today E’las Loth’mon Ferindril held a joint clan hunt with the Winds of
Dawn to the Orga Outback, and it was a stunning success! The turnout
from both of the clans was excellent, and more than 10 ELFs and 13
WoDers showed up for the hunt. Unfortunately, we were lacking a bit in
healers, so we had to recruit a few more to get us past Haterd’s

The expedition was led by the sylvan Delirium from the Winds of
Dawn, and she organized the formation and movement of the rod inside
Hatred’s Hollow. However, even with her leadership, it still took us
nearly 8 hours to get through the passage.

Once we made it through the Hollow, we rested for a while in
the Trainer’s Grotto. Understandably, some of us had to leave at this
point, but a good number us from both clans stayed behind to hunt in
OOB. The hunting was very nice in the Outback, and we encountered
Rages, Furies, Frenzies, and Wraths aplenty, and luckliy, no Orga

We hunted in the Outback for a few hours, making a short 7
snell circuit, then headed back to town through the Snagglewood. It was
quite a fun and successful hunt, and luckily we were able to avoid
getting massacred. F’nom tan’ki for the excellent hunt, Winds of Dawn!

(Our clan hopeful Ruen has also written an account of the hunt in her journal.)

Day 85, Year 548

A Lost Soul
Tenebrion’s soul?

It turns out that Tenebrion was not fallen in the Sapphire sector of
the Ethereal Plane as previously believed. We now know that the healer
Merlisk originally found Tenebrion in the Ruby sector of the Ethereal Plane, which lies just to the north-west of the Sapphire sector.

Today, we investigated the Ruby sector at the request of Tenebrion’s
brother Melabrion. After a long battle to clear the Sapphire sector, we
began luring monsters out of the Ruby sector, in preparation for our

This is when we began to notice some strange phenomena. At one
point, J’nder began to glow blue, and she told us that she sensed a
rush of ether flowing into Puddleby, similar to what was felt by the party that discovered Tenebrion. The apprentice mystic Laiy noted that ether levels were out of control.

Once we entered the Ruby sector, we noticed even more disturbances.
Almost from the moment we entered the Ruby sector, we all felt
something strange and uncomfortable. There was also a chill about the
air, that none of our cloaks could keep out.

As we explored deeper into the Ruby sector, we happened across
a lost soul. The creature seemed mindless, or perhaps single minded,
and did not seem to notice the presence of our party at all.

The creature kept on repeating the words “Pur” and “tory” to
itself, and we believe that it was seeking a way into Purgatory. Some
even believed it to be Tenebrion’s lost soul. We tried to communicate
with the soul for a while, but it did not respond to any of our
queries, and we soon began our journey back to our own plane, to report
our findings to Melabrion.

Inside Melabrion’s Keep, we told the wizard of our findings in
the Ruby sector. Melabrion did not believe that the lost soul that we
found belonged to his brother Tenebrion, though he did not know of its
identity either. He was, however, very disturbed by our reports of the
cold and the ether flowing into Purgatory.

Melabrion then left us, suggesting that we investigate the
Ethereal Plane again at a latter date. I agree that there should be
further investigations, perhaps with the aid of Callia, Drablak, and
our other top ethereal scholars. Perhaps then we will find the origins
of the disturbances that mystics have been sensing for the past Zodiac.

Day 78, Year 548

Fallen in OC4
Fallen in OC4

Yesterday, we held another Full Moon Orga Camp Raid(FMOCR) in an
attempt to obtain a teleportation stone from the depths of the Orga
Camp, but unfortunately, it was a failure.

We had a good sized party last night, and twice we came close
to controlling OC4. The first time, we were able to clear the south pit
of the Orga Warlocks, and hold onto our position just past the campfire
for a few minutes, before we had to flee. The second time, we again
made it past the campfire, and this time tried to clear the north pit,
but by then, the Warlocks in the south pit had respawned, and our party
was massacred.

After that, things went downhill. The Mystic Callia tried to
organize a rescue party for us, but they never made it past OC2. A
rescue party for the rescue party was then assembled, which succeeded
in raising those fallen in OC2, but little more than that. In the end,
we were forced to wait until midnight, when all of the Orga in OC4 are
mysteriously killed off.

This was a very frustrating FMOCR for us, because we came so
close to succeeding. Still, I would like to thank the many people who
aided us in today’s FMOCR, and to the many, many rescuers who came to
our aid. The next time, we WILL succeed for sure.


On an unrelated note, earlier this morning, the mystic Callia sensed
a swirl of ether from the 3rd sphere of the Ethereal Plane. This is
disturbing, since Tenebrion was recently severely injured
while conducting some experiments related to the 3rd sphere of EP. I
hung around town for a couple hours, but nothing more out of the
ordinary was sensed this morning.

I have finally completed my account of the recent events surrounding Tenebrion. You can read all about it here.
So far the report contains only my words, but I shall be adding a slew
of images soon as well. Please let me know in the comments if I have
missed anything in my account of the events, or portrayed anything