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Day 220, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

Well, the 226th Chaos Storm has come to pass, and I’m sorry to say that
it hasn’t brought any positive changes to the lands. The other day I
led a small party to explore the southern parts of the ‘Noth
underground, in hopes that the Chaos Storm might have revealed the
secret passage that Qual spoke about, but to no avail. The blocked
passage underneath Dal’Noth Isle just seems impassable at the moment.

Also, more bad news, the portal that leads into
Umbrion’s Tower now seems to be one way only, which makes getting into
the tower very easy, but getting out a very difficult task. The
Phantasmonomicon seller and trainer Cerider and Asteshesha have also
disapeared from their usual spot in Umbrion’s tower, and are now
missing. This is very bad news for me, as I have yet to purchase a
Phantasmonomicon, and now it seems impossible. Somehow, I am still
receiving lessons from Asteshesha though. I remember Cerider telling me
that Umbrion would kill him if he found out that he was selling
Phantasmonomicons to exiles, so perhaps that is what happened to them.
For now I can only hope for the best.

Day 195, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

Spriggins invaded town today, when the Spriggin King Blink came to
town. The trickster Blink managed to convince the human Fishylish that
he wanted to visit town so he could make peace with Puddleby, and
Fishylish happily led the Spriggin monarch into town, along with a
small Spriggin army. Of course everyone was shocked when a horde of
Spriggins suddenly appeared in town center, but people were generally
careful as not to trample the little people in their midst, and things
went peacefully enough.

However, Spriggins are known for their mischievous
minds and slippery fingers, and Blink’s enoturage was no different. No
sooner had they stepped into town did the Spriggins begin tripping
citizens with their magic, and robbing them of their money.
Understandably this angered quite a few people, and the fighter
Ba’alzamon took it as fas as to slay the Spriggin King himself.

This of course resulted in a full-scale war
between Puddleby and the Spriggins, who poured forth from the Spirit
Wood in record numbers. For a time there were more Spriggins in
Puddleby than Puddlebians, and the East Field was painted blue with the
tide of Spriggins. However, it soon became apparent that the little
people were no match for the forces of Puddleby, and army of Spriggins
was pushed back into the Spirit Wood.

Thus, Puddleby was able to defeat the Spriggin
King and his Spriggin army. I have a feeling, though, that this is not
the last we will see of the trickster Blink. ( iolaus has also written
an accout of the invasion on his scrolls ).

Day 191, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

There have been many strange occurences and invasions that have been
taking place in Puddleby recently. For example, a few weeks ago strange
water spouts began to appear in the oceans surrounding our isle, along
with deadly Ethereal Stalkers. And just recently there was a major
Darshak invasion, that nearly overwhelmed town. But perhaps most
shocking of all is the recent T’rool invasion, in which the evil wizard
Qual was defeated through the use of the Separ. Yor has written a
detailed account of the victory on his scrolls.

Once the Separ was used to “cure” the wizard Qual,
it was revealed that the wizard was actually a sylvan who had been
possessed by the powerful Dark Bubbling. Once Qual regained his senses,
he informed us that the Dark Bubbling had escaped to ‘Noth island, and
was hiding within the cavernous passages underground:

Qual says, “the caves under noth are miles long”
Qual says, “and most have never been seen by exiles”
Qual says, “look for secret passages…”
Qual says, “your mystics may be able to see them”
Qual says, “go hunt the dark Bubbling”

Qual says, “there is a very well hidden magic door… but I warn
you the landew breeding grounds are just beyond.”
Qual says, “deep as you can go and then keep towards the
south of the island… always down whenever you can.”
Qual says, “look for blocked paths…”

Using the information that Qual gave us, a small party explored the
‘Noth underground today, in search of the hidden passages that Qual
spoke of. Our party traveled through the caves as far south as we
could, as per the instructions, but we didn’t find anything other than
a few dews and rippers. We then checked the northern parts of the
tunnels, stopping by the puzzling magic barrier, but again we were
unable to find anything.

We looked around for a while more, and even
re-checked the southern parts of the cavern for something we might have
missed, but we still couldn’t find a thing. In the end we left the
caverns without discovering any new passages, but we vowed to return
and search again. Hopefully the upcomming Chaos Storm will reveal that
which was hidden from us.

Day 177, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

The ‘Brion brothers seem to have created a portal of sorts, which
connects several of their Keeps together. Since today was ELF’s monthly
meeting, we decided to head into the portal, and see where it lead. We
soon found that the portal lead to four of the ‘Brion’s Keeps:
Tenebrion’s, Umbrion’s, Cimmbrion’s, and Melabrion’s. After poking
around a bit, we decided to look around Umbrion’s Keep, which turned
out to be a mistake because several of us got toasted beyond healing by
Lava Walkers. Since I was the only one alive with a chain, I proceeded
to drag my clanmates’ fallen bodies out of the Tower.

However, due to the steep nature of Umbrion’s
Tower, chains slip when going between each of the levels. Needless to
say this resulted in us having to push the corpses for much of the way,
and my chains became quite worn from having to reattach to the corpses
at each level. Finally, we managed to get the fallens up to the top of
the tower, and were able to push them into the Ethereal Plane. As I
prepared to drag the corpses back to town through Tenebrion’s Keep,
however, my chain snapped, which was understandable after being used
more than 300 times, but when I tried to chain the bodies again, I
managed to snap another chain, which hadn’t been used at all! Not
wanting to risk another chain, we pushed the bodies out of the Ethereal
Plane, and I was able to chain the bodies back to town from Tenebrion’s
Keep successfully.

Meanwhile, my clanmate Vequalir was finding
himself in a lot of trouble. While helping to push the corpses up
Umbrion’s Tower, Vequalir managed to take a wrong turn, and found
himself in the private quarters of the Pyromaniac Umbrion himself!
Inside he found a private storage room, where he could purchase various
items from Umbrion’s slaves for a single coin, and a ladder leading up
to the very top of the tower. The only problem was that Vequalir
couldn’t found his way back out again. After worrying about his
predicament for a bit, Vequalir began to purchase items from the
cellar, and selling them to my clanmates outside. However, after a few
minutes an angry Umbrion arrived, and took back the items from Vequalir
and kicked him out of his private chambers.

All in all, it was a very exciting adventure. Nothing is as unpredictable (or deadly) as ELF’s monthly hunts!

Day 163, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

I came out of the library today after a long study break to attend our
monthly LIFE expedition. Last month we made a successful trek to the
Foothills and found that nothing had changed, so today we decided to
explore Umbrion’s Zodiac Maze instead, in search of the elusive
Ethereal Helmet. However, we encountered some difficulty inside the
maze because some of our members kept slipping into the various
different zodiac signs and others became too toasted by Fire Beetles
and Lava Walkers. In the end we had to give up on our expedition,
without finding a way to the Ethereal Plane. It was kind of
disapointing that we couldn’t find our way through the maze, especially
since it’s rumored that PM has already found an Ethereal Helmet, but it
was exciting to explore somewhere other than the Foothills for a
change. Hopefully we will be able to be able to navigate the maze
successfully on our expedition.

Day 109, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

I’ve been studying in the library a lot lately, finishing up my studies
in breaking illusions, and I haven’t been able to come out as often as
I’ve wanted to. I still haven’t made back my money from playing
Blackjack, but the very generous Salandra repayed my debt to
Wormtounge, so now I have my two chains back, at least. Now I can start
saving up for a Phantasmonomicon once more.

Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot to
report. The 222nd Chaos Storm swept by through the isles while I was in
the library, bringing with it a few new changes, as usual. There now
seems to be a halfling couple on the southern beaches that sell
“crawler cracker” flails to fighters, though I’m not sure how effective
they are. There also appears to be a Sarir who is wandering around the
lands stirring up troubles. The Sarir are slaves that are often used by
Tenebrion and Umbrion to meet with us, when we wish to speak with them
on our own island. However, this Sarir is odd in that it claims to be
an exile. I’m not sure what this means, or whether the Sarir is even
telling the truth, but Farhope has written more about it on her scrolls.

Finally, I’ve heard that Axell, one of Puddleby’s
most beloved rescue healers, is soon returning to the Mainland with her
family. This is truly saddening, as anyone who’s been in the lands for
any length of time has probably been rescued by Axell. I myself have
been rescued by Axell countless times… probably more times than most
healers combined. Puddleby will never be the same without her. Farewell
Axell, and good luck on the Mainland!