Chaos Storm 222

Posted on March 3, 2002 in Uncategorized

Day 109, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

I’ve been studying in the library a lot lately, finishing up my studies
in breaking illusions, and I haven’t been able to come out as often as
I’ve wanted to. I still haven’t made back my money from playing
Blackjack, but the very generous Salandra repayed my debt to
Wormtounge, so now I have my two chains back, at least. Now I can start
saving up for a Phantasmonomicon once more.

Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot to
report. The 222nd Chaos Storm swept by through the isles while I was in
the library, bringing with it a few new changes, as usual. There now
seems to be a halfling couple on the southern beaches that sell
“crawler cracker” flails to fighters, though I’m not sure how effective
they are. There also appears to be a Sarir who is wandering around the
lands stirring up troubles. The Sarir are slaves that are often used by
Tenebrion and Umbrion to meet with us, when we wish to speak with them
on our own island. However, this Sarir is odd in that it claims to be
an exile. I’m not sure what this means, or whether the Sarir is even
telling the truth, but Farhope has written more about it on her scrolls.

Finally, I’ve heard that Axell, one of Puddleby’s
most beloved rescue healers, is soon returning to the Mainland with her
family. This is truly saddening, as anyone who’s been in the lands for
any length of time has probably been rescued by Axell. I myself have
been rescued by Axell countless times… probably more times than most
healers combined. Puddleby will never be the same without her. Farewell
Axell, and good luck on the Mainland!

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