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Day 290, Year 552

Today I organized an FMOCR to obtain my first teleportation stone(not for the Brion Brothers
for a change!). As the time of the full moon drew near, I grew nervous
because there were only a handful of exiles in the lands. Luckily, I
was able to gather a very powerful little group, and we made our way
through the Orga Camp in the early morning, before the Sun had even

Storming the Orga Camp

We encountered quite a bit of resistance from the Orga, and I
was a little worried that our small party wouldn’t be able to handle
the massive hordes of the deeper Orga Camps, but I needn’t have
fretted. Our party cut through the Orga forces like a hot blade through
butter. In fact, we arrived in OC4 a full six hours earlier than I had
anticipated, and we were forced to wait for the Orga Magician to
appear, to the annoyance of some party members.

Kor’gah and Frozen Shade entertained us with their music while
we waited, but soon, even their vast repetories were exhausted. The
fighters soon began making daring forrays into the Orga territory,
slaying the vast hordes of Orga Warlocks that guard the final camp.
This was particularly dangerous because for each Warlock that was
slain, another soon appeared in its place, along with a pack of Death

DV Spawn

The fighters continued to push our luck as we twiddled our
thumbs in OC4, waiting for the Orga Magician. Finally, shortly after
noon, the Orga Magician finally made his appearance. The fighters
charged the Magician, while I made my way to the Power Room. I was a
little nervous after my previous failures, but this time I had no problems obtaining the orga stone.


I would like to thank all of the brave exiles who helped out with the
FMOCR, and who patiently waited in OC4 to make this raid a success. If
ever a mystic you need, I will come to your aid.

Day 287, Year 552

Agratis Hunt

Day 281, Year 552

Today I got involved in a rescue to the Drake Den that ended up taking
hours. It all started when a Fire Drake appeared in town, and kidnapped
several exiles to its lair of Devil’s Isle. My clanmates decided to
mount a rescue, and joined a hastily assembled rescue party and headed
to McBolie’s Cavern, which leads deep into the crater of Devil’s Isle.
Big mistake.

In McBolies

One thing quickly became apparent to me as soon as we entered
the cavern: Large Disorganized Party + Devil’s Island = Disaster. It
took our party forever just to reach the end of the maze-like cavern,
and I was forced to depart when I opened the path into the crater, only
to have nobody follow me in. And that was just the start of our

In the Crater

Once we reached the inner crater of Devil’s Isle, things became
a lot more difficult. The crater of DI requires the most precise
coordination– which our party lacked. It took us four tries and one
depart until we finally reached the volcano of Devil’s Isle. By then,
our party had been reduced to five exiles– Yazza, Vequalir, Kor’gah,
J’dy, and myself, and we nearly gave up.

However, a smaller party was exactly what we needed. With our
reduced numbers we were able to coordinate much better, and we were
able to cut through a horde of Lava Walkers to reach the Drake Den.
There, we were able to raise the fallen exiles, and slay the foul Fire
Drake, thanks to SnowLion’s awesome prowess with the Blood Blade.

Slaying the Drake

We had finally accomplished what we had come for, but leaving
the crater turned out to be no less difficult than getting there in the
first place. While trying to find our way out, we found ourselves in a
tight spot, trapped by a group of Lava Walkers. Only a few of us
survived the encounter, and the rest of us were chained off of the
isle. Still, we all managed to make it back to town, bringing to close
our long but exciting adventure.

Day 252, Year 552

There was mixed news at the clan meeting today. On the one hand Sasha’s ELF sponsored Skinning Contest
was a great success, but on ther other hand we lost one of our most
beloved members when Anfyr handed in her clan symbol. Anfyr(or rather
Drrnh, as she is calling herself these days) took leave of our clan to
explore her Fen’neko heritage. We hope she will return to us soon.

However, though our clan lost one of our most treasured trees,
we also gained some new growth as well. The Mouser joined our clan
today as a new hopeful, and Pel was inducted into our clan as a full
member. With two new members scheduled to join us next week, it looks
like there is still much growth left in this sylvan forest! F’nom
grudos to our two newest members!

New Hopeful

New Member Pel

After the meeting we headed to Melabrion’s Island for some
sasquatch hunting. We ran into some trouble with several GCP spawns and
had to regroup several times, but otherwise had few problems. The
highlight of our day was a battle with a very angry Mother Sasquatch.
We had several close calls with the sasquatch, but in the end we were
able to teach her some anger management, sylvan style.

Angry mother sasquatch

Day 224, Year 552

Well, I’m finally updating my journal after a long break(thanks to Himitsu and Farhope for prodding me into action).

So why has it taken so long for me to update my journal? Well, mainly I
just haven’t witnessed anything really interesting in the lands of
late. Taking a look at my most recent entries, they’re all about my
clan’s affairs, and we recently created a scroll for our clan’s activities, and that’s become my new outlet for clan related news.

In fact, I was actually thinking about scrapping my scrolls entirely, and just posting news items directly to Thoomcare, but considering Paramedic’s bandwidth issues, I may reconsider, considering the verbosity of my posts.


Meshra Invasion

Today I *did* get a chance to participate in an unusual event in the form of a Meshra invasion.
The invasion didn’t last too long, but the fish-folk did take control
of southern Puddleby for a time with the aid of powerful Blood Meshra
and Deep Meshra. After clearing the Meshra from Puddleby, we took the
fight to the Meshra Den, and finished off the last remenants of their
invading army.

After the invasion had concluded, I headed back to town for a
quick nap before my clan’s monthly meeting. We had a good turnout at
the meeting, where our clanmate Anfyr gave us some surprising and
joyous news: she was getting married to the Fen Baltok after the
meeting! We headed to the wedding chapel after a quick hunt in ‘Noids.
The sevice was attended by a handful of Anfyr and Baltok’s close
friends, including Yazza’s goat.

Yazza's Goat-- honored guest

After the wedding service, everyone headed to the Puddleby Park to
celebrate with some food and drink. There was much rejoicing, and Fist
of Fluff gave a rousing toast to the newlywed couple.

Fist's Toast

Much grudos to Anfyr and Baltok Dagger!