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Day 314, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

The recent Chaos Storms have brought many new
things to the islands. A new, deadlier undine cave, a den of Foxweirs,
and several new games in the gambling establishment are but a few of
the changes that the storms have brought us. Today was the day of our
monthly clan meeting, and after a few important discussions, we all
headed to the Wurm Cave within the River Tunnel. There were many wurms
that I had never seen before, including a gigantic wurm called the
Tahxis Wurm, which left many of our clan fallen. We eventually defeated
these wurms, and had a great clan hunt. Oh yei, I also made Lord 😉

Wurm Cave


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Day 299, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Mazulan. There is a name to strike fear into the
hearts of any sensible exile. Today, I had the misfortune of coming
across this foul undine. He stood on the far side of the southern wall
of Puddleby. There, he made all manner of threats, and wanted Lorian to
“COME VISIT AT MY NEW HOME”. Because we could not look at Mazulan
directly, for fear of being overtaken by his mental powers, we had to
face away from our enemy; a most frightful experience.


Once, the mentalist Slinky had the courage to
confront Mazulan directly, at which point Mazulan pulled out some sort
of tainted Moonstone. Slinky was able to escape, but what vile purpose
could this stone be used for? Slinky also found that Mazulan was
wearing the clan symbol of E’las Loth’mon Ferindril. Why was Mazulan
masquerading as a member of my clan, and where was he hiding Koriel?
These are all questions that desparately need answers.

Day 287, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Twas was a mournful day today,
A friend set sail, and went her way,
From coast to coast,
From bay to bay,
All shall miss our Dryadic Fey.


Today Dierdre, a former clanmate of mine, left Puddleby in search of
her lost love Koriel. She said that she would be searching the outer
islands beyond the Northern Ocean, but who can say how far her search
will take her? She knows not when she will return, but she predicted
that her journey would take at least a season. Safe journeys, Dierdre,
and safer returns!

Dierdre sets sail

On a lighter note, Dierdre was able to correct a few errors in my guide to Deep Sylvan Culture. Please stop by, and perhaps learn a thing or two. Corrections and clarifications are always welcome.

Day 270, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

As the Summer sun gives way to the winds of Autumn, many changes are
brought to Puddleby. Today, the Journeyman Mystic Malkor(aka Spriggin
Boy) became the fourth full Mystic of Puddleby, following Aki, Diotima
and Manticore. Unfortunately, I was unable to view any of the ceremony,
due to the fact that I was hopelessly fallen in the River Tunnel.

The Golden Wurm

Wurms roamed freely among gigantic Crawlers, and Leogic, Sylune, and I
seemed doomed to depart. Luckily, due to the heroic efforts of a lone
healer, Leogic and I were saved. However, when I foolishly went back
into the cave to rescue Sylune, I was felled beyond the powers of any
of the healers present. Sylune was eventually rescued, but I was forced
to depart my body for the 80th time since the Great Forgetting. F’nom

Day 257, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today was one of those rare days when I could make it to my clan’s
monthly meeting. In today’s meeting, we welcomed a new
hopeful(Entil’Zha) into our fold, and followed the talk with a hunt in
the Savanah. The hunt was quite successful, and we all returned to town
for our studies. But before I could retire, I received an urgent
request to open up Dal’Noth, and grudgingly obliged. I made my way to
the ocean swiftly, and paddled all the way to Dal’Noth Island. That was
when I received a message to “watch out for the plankton”. Too late. A
swarm of approximately 40 plankton swarmed me, and of course, I was
dead in a few seconds. A few brave healers came out onto the ocean, and
they too were lynched by the plankton. Then, two culcans decided to
join in on the fun. Suddenly, the ocean was a death trap. We floated
around the ocean in our upturned boats; the strong current pulling us
into the Northern Ocean, then back out again. Finally, about 7 cycles
later, J’nder and Magnels managed to get snagged on eachother, and
subsequently, the rest of the exiles joined the pile.

Caught by Magnels

The rescue took a long time in comming, but a few hours later, our
boats were all right-side up. The two culcan still roamed the ocean,
but with the concerted effort of the exiles, the culcan were pushed
back into the depths of the sea, from whence they came. The oceans of
Puddleby were once again safe for exiles to sail upon.

Day 242, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today I found myself face to face with the enigmatic Sendorian. He
seemed civil enough, showing all around him great respect, even
expressing interest in the Mystc Path. However, when asked about his
past, he seemed confused and did not seem to remember much about it.
What he did tell us, was that he was the “Registrar of the Court” for
the Emperor Mobius, and that it had been “but a desk job”. He also
claimed that he had never met the Emperor personally. He told us that
he was just going about his work, when he had found himself in the
Adytum. He slipped through a crack in a pillar, and found himself
exiting the Altar of Puddleby. I was not sure what to make of this
strange man, so I helped him onto the Mystic Path, and let him be on
his way. I hope that I have acted rightly in this matter…