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Day 236, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today was my clan’s monthly clan gathering, and after a brief meeting,
we headed out for our clan hunt. Our first stop was the Rocky Cavern,
where we quickly slew two Grey Wyrms. Then we headed into TW, en route
to the Snaggle Wood.

In Snaggy, we encountered the usual array of
orgas, from the lightning throwing Orga Warlocks to the sneaky Orga
Shamans. The only thing that was conspicuously missing from Snaggy were
the BROs, or Big Red Orga. We encountered countless Orga Berserks in
our trek through the woods, but no Orga Rages or Furies.

This puzzled our party, but our confusion was soon
cleared once we entered Hatred’s followed. There we found an
unmistakable sign that a party had been there before us: two Orga
Hatreds tied up in kudzu vines. Disapointed, we left Snagglewood, and
decided to visit Ash Island, to help get Myiasis an axe.

On Ash Island we charged through the horde, and
made trouble to the pirates hiding out in the Darshak Outpost. After
we’d cleared things a bit, Myiasis was able to speak to Pirate Henrik,
and purchase his first axe.

All in all it was a fun, if uneventful clan hunt.

Day 233, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Well, I managed to miss it. What did I miss, yi ask? The marriage of
Sleipnir and Babajaga, of course! The wedding, along with Prue’s
infamous Puddleby Pie Project, had been hyped up for weeks before they
happened, but I just couldn’t make it out the library soon enough to
attend either.

Luckily for me, and for anyone else who was unable to attend, Norm and the ThoomCare Media Network have both provided excellent coverage of the event. Meanwhile, I’ve been stirring up some excitement of my own.

My clanmate Tonle and I were sitting around town
today, with our usual restlessness to go exploring somewhere. After
some discussion, we decided to check out the maze-like passages known
as Alchemist’s Folly(AF). We even managed to gather some exiles foolish
enough to join us, and we headed to the entrace to AF, which is found
in the Dark Cave.

For those of yi who have never been to AF, the
entrance is a very narrow passage, filled with undine. To make matters
worse, large boulders fly at exiles from the north end of the passage.
The tunnels are such that it is easy to get trapped by the undine,
while rocks pelt yi from above. Unfortunately, this was exactly what
happened to us.

The first party which ventured into Alchemist’s
Folly was felled in record time, and everyone was forced to depart.
However, some of us were undaunted by our failure, and headed back into
the tunnels after regrouping in town. We departed a second time, after
which we decided to call it quits.

Thus, our AF exploration party was a failure.
However, we all learned some valuable lessons about fighting in tight
quarters, and the next time I am confident that we will be able to make
it through the narrow entrance, and into the more expansive tunnels
that follow.

Day 218, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today the healer J’nder rounded up an expedition party to explore the
mysterious Drake Den on Devil’s Island. The party consisted of Larno,
Gorvin, Fantasia, Habbakuk Lal, J’nder and myself, and we had little
difficulty dispatching the Fire Vermine and Lava Walkers which we
encountered near the Drake Den.

We entered the Drake Den by running across the
small pool of lava which surrounds the entrance to the Den. However,
upon entering the Den, we were disapointed to find that it was
completely empty, save for a scattered handful of rats.

It is quite a mystery how the Drake Den, which
once teemed with adult and baby Fire Drakes, is now almost completely
devoid of life. A single drake hasn’t been spotted in the cave in
several years.

Have all the drakes been exterminated? Or have
they moved onto to safer nesting grounds? It seems this is another of
Devil Island’s many mysteries.

Day 204, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today I got to be a part of an Foothills exploration party lead by
Gurgi. We gathered in the meadow early in the morning, then headed deep
into Orga territory. Our group was quite large, and it took us a while
to get through the Orga Outback because people kept getting lost.

We eventually made it to the Dred Passage, and cut
our way through the fire and lightning to reach to the Foothills. The
Foothills and the Dred Wood beyond it were the same as always, and to
make a long story short, we were unable to find anything new. The
crumbling wall still blocked our passage, and we made our way back to
town, disapointed.

Meanwhile, while our party was in the Foothills,
something interesting was going on in Melabrion’s dungeon. As I wrote
in my previous entry, several of Melabrion’s miners have been trapped
within Melabrion’s mines, after they unwittigly released an ancient
evil. Today, the wizard Melabrion requested the aid of several exiles
to go into his mines, and rescue the two fallen dwarfs.

The party did as Melabrion requested, fighting off
rippers, cobras, and the deadly Tok’Han, to rescue the fallen miners,
Gos’hotha and Ha’yr’vok. My friend Axis was kind enough to share a Vision Stone of the valiant rescue.

Afterwards, Melabrion considered closing off his
mines forever, but he decided instead to keep them open as a hunting
ground for exiles, as a sign of gratitude to the rescue party.
Melabrion’s mines are sure to be a popular hunting spot for a while to

Day 195, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

The 238th Chaos Storm has swept by the lands, and a strange and
powerful evil has awoken deep within the dungeon-like mines of
Melabrion. The dwarven miners that unleashed this evil were attacked
without warning, and the guards that Melabrion sent into the mines to
investigate the disturbance have never seen again.

Troubled by these disapearances, Melabrion is
enlisting the aid of exiles to help investigate the evil that has been
unleashed upon his mines. The entrances into the mine(from Melabrion’s
conference room) are now open, and protected by powerful magics to keep
the evil at bay.

I was able to visit the mines today, as a part of
an exploratory party, intent on investigating this new area. What we
discovered was an extensive system of caverns inhabited by deadly
cobras, humanoid insects, and even greater perils…

Day 172, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today I had the good fortune of being invited to a hunt on Kizmia’s
Island, and I had a great time exploring the dangerous isle. It had
been a long time since I’d last visited KI, so this was a great
opportunity for me.

I was summoned to Kizmia’s Isle so that I could
help the party search for any hidden illusions that might lead to new
areas. We started on the southern most tip of Kizmia’s Island, and
slowly worked ourselves northward, battling the vicious Lyfelidae all
the while.

One of the many dangers of exploring Kizmia’s
Isle, is the chance that you might get infected by the disfiguring Lyfe
disease. Luckily for me, Koric lent me his spare catsbane necklace, and
it protected me from any possible infection.

Our party was made up of some pretty powerful
exiles, so we didn’t have much trouble facing the dangers of Kizmia’s
Isle, though we did have a few close calls. After a few hours of
hunting, we made our way steadily for the north end of the isle, and
managed to make it off the island safely.

I did manage to search for illusions, particularly
in the snowy, mountainous regions of Kizmia’s Isle, but unfortunately I
was unable to detect any. Hopefully, next time I will get to check the
mysterious Lyfe caves for any possible illusions.

Day 157, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

It’s been unusually quiet in the lands lately, and there isn’t a whole
lot to report. There was recently some kind of accident with dyes
though, and now there are exiles with clothes of all different hues. My
friend Hawkthorn even managed to get his helmet splattered in green
paint, which is something which his clan, the Dwarven Militia, has been lobbying for for ages.

In other news, I hear that Puddleby’s most watched couple Babajaga and Sleipnir are cementing their relationship in marriage. What’s more, everyone is invited!
The ceremony is to be held at 3 am on the 52nd day of Summer in the
Meadow, and promises to be an exciting and enchanting event.

I’d encourage anyone who can to attend. As
Sleipnir puts it, it will be a good opportunity to “rub elbows with
Puddleby’s upper crust,” whatever that means.

Day 122, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

There hasn’t been much exciting to write about lately. No big
invasions, no new areas, and a complete lack of interesting events. I
suppose that no news is good news, but it certainly is boring news.

On a more positive note, some of my raffles from
last week did pretty well, and I finally have money in my pockets
again– if not a whole lot. It’ll be interesting to see how long my
coins last this time.

Finally, today I attended my clan’s monthly
meeting, and after some brief conversation and good old fashioned clan
experience, we set off on our boats to hunt some ‘Noths.

We did pretty well at first– there were many
‘Noths and ‘Dews in the Dal’Noth town, and we were able to lure them
one by one for some easy hunting. However, the screams that constantly
fill the air of the Dal’Noth town made one of my clanmates
uncomfortable, and after a while we decided to move on. This turned out
to be a mistake.

My clanmate Drue’Dreemi set up a wall of kudzu to
trap the ‘Noths that we had lured near us, and we made a run through
the Dal’Noth town, in an attempt to reach quieter hunting grounds.
However, as we entered the town, ‘Noths seemed to materialize all
around us, impeding our progress. Those of us who made it past the
river soon found that there were a couple Vels and Xars waiting for us.

In short, we were toast.

Within five minutes since we stepped into the
Dal’Noth town, half my clan was fallen. The rest of my clan soon
followed. However, a few of my clanmates managed to escape and were
able to rescue us with valiant chain runs. Soon we were all back on our
feet again, and we hunted for a while more before we headed back to

All in all it was a fun and exciting hunt, complete with the obligatory clan disaster.