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Day 42, Year 550

Whew! It’s been quite some time since I’ve last had the chance to write
in my journal. My studies have been really busy lately, and I’m
studying for a tough final exam from Master Spirtus. Hopefully I will
be able to pass and receive Master Spirtus’ reccomendation as one of
his better students.

Anyway, today I got to take a much needed respite from my
studies, stepping out of the library for the first time in weeks. While
I was strolling through town center, I came across a most unusual
sight: people lining up to get their sunstones tuned!

Sunstone Tuning
Lining up for a tune-up

It turns out that Leth Nimbletoes
has finally completed his reasearch into sunstone channels. Now a
skilled sunstone tuner can take a sunstone and upgrade it to either a
suncrystal or a sungem, for a small price.

Zorton is apparently the first Mystic to capitalize on the new
stones, and was seen in town upgrading sunstones for nearly 24 hours
straight! Zorton charges 300 coins to upgrade a fully tuned sunstone to
a suncrystal, and another 300 coins to upgrade to a sungem. Now, for
the first time ever, tuning sunstones may actually be a profitable

Day 295, Year 549

Every four years, a magical portal appears in Puddleby which leads to strange and fantastic places. Where will this year’s portal lead?

Magical Portal
Step into the portal…