Archive for April, 2006

Vequalir: “shoot.. need to afk for about 2 min”
Fleming: “Should be safe here.”
1 minute later…
Fleming was right in a way. Vequalir never fell the entire time. (Also note our newest hopeful, Llwenyen).

Last moon, instead of having a meeting, we visited the portal leading to the Boardwalk that appears in Puddleby roughly every four years. In addition to the usual games and facepaints, there was a stable for snail races and a new game called Spider Splat, which was amazingly addicting. With the help of Kani and Usagi, I was able to set a new record with a score of 24,514. Unfortunately, I barely had time to brag about it, before I was beaten out by another spider slayer. Oh well, at least it was fun while it lasted.