Archive for March, 2005

Today the Journeymen Muwe and Richard encountered a most singular creature to the north of the Orchard. The creature was called a Pog, and it bore a striking resemblance to a male human, though it was hostile, and did not speak.
With some help, the pair managed to lead the Pog to the Prison in Puddleby. There, the two tried to interrogate the creature, but the Pog made no response whatsoever.


After many moons of deliberations, the judges of the Better Homes and Treehouses Competition have selected their winner: The Pimping Pad of the Zo Mephisto! Our Clan Lord Fleming met with Mephisto in the lands today, and personally handed him his winnings of 10,000 coins. Mephisto thanked us for the contest, and informed us that the winnings will go towards a Used Furniture Store that he is working on. Congratulations Meph!
Also deserving of congratulations is Tara, who’s Lizard Lounge was selected as the runner-up in the contest. For a look at all of the finalists’ houses, with commentary from each of the judges, see the House Contest Scrolls. You can also find visionstones there of all the houses that were submitted to the contest.