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New Mystic

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Today I got to participate in the promotion ceremony of Puddleby’s newest full Mystic, K’vynn! There was a small celebration in town, with kegs of beer and root beer generously payed for by Ma’ta Rincewind, and we were successfully able to get K’vynn completely drunk, as is Mystic tradition. F’nom grudos, Ma’ta K’vynn!

I stepped out of the library today, and found myself on the receiving end of a headbutt. I looked around, expecting to see an excited Zo, but instead found town overrun by a bunch of drunken reindeer.
Reindeer trophies had been exactly what I was looking for, so I took out my chain and quickly began chaining the reindeer as soon as the fighters felled them. Soon, I had a sizable collection of reindeer carcasses, and with the help of Kazik and Philip Peltkeeper, I was able to get them stuffed.
I soon learned, however, that the reindeer belonged to a Drunken Elf, who’s animals had escaped after they had gotten a hold of the “special feed.” A number of exiles helped gather the remaining reindeer, and returned them to the grateful sylvan.

Meanwhile, Kazik and I returned to the clan house to display our newly won trophies. With the addition of the reindeer, the Bawkmas display is finally complete!
Merry Bawkmas everyone! Don’t let Santa’noth catch you doing anything naughty!

Ezail and I managed to dig Ayella out from under a pile of books in the library today, and once we dusted her off and cleared out all the cobwebs, we took her to see the Tree along with Ailidh and Siobhan.

Afterwards, Ayella and Ezail decided to move out of Puddleby Hollows, and purchased a new treehouse in Arbordale. However, the sneaky Ayella ran off before we began moving the furniture. Luckily, Treebeard and Marko soon showed up to help with the move.
Once we’d carried all of the furniture to the treehouse, Ezail ordered Marko to decorate the new home as he saw fit. Despite some initial grumbling, Marko did a great job in placing all the furniture (perhaps he should be put in charge of decorating the clan house next?).
Congratulations to Ezail on her new home, and welcome back Ayella!

As I sat in town composing this moon’s minutes, I got caught in the middle of one of the largest orga invasions I’ve seen in a while.
It began with the sighting of orga around the edges of town. Soon, a number of orga began making forrays into TC itself. The first few were easily dispatched, but the number of orga kept growing until there were more than 50 orga in town, accompanied by about 30 shamen and a pack of DV. The invasion was in full force.
There were no BROs or any of the tougher orga in the invasion, but the orga gained ground through their sheer numbers. Gradually, we were able to push them out to the East Field, where the rest of their force lay waiting. We had to cut our way through LDV and lightning throwing warlocks before we were finally able to destroy the invasion force.
This was first orga invasion in many moons, and a good reminder that the orga are not going to just sit and wait as we press deeper into their territory.