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I was surprised to see out of the library today none other than the Mystic Sylune! Sylune is one of the eldest Mystics in the lands, as well as a long time clan member. She spends most of her time in the library, and only pops up once in a blue moon, so I was fortunate to catch a glimpse of her.
Sylune wasn’t the only Mystic around, however. Zorton, Phiros, and Raldin were in town as well, making a total of five Mystics in Puddleby. This, as anyone who has ever studied Mystic lore knows, is a dangerous number. It is said that if six full Mystics converge on the same spot at once, the world will be destroyed. To avert such a calamity, we decided to take a trip to Gungla Island.

Of course, we quickly realized that five Mystics alone would not be able to handle the perils of GI. So, we decided to enlist the aid of a number of Journeymen and Apprentices who were also in the lands. We also invited along Santino, Kani, and Megami, just in case.
Kani took on the role of tour guide, and led our party to some of the more interesting sites on GI, including the village of Briomran and Colmert’s Castle. Along the way, we ran into a slew of Cave Cobras and Gan Varans, and had to be rescued– several times.
In the end though, everything turned out all right, and most of us were able to make it off the island in one piece. F’nom tan’ki to our tour guide, our grumbling healer, and our many, many rescuers!

It seems that every time I look around I see a new suitor trying to catch the eyes of The Zail. Just today, I spotted Ez being courted by the sylvan Inebrion, who is rumored to be a drunken relative of the infamous ‘Brion Brothers. He crooned about how Ezail’s hair is like a cascade of stars, how her skin is like the finest silk, and other such mushy nonsense which I tried my best to ignore. I wonder what Santino makes of all this?

Clan Open Hands held an awards ceremony today for their Movie Contest, but unfortunately, most of us were unable to make it out of the library. Narsilion ended up being the only one who attended, but he represented the clan well, returning home with a sack full of coins and three impressive trophies.
Later in the day, more ELFs popped out of the library, so we decided to head to Gungla Island for some exploring. Led by the apprentice mystic Rai, who has some interesting theories about the isle, we headed first to the Gungla Desert, to solve the mystery of how to get into the village of Sulran.

We tried numerous different things in an attempt to get into the village, including dropping random objects, chanting, and offering a virgin sacrifice, but nothing that we tried seemed to have any effect. In the end, we gave up trying to get into Sulran, and instead went off to search for clues in other parts of the isle. This led us to the Dark Gungla Forest, Colmert’s Castle, and a whole slew of trouble. Sketches below:

Unfortunately, Mablum wasn’t a virgin.


Today, the Journeyman Xel was advanced to the position of full and honorable Mystic. I helped him celebrate in town by dressing up in the traditional Mystic robes and drinking some celebratory beer. Below, Xel displays his exceptional falling skills, proving that he is indeed worthy of his new title. F’nom grudos Ma’ta Xel!

Today I witnessed Ezail stripping our clan symbol from Elena. Elena had earlier announced that she was considering leaving the clan anyway, but apparently this act was committed in retribution to some wrong done by Elena’s lover(?) Daimoth. The details are not entirely clear to me, but this is a sad way to lose a clanmate.

Clan Open Hands has posted an update on their Movie Contest, and it looks like 3 of our 4 movies have been selected as finalists for the competition! The top rated movies can be downloaded from the Open Hands Scrolls.
The voting process is starting now to select the three best movies, and all exiles are welcome to cast a ballot at the Puddleby polling booths. Please visit the booths and vote for our movies, and tell your friends to vote for them too!
UPDATE: Check out this movie by three of our Noxie clanmates. It didn’t make the final cut, but it’s hilarious! Just LOOK at me!