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Day 254, Year 547

The mystic and Ethereal scholar Drablak
reports that he is now able to determine the names of the various
sectors of the Ethereal Plane. The name of the sectors seem to
correspond to precious gems, with names like Ruby, Topaz, Amethyst, and
Emerald. Read more about Drablak’s discovery on his webscrolls.


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Day 249, Year 547

Mil’asanti, n. 1. An event which causes a large amount of death, genocide. 2. ELF hunt.

ELF in Alechemist's Folly

F’nom tan’ki to all the rescuers who helped us escape from Alchemist’s Folly!

Day 242, Year 547

There will be an FMOCR(Full Moon Orga Camp Raid) shortly before noon on
the 62nd of Summer(OOC: around 12am pst today), in which we will
attempt to win a teleportation stone from the Orga for trade with the
‘Brion brothers. All exiles are welcome to come and support our efforts.

We did not go through with the FMOCR today because we lacked the
necessary fighter and healer support. Likely we will have better luck
during the next fullmoon, which falls upon a better time than the past
two have.

Afterward, in town, there was a small disscussion between the
proponents and opponents of the trade with the ‘Brions. There were many
good points raised by both parties, as well as a handful of concerns. I
will strive to speak with the ‘Brions regarding these concerns, and
address them here on my scrolls.

Day 232, Year 547

I guess I haven’t been paying much attention to the calendar, because
the Chaos Storm today took me completely by surprise. So far I haven’t
noticed anything new besides a few renovated buildings.

In other news, I’ve now officially moved my webscrolls to this new location. My old scrolls at
will still be available for a while, as I move all of my old scrolls to
this new shelf space. I’ve already moved most of my scrolls here, and
they can be accessed via the “Navigation” bar on the left side of this

Day 229, Year 547

Hepta Promoted

Today the Journeyman Hepta advanced to the station of Full Mystic.
F’nom grudos, Hepta! This promotion is especially special since it is
the first Mystic promotion that has been held in recent years.
Hopefully Hepta will use her newfound powers for the benefit of the
Guild and the exile community. Norm has also written about Hepta’s
promotion on his webscrolls.

The entries for the Puddleby Pie Project can now be viewed on the following scroll.
There are a few great works of art, and the rest of the pieces are
quite amusing. If you donated money to the project, you can vote for
which piece you feel should be displayed in the museum, by sending a
letter to Prue via the Puddleby Post Office, box #1126.

Day 220, Year 547
Today, at my clan’s monthly clan meeting, we discussed having a joint-clan hunt with clan Open Hands in the near future, which sounds exciting. Afterwards, we decided to visit the Trainer’s Grotto in the Orga Outback,
with the help of Delirium, Rincewind, Thalion, Magnels, and Angela, but
we were forced to turn back in Hatred’s Hollow, when Thalion and Yazza
were fried past healing.

Day 219, Year 547

I just got back from a massive raid on the Orga, which nearly lasted a
whole day. It all started around 7:00pm last night, when large forces
of Orga moved into north and south East Field. The Orga forces
consisted of dozens of Orga Rages, Warlocks, and Furies, and we were
hard pressed to keep them at bay, since there were only a handful of us
in the lands at the time.

Eventually we defeated the Orga, but we were far from done yet.
While we had defeated the Orga that were near town, I sensed that there
was some sort of disturbance in the Orga Camp itself. A large party of
exiles soon set off for the Orga Camp, and we encountered hundreds of
Orga all over the Tanglewood, even in the usually safe Meadow.

After several hours of fighting, we were able to push the Orga
back all the way to the snell west of OC. This is where the Orga chose
to make their stand, and it was quite a stand, at that. I don’t think
I’ve ever seen a greater concentration of Orga before in a single
place. Wave after wave of attacks we made against the Orga, and each
time we just barely avoided being completely massacred.





Eventually though, more and more exiles arrived to aid us in our
battle against the Orga, and we slowly made progress. Under the
leadership of the fighter K’pyn, the fighters were organized into three
squads which attacked the Orga relentlessly, while a large group of
healers healed the wounded in the Meadow.

Finally, at around 1:30 in the afternoon today, we were able to
defeat the last of the Orga forces to west of Orga Camp, and by 3:30pm
we had taken the Orga Camp as well. A few exiles ventured into the
Snagglewood, but they did not discover any unusual activity. The rest
of us retired to town, exhausted from the nearly twenty-one hour long

There still remain many unanswered questions though. Why were
the orga massed in such great numbers? Could it be because we did not
obtain a stone during the last full moon? Also, during the raid, there
was a strange Orga that would push exiles out of the snell west of OC.
Was it being friendly, or was it just trying to clean up the mess?

View a Vision Stone from the raid, and decide for yourself.

Day 213, Year 547

Friendly Noid Today, Hrothgar and I investigated the Arachnoid Caverns in search of clues about the Dark Feelings
that some exiles get while visiting the cavern. We started by exploring
the west side of the cavern and worked our way east, leaving no rock
unchecked. We even tried speaking with some of the friendly Arachnoids,
but they didn’t offer us much information. One of the Arachnoids told
us that “The rocks will speak to some who listen, deep below,” but none
of the rocks seemed very talkative.

Afterwards, Hrothgar and I decided to explore the Deep Cavern,
with the aid of Sasha, Aughra, and Thorin. Upon entering, I sensed the
very dark feeling that we had come here for, but we didn’t get to
explore for long because all of us were soon felled by the powerful
Arachnoids. We ended up having to be rescued, and we left the caverns
without learning anything new. The dark feeling remains a mystery.

Day 210, Year 547

Sotrage Lockers
I’ve recently begun storing some of my belongings in the Storage
Lockers under Puddleby. I just have too much stuff now to be carrying
it all around in my pack.

For a while I was worried that the cost of storing my items
would be too expensive, but I’ve found that the storage prices are
actually quite reasonable. The storage workers only charge 10 coins per
item, per season, which is much less than my library fees.

However, if you neglect to pick up your items at the end of the
season, the storage workers will raffle off your unclaimed items. To
avoid any such trouble, I’ve paid for the storage of my items up until
the beginning of next year. Now I have space in my pack again!