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Day 22, Year 548

Costume Contest

The Feast of Tsrinn is winding down to a close, as the planets return to their normal places in the sky. Aravir, Azriel and Paramedic have written about some of the chaos brought about by the Feast of Tsrrin.

As for myself, I’ve been mostly hiding in the library, waiting for the
whole thing to blow over. I did, however, make a few treks out of the
library to collect some candy. This was my 3rd or 4th Feast of Tsrrin,
but I still had trouble finding the exiles who were passing out candy.
I scoured the entire northern farms, but came out with only a single
candy bar. I had better luck finding some other things, however.

Crawler Steals Crops

Day 6, Year 548

Lundar Shivers

It looks like the planets are beginning to align, as the Feast of Tsrrin
approaches. Who knows what dreadful things will happen this year when
the planets align? Already, some exiles are beginning to feel its

Day 3, Year 548

Gathering at Centaur

Today E’las Loth’mon Ferindril and Clan Hunter held a joint clan hunt
in the Dal’Noth Underground, which was a stunning success. The turnout
from both clans was great, and we had a combined party of nearly twenty

Rel’lim and I were chosen as the leaders for the hunt, and we
led the large party through the narrow passages of the Underground with
some difficulty. During our hunt, we visited the two main attractions
of the Dal’Noth Underground: the blocked passage and the Magical

Dal'Noth Tourist Attraction

The main purpose of our hunt was just to have fun and to get to know
new people from other clans, and I’d say we succeeded in both our
goals, and had some good hunting as well. We encountered dozens of
Tuz’Noths, Xar’Noths, Hel’Noths, Rippers, and Pallidews while exploring
the Dal’Noth Underground, and though we had a few close calls during
the hunt, our tough party was able to fend off everything that the
‘Noths threw at us.

After the hunt, ELF held its monthly clan meeting at the
campfire in the Myrm Highlands. We disccussed a lot of things at
today’s meeting, but perhaps the most important was that our clan
sister Kalle was able to recover from the injuries that she sustained
last moon. It is certainly a big relief to hear that she has regained
her health again. Afterward, Dierdre recited a very beautiful poem for

Dierdre Recites

Day 1, Year 548
Noi’fenbril Myrth’ian! Happy New Year everyone!

Day 357, Year 547

Anonymous Gamblers

Unfortunately, I seem to have spilled some ink all over the picture…

Day 348, Year 547

Oupost Opens!

Following the recent Chaos Storm, the much delayed Outpost in South
Forest(which has been in construction for nearly 6 years!) has finally
opened for business. Sorta. The first room of the Outpost is now
complete, but all of the other rooms are still not open yet. Ah well.

It’s still amazing that the Outpost is finally open after all
these years. Maybe the Abyss has frozen over as well? I’ll have to

Zorton has sent me the details of the Foothills expedition that I wrote about in my previous entry.
According to Zorton, the main purpose of the expedition was for Robin
Greyhawk to get a “mark” in the Foothills with his teleportation stone,
which he was successful in doing.

In the Foothills, the party noted an unusually high number of
Midnight Wendecka (perhaps because they are not being hunted as much),
but otherwise didn’t find anything new. The party ventured as far as
the Dred Wood, then headed back to town. Hopefully I’ll be able to
attend the next expedition to the Foothills.

Day 335, Year 547

Today I attended my clan’s monthly meeting, where we discussed several
issues pertaining to the clan. The most pressing issue that we spoke
about at today’s meeting was the apparent back injury that our clanmate
Kalle has suffered, which doesn’t seem to be healable by normal means.
I truly hope that we can find a way to help her soon.

After the meeting, we made a quick stop to the new cave located
near the South Forest Outpost, then headed to the savannah for some
hunting. After skinning the furs off of a few mahas, we decided to test
our strength against the undine in the secret cavern of Nacerus.

Undine Hordes

The undine in the cavern provided our small party with a pretty good
challenge. In the cavern we faced hordes of lesser undine like hooded
corpses and skeletals, as well as more powerful undine such as Wraiths
and Wailing Spirits. Several times we came close to being massacred,
but we managed to stay mostly on our feet, thanks in large part to
Dierdre’s long distance healing prowess.

Close Call

Afterwards, our party headed to the East T’rool Mines to rescue our
clanmate Anfyr, then proceeded to hunt in the mines before calling it a

Vol'Kin Spawn

All in all, it was a pretty exciting clan hunt, even though we
didn’t get massacred, as is clan tradition 😉 After the hunt, I was
invited to join an expedition to the foothills, but I was forced to
decline because of time constraints. I’ll try to post more information
about the expedition on my scrolls, as I find out how it turned out
from those who attended.

Day 326, Year 547

I wasn’t able to attend the last Full Moon Orga Camp Raid(FMOCR), but
according to the Mystic Zorton, it was a “text book” operation and a
stunning success. The Mystic Valtrim obtained the Stone from the raid,
and we now have 3 of the 6 Stones which we hope to trade with the
‘Brions. That means that we are now halfway there! Come to the next
FMOCR, and show your support for the trade!

Census(whom I wrote about a few days ago) has released a webscroll
containing information about his research into the makeup of the
Puddleby population. He’s also released some of the preliminary results
of his research on the newsgroup and been interviewed by Paramedic.

According to Census, I rank 141st out of about 1300 exiles, in terms of
time spent outside the library. It’s a little creepy to think that
there is an exile who knows so much about my activity, but at the same
time it’s interesting to see how much time other exiles are spending in
the lands.