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Day 285, Year 550

There seem to be a lot of new things cropping up in the lands lately,
and you can hardly keep your back turned before something new pops up.
Case in point: I was recently holed up in the library for a couple
days, and when I came out, the mirror in south forest had opened!…
well, sort of. It seems the mirror now leads to some mysterious dark
cloud up in the skies of Puddleby.

Today I got to take a look at this new cloud, along with my
clanmates from, ELF. First, however, we made a stop by the clan house
and inducted Nip the Warrior as a full-fledged member of our clan!
Welcome to the clan Nip!

Nip Joins ELF
Nip joins ELF!

Afterwards, we headed into a twinkling portal in Falinea’s Garden
and into the enchanted cloud. The inside of the cloud is mostly forest,
with a group of mountains to the east. The forests are quite dangerous,
with maha ruknees and summer artaks in great abundance. The mountain
passes are inhabited by wendeckas, with snow ferals and polar bears at
higher elevations.

Hunting mahas

Polar Bears
Polar bear chow

The suface of the cloud is quite big, and spans rougly 20 snells.
Rescues on the cloud can be quite tricky, as there is something strange
about the geography of the cloud which plays havok with the skristal.
Luckily, the explorer Sagramor has created a map of the cloud, which
can be found here here for exiles who may find themselves lost.

One word of warning to anyone thinking about visiting the cloud.
Walking off the edge of the cloud can be extremely dangerous, and is
not recommended by the Thoomcare Surgeon General. Careless exiles may
suddenly find themselves lying in a smoking crater in the landmass

Edge of the World
The Edge of the World

Day 221, Year 550

The portal to the Ethereal Plane, which the ‘Brions agreed to build as part of the trade
for six teleportation stones, is now apparently complete. The portal
resides in a hut which is located in the northeast corner of the island
which the ‘Brions have created.

Ethereal Portal
The Ethereal Portal

The portal leads to a semi-protected enclosure on the fourth sphere
of the Ethereal Plane as promised. However, the portal does not appear
to be two-way as expected. While this doesn’t pose too much of a
problem if the portal is used in conjunction with a portal stone,
hopefully this matter can still be resolved with the ‘Brions.

Melabrion has begun distribution of the seven portal keys to
the Mystics who helped secure the trade. Once all of the keys have been
received, we will decide how best to distribute them to responsible

Day 199, Year 550

I just got back from a clan meeting, followed by a frantic bout of
hunting in the Vermine Tree, Jade Noids, Savannah, and TGBG. It was a
good hunt, there’s not much more to say.

Vermine Tree
Gathering outside the Vermine Tree

More vermine than you can shake a stick at!

Willow Giant
Bringing down a Willow Giant

Day 198, Year 550

Today I got to take a peek at the new arachnoid cave which was recently
discovered in the Marsh, which is coming to be known as the “Jade
Noids”(no word yet on what Jade is making of all this). The entrance to
Jade Noids can be found near the Meshra Lair, and leads to a long
sloping tunnel which opens into to the main cavern.

Jade Noids
A swarm of Jade arachnoids

The only inhabitants of the cave appear to be the Jade
arachnoids, which are much tougher than regular green noids, but
slightly weaker than Olive arachnoids. Rescues to the Jade Noids seemed
to be taking place non-stop all day, so if you haven’t had a chance to
visit the cave yet, it should be a cinch to tag along with a rescue

Day 171, Year 550

Mai! It certainly has been a long time since I last wrote in my
journal. I’ve finished all of the exams required of me by my teachers,
but it seems that I still have a lot of work to do! Luckily, today I
got to take a break from my studies to attend my clan’s monthly

The meeting today was pretty brief, and afterwards we all
decided to go hunting. Our first stop was Gerag’s old cave in East
Forest for some slime hunting. We were a little short on fighters, but
we still managed to hunt the slimes without too much trouble.

Fighting Slimes
Slimey battle

Afterwards, we headed to the ‘Noids cavern for some coin
hunting, where Vequalir’s mandible recovery skills really came in
handy. Our clan is currently saving up coins so we can all upgrade to
the new sunstones, and we made quite a few of them hunting in ‘Noids.

Ruined Mandible
Ruined mandibles

By the end of the hunt we had ammassed nearly 600 coins for our clan coffers! All in all, it was a successful hunt!