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Day 269, Year 548

Swamp Ferals
WAY too many Swamp Ferals

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Day 208, Year 548

I’ve been pretty busy with my studies lately, and I haven’t been out of
the library as often as I would like. I was, however, able to take a
brief respite from my studies a few days ago, to attend my clan’s
monthly meeting.

ELF Meeting
Gathering ’round the fire

We had a good turnout this meeting, and we went over our usual
business, as well as our work on the updated sylvan Lexicon. We decided
to stop assigning “homework” at each meeting until we have all of the
current words compiled on a webscroll.

Also at the meeting, Anfyr introduced us to her younger brother
Dar’floh, who has just recently arrived in Puddleby. After the meeting,
Dar’floh joined our clan as a new Hopeful.

Dar'floh Joins Prentis
Dar’floh becomes a Hopeful!

Afterwards, it was time to go hunting! Since we had a pretty mixed
group of both experienced and inexperienced exiles, we decided to go
hunting in a number of mid range areas.

The first place that we visited was the Rocky Cavern, where we
were greeted with quite a treat– three Blood Wyrms right by the

3 Blood Wyrms
3 tasty wyrms!

Luckily for us, Xepel, who is a ledger holder in Detha, was easily
able to brick the three wyrms, and we vanquished the wyrms with little
difficulty. Afterwards, we dispatched several of the wyrms’ grey
skinned cousins, and headed to the Northern Plains for some more

We found a number of cats wandering around in the Plains, and
we were able to collect a bunch of nice furs. After we cleared the
Plains, we headed to the Chameleopod Forest for a fun and challenging

Chameleopod Forest
Hunting for some ‘Pods

After hunting in the Chameleopod Forest, most of my clanmates had to
leave, so we headed back to town. However, on the way back, a few of us
decided to check the Rocky Cavern again, to see if we could find any
more wyrms. To our surprise and delight, we encountered a rare Sun

Sun Wyrm
Battling the Sun Wyrm

The Sun Wyrm gave us quite a challenge, but Xepel was able to hold
it with the aid of Vequalir and Mazuian, and Fleming was able to
whittle it down with his incredible Atkus. We were finally able to
bring down the Sun Wyrm after a few minutes, and not a moment too soon,
for we were soon struck by a powerful earthquake.

Afterwards, we made a quick run through the passes, then
returned to town. All in all it was a pretty exciting hunt, and we were
even able to avoid our usual Mil’asanti!

Day 175, Year 548

Every student loves to hate the tiresome chore known as “homework”, and apparently the same holds true for my clanmates as well.

Today, at E’las Loth’mon Ferindril’s monthly meeting, we had a pretty
good turnout, but most of those present did not finish their homework
from last moon. What a bunch of lazy sylvans we are 😉

Still, a few of us did manage to finish our assignments, and we
now have words for “memory”, “invasion”, and “holy” among others(that’s
munin, agresatin, and kahshah, respectively).

Also at the meeting, Marko became a full-fledged member of our clan. Welcome to the clan, Marko!

Marko Bows
Marko joins ELF!

Afterwards, most of my clan mates had to leave, so we didn’t go
hunting this moon. Instead, those of us that were left decided to do
some studying in the library, and finish our homework early.

Studying in the Library
Studying in the Library

Studying together proved to be very helpful for us, and we
quickly came up with a list of new sylvan words for the lexicon. I just
hope that the rest of my clanmates take a similar initiative to do
their homework as well!

Day 155, Year 548

I’ve heard from friends that there was recently an Orga invasion during
which the Orga were able to occupy the East Field for quite some time.
I also heard that there were were a large number of Orga in the
Tanglewood as well, with nearly 7 Orga Walocks in the Meadow.

I wasn’t present for the Orga Invasion itself, but I did run
across an injured Orga Frenzy near the campfire in East Forest. It took
quite a few people to finally bring the Frenzy down.

In other news, I have topped Gubara’s listing of Puddleby’s most reviled exiles. Woo!

Gubara Report

Day 147, Year 548

Selan Joins Prentis
Selan joins Prentis’mon Ferindril!

Today at my clan meeting we inducted two new members, Selan as a
hopeful and Nyt’Shade as a full fledged member. Welcome to the clan you

We also turned in our ‘homework’ assignments from last meeting,
which was to translate several words from common to Ilsardinish. We now
have several new words in the sylvan dictionary including “epir”(rat),
“cupra”(metal) and “ol’myrth”(friend). These and other new words will
soon be found on the ELF scrolls.

After the meeting, it was time for some good old fashioned ELF
hunting! For our destination we chose the Eastern T’rool Mines where we
hunted for t’rools and ore. We didn’t find any ore, but we did find
lots of good hunting– perhaps too much.

While hunting in the mines, we encountered a pair of Mildews,
and I thought that it would be fun to “evolve” them, by falling to one.
Bad idea. The ‘dew evolved instantly into a Grandew and we were hit by
a sudden spawn of Ko’Kins that felled Firebird, our only healer. In
short order we were in trouble.

Uh oh...
Uh oh…


Luckily, a large rescue party arrived, and got us back on our feet.
The moral of the story: don’t mess around with deadly fungi!

Firebird's Lesson