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Day 265, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

Ann GM appeared today in the fairgrounds, and listened to the many
comments and questions of us exiles. Some of the topics covered today:
4th circle+ tests for fighters and healers, gems that imbue items with
abilities, the court system, and the current demo area, Agratis. (Read
the full edited transcript here.)
In other news, there seems to be a sudden wave of new exiles, who all
seem to hail from some sort of Dream World(Alchera, I think they call
it). It seems that their Dream World recently collapsed, so a few of
them were able to flee Puddleby. There seem to be more refugees
arriving daily, and I am sure everyone is overjoyed at the new influx
of exiles.

Day 261, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

Today was my clan’s Dun’ilsar against the Lords of Wamphyrii, and of
course I had the misfortune of arriving late. Agh. I was forced to wait
in the Purple Tor, while the rest of clan mates busily hunted critters
for their furs, trying to outdo LoW in the 2 hours and 15 minutes
alloted for the money hunt. Finally, the judge Sarmanikan announced
that the challenge was over, and the contestants from both clans
arrived in the Purple Tor. The money from the clans was totaled up by
Sarmanikan, and after a dramatic pause, he announced the winners of the
contest: The Lords of Wamphyrii. Double agh.

After the contest, LoW provided everyone with some
pretzels, and we all congradulated each other on the fine contest. Most
of the members from both clans had to head off, but a few of us
remained, and decided to hunt in the bear caves.


Day 248, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

I stepped out of the library today, after putting some finishing touches on my journal
of the Foot Hills expedition, and found quite an amazing sight. There
was a congregation of mystics in town! There was an assorted number of
Journeymen and Apprentices, not to mention three full Mystics. Our
Guild really seems to be expanding! I was quite concerned that this
mystical presence would cut into my own business, but I needn’t have
worried at all. The momment I sat myself down, I received numerous
requests to let people into Dal’Noth. I happily obliged, and then my
real adventures began.


Day 244, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

The long awaited Chaos Storm has arrived in the lands at last, and the
Foot Hills exploration party was finally able to return to Puddleby. I
can’t say how good it feels to be finally back in town again! It is
really is quite amazing how much one can miss our little mud puddle
infested domicile. My diary
detailing our adventures in the Foot Hills is almost complete, and I
hope to have it finished in another day or so. Anyway, our whole party
was happy to be back, but of course we couldn’t stand around
reminiscing forever. We had to spend all our hard earned money!


Day 234, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

Well, I’ve now been camped near the foothills for over a week now, and
it has been quite an experience. The first two days of the expedition
were spent mostly on exploration, plumbing the depths of the foothills,
searching for something new(though thus far we have come up
empty-handed). The rest of the week, we have spent our time almost
exclusively on hunting(or rank whoring, as some would call it), and it
has been very, very profitable. Though we have no library here by the
foothills, I have already made twice the number of breakthroughs as I
otherwise would have in the library back at home. And the valuable furs
from the many varieties of wendeka that reside here in the foothills
have made me very wealthy.

Currently, I am resting within the safe cave of
Katpus, which has come to be our home and base of operations in these
past few days. Right now I am just relaxing in front of a fire with a
few friends, working on my scrolls, and going outside to whack the
occasional BRO here and there. I’ve been keeping a journal or sorts
these past couple weeks, and I write in it tales of my adventures in
Dred Passage and beyond. Yi can find a copy of the journal here, and I’ll update it every now and then, when I have the time.

Day 229, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

H’loi all. I write this to you not from the comfortable setting of
Puddleby’s fine libraries, but from a cramped cave, near the north
eastern foothills. Currently, there are about thirty or so exiles
sprawled about the cave, resting from the day’s rigorus adventures, and
another twenty or so are exploring the mysteries of the foothills. This
is the third day I have stayed away from Puddleby; the last two days I
spent huddled up in a dank cave before the Dred Passage, and the last
thirty or so hours, I have spent hunting and exploring the foothills.
As you might have guessed, I am dreadfully tired, and I am literaly
falling asleep on my feet, so I will give a full report of my
adventures at a later time. ‘Til we meet again…

Day 224, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

Today I had the opportunity to hunt with my clan mates in the Savanah,
which ended up turning into a massacre. It all started when I met my
clan mates Tonle and Firebird in town, and we decided to hunt in the
Savanah. We headed into the Marsh, and promptly got lost(a good bunch
of pathfinders we are). However, with the guidance of the wise
Firebird, we eventually made it into the Savanah. However, we were soon
faced with another problem.


Day 220, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

Today, as I stepped out of the library, I sensed that my clan mate
Firebird was fallen. A quick toggle from him sent me fumbling for my
skristal, and I had soon pin-pointed his location. Firebird was fallen
on Tenebrion’s Isle. Mai knows that island is a death-trap, but
somehow, Firebird had managed to fall there. I ssed for help, but no
one seemed particularly interested, so I decided to go to him myself,
at least to clear some rats. So I hopped on a boat, and paddled my way
to Tenebrion’s Isle. As my boat hit the shore, another boat landed next
to mine. A young sylvan woman stepped, who turned out to be Shalyn, the
twin sister of Anfyr. Together, we began our search for Firebird.


Day 173, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

Every four years there is a period of Chaos, which surpasses even that
of the monthly Chaos Storms. I’ve wisely weathered out the previous
periods of Chaos in the library, but this year, I just happened to step
out of the library at the wrong time, and got caught up in the Chaos.
Strage things were aplenty: moving rifts in space, men made of metal,
who shot lightning from their fingertips, little halflings, with an
appetite for blood, black knights, sorcerors, crotchy old men, lions,
wizards, and so much more. It would be difficult indeed for me to
explain all that has transpired in the past few days, so instead, I
have created a Mural of some the strange happenings. Enjoy!