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I stepped out of the library today, and was surprised to find that the Rebels still occupied Puddleby. Luckily, the invasion would not last much longer.
Several hours into the fighting, the pirate Stinkfist came up with an idea to slay the Rebel General Issimo. It turned out that Stinkfist had been in contact with the General all along, having been the one who sold the rebels their boats in the first place!


I was expecting to attend a barding class taught by Coriakin today, but I ended up being caught up in an invasion instead. The moment I stepped out of the library I was surrounded by a group of rebel soldiers, and was felled before I knew what was happening.
It seems that General Issimo of Tenebrions’s Island launched an attack on Puddleby in retaliation for Phineas claiming TI for his own. Now there are countless rebel troops in Puddleby, and the town is completely overrun. The surviving exiles have been holed up in the Temple and the Healer’s Hall, trying to repulse the enemy.
So far there have been more than five waves of enemies, and their engineers have constructed walls around the town of Puddleby. Worse, the enemy soldiers are beginning to look for a way into the Puddleby underground. Where are all these soldiers coming from?? Someone help me!

I finally got the chance today to speak with Harper, the Dean of the University of Puddleby, and registered as a full-time student. The tuition is 150 coins, a bit steep for a mystic’s budget, but with over 50 courses offered, I think it’s well worth it.
After I payed my dues, Harper presented me with a pair of keys to the University, and she was kind enough to give me a guided tour. This is a sketch of me posing by “Fluffy”, the University mascot: