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Day 286, Year 540 of the Ascendancy

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last sketch! I’d studied in the
library for damned near four months in a row, and today I finally
decided to take a break from my studies(ooc: my account expired :p).
Anyway, there is much new in the lands, and I’ve lots to catch up on.
While I holed myself up in the library, some bright exile came up with
the idea of a skybox, a really quite useful tool for viewing dangerous
contests such as Arena and Coliseum contests. Also, the Town Meeting
House is now open, and ready for business, though they do charge a
rather exorbitant fee. Meanwhile, the T’rool Outpost still remains
closed, probably due to the constant T’rool invasions that have been
ravaging the area lately. Hopefully it will be completed soon!

Day 164, Year 540 of the Ascendancy

Well, my studies continue, and my training is coming along quite
nicely; I am actually ahead of my schedule. Now it’ll only take three
more years before I can get a training ledger… Anyway, today there
was quite a large Darshak invasion, with many of the dreaded “elite”
Darshak present. Luckily for Puddleby, there was a large number of
exiles present as well, and we were able to defeat the ‘Shaks pretty
swiftly. Good job guys, and happy new year all!