Archive for March, 2001

Day 164, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

I’ve been hearing rumors lately that there have been some new
developements in the Crater area of Devil’s Isle, so I decided it was
about time to head back inside. The first thing I needed was a party.
My clan mate Lark was in the lands, and she joined the party, and I
also recruited Madcat, Shadowmist, and Ippon. I decided that this would
be enough, and headed for the docks. However, by the time my party had
reached the docks, it had grown to seven members. We all landed on the
north side of Devil’s Island, and headed for the McBolie Caverns.
Luckily for us, Ippon was able to open the path, and we all headed into
the darkness. We were all almost immediately lost, and somehow, the
group had swelled to thirteen.


Day 148, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

As I meditated in the Puddleby Monastery today, I heard over the
sunstone that there was some sort of “blue sparkling orga” in the North
Field. I quickly got off my butt, and headed north to see what the fuss
was about. As it turned out, there was an Orga Zealot in N Field, along
with several Berserk companions. Poor Nugget was felled, and
transported to the Orga Village, and forced to depart. Luckily for the
rest of us, help soon arrived, and the orga were swiftly dispatched.
Then, seemingly out of nowhere, several Orga Rages appeared, along with
several more Zealots. These too we dispatched with little difficulty,
but little did know that the orga were not done yet.

Several hours after the first Orga Zealot was
spotted, more orga arrived, this time in town, and Town Center was
quickly overrun by an army of Rages, Zealots, and Warriors. We managed
to defeat these foes, but yet more orga arrived from the east of town.
It was quite a battle, and we were barely able to fend off the orga
with the 20 or so exiles present in town. Perhaps this is a prelude to
a bigger invasion? Perhaps the Orga Magician is tired of exiles
stealing his stones? Or perhaps the orga are trying to keep us away
from the recently discovered Foothills, and Trillbane’s Library?

Day 146, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

Today was my clan’s monthly meeting, and Fleming finally returned to
the lands, after months of solitary exploration. Also, the hopeful Nick
was finally inducted into our clan as a full member, and after the
meeting we decided to hunt on Dal’Noth. The hunt went quite smoothly
for sometime, until some of our clan mates had to leave, at which point
we combined our forces with another ‘Noth party to form quite an unruly
mob. We vanquished three Xar’Noths, and many, many Pallidews, and all
went home quite wealthy.

Day 132, Year 541 of the Ascendancy

The 173rd recorded Chaos Storm has graced our isle, and so far I’ve yet
to run across anything new. However, I have heard rumors that the
illusions of Umbrion’s Isle have weakened to the point where exiles can
now enter his isle, though I’m not sure why anyone would want to.
Anyhow, today I went hunting in the South Forest with my clan mate
Cugel(who is quite sturdy for a 2nd circle fighter) and the Tan
halfling Mighty One. We hunted mostly for furs, though we did stop by
the T’rool Mines to look for ore. We also checked up on the T’rool
Outpost, but it still remains closed while the workers fix up the
interior. We were rather disapointed, but Mighty One noticed a hidden
tunnel behind a clump of trees that the dwarf Fenden was cutting down.

Perhaps this mysterious tunnel is a branch of one
of Puddleby’s own tunnels, which the dwarfs seem to be spending a lot
of time on lately. Or perhaps the tunnel is the work of the T’rools,
intent on sabotaging our Outpost. Hopefully the constuction workers
know what they are doing!