I’m Alive!

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Sombdi, day 52 of Spring, 622

Apparently, I have been stuck in the library for a very, very long time. I may try to poke my head out of the books more in the future!

Clan Lord Library Stay

Almost 28 years, and I haven’t finished all the books yet!

Lundi, day 34 of Summer, 594

It has been literally years since I have witnessed a mystic promotion (the last one I was present for was when Salazar was promoted), but today I got to witness the promotion of the Journeyman Lily Fren to the station of Full Mystic.

There were quite a few Mystics present at the ceremony, and with Lily promoted there were a total of 10 Full Mystics in the lands, which may be some sort of record. Of course, the only way to celebrate such as occasion was with the customary beer and ale kegs in Town Center.

Lily Fren is granted the title of Full Mystic

Lily Fren is granted the title of Full Mystic

Exploring the East

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Fordi, day 79 of Spring, 594

Made it out of the library for the first time in many, many moons today. Much has changed and much remains the same.

I had barely stepped out of the library to stretch my legs when Harper contacted me, and excitedly told me about some recent discoveries surrounding the Cloud and the new lands discovered to the East. I joined her on the Cloud, where she tried to explain to me about runes and markings, which truly mystified me.

After filling me on the details, we decided to take some time to explore the Cloud to see if there were any illusions or secrets that had yet to be discovered. We were joined by Valtrim and the Journeyman Whirl Wind, for an all-mystic exploratory party that didn’t get very far very fast.

Eventually, Baffina joined our party and we were able to explore the Cloud in earnest. Although we didn’t discover anything new, I did get to visit a few places I had not see before.

Afterward, we decided to take a plunge from the cloud and explore the new Eastern village. This, predictably, did not go well, and a rescue effort ensued led by Elenis Reyav and a half dozen top-notch fighters and healers. Eventually we were all rescued and were able to explore the village a bit, before heading back home.

Rescued from the Eastern Village

Rescued from the Eastern Village

It’s been ages since I’ve explored any new areas, so it was an enlightening trip, although the mysteries of the new Eastern lands still elude me.

Posing in a Hidden Temple

Posing in a Hidden Temple

New Scrolls!

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Pile of Scrolls

I’m happy to announce that 3 new scrolls have been added to Puddleby.com: Feodoric’s Files, Diotima’s Garden, and The Chicken’s Roost. As a long time scribe myself, it is a pleasure to see all these exiles sharing their knowledge and creativity through webscrolls!

If you would like a scroll hosted at Puddleby.com, just contact me, and I will be happy to set you up with shelf space of your own.

Puddleby by Thea Wilcox

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I came across this book buried deep in the library. I’ve not had a chance to read it yet, but it appears to be a children’s book about a magical horse. Most interesting.

Puddleby by Thea Wilcox

Puddleby by Thea Wilcox

Merdi, day 78 of Winter, 582

Congratulations to Salazar, who was recognized as a full Mystic today! It’s hard to believe, but it’s been years since the last big promotion! Time flies when you’re in the library, I guess.

There was plenty of booze on hand for the celebration in town afterwards, including a barrel of my favorite Brambleberry beer! Congratulations to Salazar on his well deserved promotion!

Salazar Promotion

Post promotion celebrations

(More sketches of the celebration over at Ansset’s Annexe)

New Webscroll

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It looks like Ansset has finally made use of the shelf space I lent him, and created his very own webscroll called Ansset’s Annexe. Go and check it out, Ansset is one of the most adventurous mystics in the lands these days, and he’s put together some pretty nifty scrolls.

Ansset's Annexe

Ansset's new scrolls


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Town Center Bon Fire

A light among the puddles

Looks like someone’s built a nice little bonfire in the middle of TC. I like it. Reminds of having meetings around the old campfire with my clanmates.

Green Puddleby

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Sombdi, day 4 of Autumn, 578

Looks like some good has come of the recent plant invasion and subsequent truce with nature caused by the paved road to the University. There’s a lot more foliage now in Town Center and around Puddleby, giving town a much more foresty feel. There are even plans to redecorate town with some of the cobbles taken from the road.

I really like all the new plants, and think it’s a huge improvement. There hasn’t been this much new greenery in town since Johnny Treeseed visited Puddleby, many years ago.

Grassy Town Center

Grassy Town Center

Grassy Temple

Grassy Temple

Grassy Hut

Grassy Hut

Plant Invasion

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Merdi, day 8 of Summer, 578

I’ve seen many strange invasions in the more than four decades I’ve lived in Puddleby (my, how time flies!), but none quite so strange as the one I saw today. Apparently, many forest creatures aren’t too happy with the new road to UoP that was built recently (and I can’t blame them– I’m not too thrilled with it either).

Anyway, the forest actually decided to do something about it, leading to Puddleby’s first kudzu invasion. The usual muddy streets of Puddleby were filled end to end with kudzu, making it nearly impossible to move. The kudzu were aided by patches of Corsica, which are especially deadly when you’re immobile, as well as Tree Giants and packs of foxweirs.

Eventually, the townsfolk were able to push the forest creatures back, and started clearing the road to UoP, which was completely covered in kudzu. I tagged along, planting a few seedlings along the way (they actually look rather nice on the side of the road).

Kudzu Road

Follow the kudzu-covered road

The invasion culminated in a big battle in front of the University, where exiles were finally able to overwhelm the forest. There were a few more waves of plants in town, and one kudzu even made some half-hearted attempts at negotiating with exiles, but eventually they ended up being smoked by the pirate, Stinkfist.

Jaqen Negotiates Kudzu

Jaqen: Kudzu Negotiator

So it looks like the ugly road to the University is here to stay. The only question that remains is: what are we going to do with all this mulch?

Kudzu Town Center Puddleby

The last of the kudzu invaders