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Day 151, Year 549

The Lar Shardik or Feast Hunt was held today, with much success. 18
valiant hunters showed up for the Hunt, and were split up into three
competing teams. Each team was tasked to hunt for a Feral, Starbuck,
Brown Bear, Shredder, and Blood Hawk for the upcomming Feast. The team
that returned first with all of the creatures would be declared the
winner, and win a piece of metal for each member of the team.

Feast Hunt
Gathered for the Hunt

The teams were picked by the three “team captains”– Yazza, Twilth,
and Dagiris, who picked their teammates from the assembled hunters.
Once the teams were settled, they were given a few minutes to come up
with a plan, and then the contest was begun!

I was the judge for the event, so I didn’t get to see any of
the action, but from what I heard the teams had the most difficulty
finding a Blood Hawk, which I found surprising– they never seem to
have trouble finding me!

Gathered Beasts
The Feast Hunt draws to a close

In the end, the contest was very close with Dagiris’ and Twilth’s
team coming in within minutes of each other. However, it was Dagiris,
Carravaggio, Emer, Wilt, and Vequalir who won the Feat Hunt contest.
Afterwards, we all took the meat to the river to be washed, and salted
and dried it in preparation for the Feast.

Cleaning the Beasts
Cleaning the day’s catch

Thus the Feast Hunt was a great success, and I hope that everyone
will be coming to the Flower Ball this upcomming Sombi(Sunday) to enjoy
the feast.

The only thing that bothered me about the Hunt was that the
troublemakers Wilt and Ebonheart decided to participate. However, it is
not customary of sylvans to turn away a hunter from the Lar Shardik,
even one’s own enemies, so they were allowed to compete. Hopefully Wilt
will use his new piece of metal to do good, and not harm to the exiles
of Puddleby.

Day 146, Year 549

There are a number of exciting events coming up as part of A’viva Fen’bril, the Spring Festival being hosted by E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, so I would like to give a brief overview of the events that are coming up in the next few days.

Feast Hunt(Friday 7pm PST)

This upcomming Sombdi we will be holding a Lar Shardik, or Feast Hunt,
in preparation for the banquet at the Flower Ball. At the start of the
Lar Shardik, the hunters will be split up into several teams which will
then compete against each other to see who can return first with the
hunt’s bounty. We will be meeting at the campfire near the Myrm
Highlands around noon, and begin the hunt shortly after.

Feast Hunt

Dance Lessons(Saturday 11:30am PST)

On Merdi we will be offering free dance lessons in the Bard’s
Field. This is a good chance to learn some dancing skills before the
Flower Ball. Several members of ELF will be there to teach several
traditional and contemporary dance steps. No experience necessary!
Refreshments will be served after the dance session.

Dance Lessons

Flower Ball(Sunday 2pm PST)

On the following Sombdi will be the main event: the Flower Ball!
The Flower Ball will be the climax to the A’viva Fen’bril, and there
will be lots of great food, music, and entertainment. There will also
be a lot of dancing, so be sure to bring a date! Come and dance the
night away with us! Attendees are encouraged to wear a colorful top and
green pants to symbolize flowers, or a green top and brown pants to
symbolize trees.

Flower Ball

And that’s a brief roundup of the events that will be a part of the
A’viva Fen’bril Spring Festival. For more details, visit the A’viva
Fen’bril webscrolls:


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Day 136, Year 549
Museum Token
The Wishbone

I ran across this Wishbone today while wandering in the East Forest
with my clanmate Dar’floh. Unfortunately, it was too high up in the
branches for either of us to reach.

I am putting up for sale a rare Museum Space Token! This token is a
very special item which can be used to reserve a permanent spot in the
Puddleby Museum. This is a very rare item which is presently almost
impossible to obtain.

Museum Token
The Museum Token

With this token you can display your artwork for all to see, or
create a permanent tribute for yourself or your clan. It also makes a
wonderful gift! I only have one token for sale, so get it while
supplies last!

My asking price for the token is 20,000 coppers, but I am willing to negotiate that price, so please contact me at or at P.O. Box #1204 if you are interested.

Day 130, Year 549

The Grand Tournament was held in the Arena today, as the first part of the Sylvan Spring Festival. Unfortunately, I was stuck in the library for most of the contest, but I did manage to make it to the last few events.

The Grand Tournament
The Tournament in full swing

The Tournament consisted of three main events: the Grand Melee(free for
all), the Pair Combat(2 vs 2), and the Squire challenge(1 on 1 combat
for those below Lord status).

The first contest, the Grand Melee, was a contest of the dorfs.
After only a few minutes of fighting, there remained only 4 fighters
out of the more than 20 original combatants: Charlos, Haze, Gorvin, and Torin. After the dust had settled, Gorvin remained the last one standing.

Sketch coutesy Yazza
Battle of the Dorfs

Gorvin went on to win another event when he teamed up with Haze to defeat Klur and Reye in the Pair Combat competition. And in the Squire’s Challenge, Manquilor defeated Aia in the final round of fighting.

Overall the Tournament was a great success, and I’d like to thank the
more than 50 exiles who took part as either spectators or combatants.
We still have a number of events coming up, including the Feast Hunt, Dancing Lessons, and the Floral Ball, so please come and celebrate the Spring season with us! For dates and times, check out the Spring Festival Scroll.

Spring Festival!

Day 123, Year 549

E’las Loth’mon Ferindril is bringing to Puddleby the A’viva Fen’bril, a
traditional sylvan Spring Festival, and all are invited to attend!
Visit for the full details.

A'viva Fen'bril

Day 120, Year 549

I’ve just returned from a long and exhausting Foothills expedition,
which had mixed results. The expedition was led by Gurgi, and we headed
for the newly discovered cavern in the Malachite Lair.

Our party set off from the Meadow early yesterday morning, and
was able to make it through the Orga Outback and Foothills with little
difficulty. We did have one close call near the entrance of the
Malachite Lair, but other than that the trip was uneventful.

Malachite Trouble
The Malachite Arachnoids protect their Lair

Once we reached the ladder leading down into the newly
discovered cave(also known as the Pitch Pit), it was time for a little
strategy. We used a simple plan devised by Elenis Reyav: first, a
runner would enter the pit, clearing the entrance of ‘Noids. Second, a
group of pathfinders would rush to the library containing Giayl’s Guide to Hidden Ways. Finally, the rest of the group would enter, and attempt to clear the cavern.

For our purposes, Sor was chosen as the runner, and he did a
magnificent job of leading the ‘noids away from the entrance. Next, we
had to put together a group of pathfinders, but since nearly our entire
party was comprised of pathfinders, we decided to send in a small
initial group first, consisting of Olmy, Luther, Kiriel, Wormtounge,
Alchemist, and Elenis.

Miraculously, the entire first group managed to make it to the
library in one piece. With step two of the plan a success, the fighters
set about trying to clear the Pitch Pit, while I and the rest of the
pathfinders waited for our chance to make a run for the library.
Unfortunately, there was no second run.

Fallen in the Pitch Pit
Webbed to death

The Pitch Pit proved to be too tough for even our most powerful
fighters to handle. The next several hours were spent chaining fallens
out of the Pit, and making several futile attempts at clearing the
cavern of Arachnoids. By midnight, most of our party lay fallen in the
cavern, or were too fallen for our healers to heal.

Several of the remaing members made a suicide attempt at
reaching the library, and Praetorius actually managed to make it
inside, but the rest all failed in the attempt. A last few brave and
desparate chain attempts were made as well, but these too were

Fallen Rescuers
Fallen rescuers

In the end, most of us ended up departing, though a few managed
to make it out of the Malachite Cavern, and are now waiting for rescue
in the Orga Village.

Our expedition was a least somewhat successful since we managed
to get many of our pathfinders to study from Giayl’s tome, but I am
still very disapointed that I was unable to receive any of the advanced
instruction myself. Hopefully we will all get a chance to study from
Giayl’s book at the next expedition.

Day 111, Year 549

I’ve uploaded a few more transcripts of conversations with Kiril Drakesblood:

Tigger yells, “Kiril…your shaks down are are saying naughty things about you, you should KILL them!”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “What?!”
Tigger says, “It’s true.”
Tigger asks, “You guys all heard right?”
Kiril Drakesblood asks, “Which of you did that?”
Tigger exclaims, “That guy RIGHT THERE!”
(Sensi giggles)
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Then they will die.”
Lundar says, “If yi push us west, we’ll tell yi where Polerand lives”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “That hardly matters now.”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Once I control town I’ll be able to open the vault anytime.”
Tigger says, “And that swarthy fellow over there said you play poker with Ankrus on the weekends.”
Kiril Drakesblood asks, “Who be that?”
Tigger says, “One of our elders.”
Tigger says, “A human, no less.”
Tigger says, “I mean you should be insulted.”
Kiril Drakesblood asks, “An elder? Does he have coins then?”
Tigger says, “And that guy wearing the olive said he’s gonna cut yer throat and keep the 50k himself.”
Tigger says, “And uh this rat here sqeaked at you, you should lop its little head off right now.”
(Kiril Drakesblood laughs.)
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Ye should learn something, me lads.”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “And lasses.”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “The smaller a lie, the more believable.”
Lundar says, “That rats pretty small”
(Kiril Drakesblood grins.)

Kiril Drakesblood starts dragging you.
Lundar says, “erm”
(Topaz tries to bite through the chain)
Tigger exclaims, “Git yer filthy mitts off me Drakeblood!”
Lundar says, “hostages”
Sensi says, “hmm. wonder what she’s up to”
Tara yells, “no muffin wuv for you !”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “I’ve been warned about yer muffins.”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Ye didn’t want ta be me subjects.”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “Now we see if ye’ll serve as me wall!”

Sensi says, “what if we did pay”
Tigger says, “Yeah we’ll pay you uh…next week.”
(Indigo glares coldly.)
Indigo says, “the people will not bow to this bribery.”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “I knew ye’d never pay me ransom.”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Although I did hear o’ one group considerin’ it…”
(Kiril Drakesblood smiles thinly.)
Tigger says, “pfft…the mistix.”
Tigger says, “Mistix are trained in deception, even we know that.”

Mjollnir says, “we wont be rescued until they come to reclaim east town”
Mjollnir says, “and when they do that they’ll wipe the floor with your troops”
Mjollnir says, “hell you outnumber us 5 to one and you still cant beat us”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Better ta die in honor than ta grovel.”
Mjollnir asks, “who’se grovaling?”
Indigo says, “I think she speaks for herself.”

Mjollnir says, “you’re getting lax kiril and letting the rats in”
Mjollnir says, “rat”
Mjollnir says, “go on Kiril fetch”
(Kiril Drakesblood spits at the rat.)

Indigo says, “Kiril… perhaps if you told us something very useful, we would call off our friends.”
Kiril Drakesblood yells, “Curses on Necro! Never trust anyone whose feet don’t touch the ground!”
Indigo says, “You know they will come for you and end this.”
Amberdrake says, “you know we’ll never lose”
Kiril Drakesblood asks, “Ye think they will, eh?”
Kiril Drakesblood asks, “And what choice do I have?”
Mjollnir says, “you could pack up and go home no more said”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “Har!”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “A cowards suggestion!”
Indigo says, “I have a few thousand coins to offer.”
Indigo says, “If you tell us where and how we can make explosives.”
Indigo says, “You could disappear. You are cunning that way.”
(Indigo tries to look sincere.)
Tigger says, “Your choice Kiril, just don’t expect any mercy when the time comes.”
Indigo says, “yei.”
Mjollnir says, “first we’ll destroy your army then we’ll destroy you”
Kiril Drakesblood asks, “Ye all talk big, but ye see how long ittakes fer yer townsfolk ta come help yes?”
Indigo says, “They are nai fools. You led them into a deathtrap once already.”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “I’ll not take that cowardly way.”

Leinis yells, “its dragging me!”
Kiril Drakesblood yells, “Well done, me lad.”
Mjollnir says, “you and Necro get big thrills out of dragging off fallens dont you? you two are exactly the same”
(Kiril Drakesblood growls.)
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Necro is a foul creature. I have honor.”
Mjollnir asks, “Honor?”
Indigo says, “You have naithing.”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “More than ye’ll ever have, landlubber scum.”

Kiril Drakesblood yells, “Now! Attack!”
Ebonheart says, “Ambush…”
Tonoto yells, “damn it”
(Kiril Drakesblood laughs in delight.)
(Merlisk sighs)
Tonoto yells, “next time chain”

The Necromancer points at Naferu and makes a strange gesture.
Indigo says, “Necro…. take Kiril and go home.”
(Kiril Drakesblood laughs mirthlessly.)
Kiril Drakesblood asks, “You cannot even tell a simple necromancer from Necro?”
Mjollnir says, “any real commander wouldnt have had to stoop to using undead soldiers”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “You are right. I should never have trusted Necro.”

Kintok says, “Wow… I did quite poorly…”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Ah, thank you for coming to add to my wall.”
Kintok says, “My pleasure”

Ebonheart asks, “If yer not a coward Kiril, how come yer standing here and not fighting with yer troops?”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “My troops are here. Only the weak ones follow the trap.”
Indigo says, “Your troops are as foolish as you, Kiril.”

Kintok asks, “If I may ask…. How long have you had your eye on Puddleby, Kiril?”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Quite a while, I have.”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “It was me best chance fer promotion.”

Oleandar yells, “Fallen here”
Elrod yells, “and here!”
(Kiril Drakesblood spits.)
A monster yells, “Gar, ye’re the finest, Cap’n Drakesblood!”
Kiril Drakesblood yells, “Arr!”
Kiril Drakesblood has not disclosed her race, is female, is a Fighter, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.
She is holding a longsword, and she is wearing a beer keg, a shirt, a pair of pants and a pair of shoes.

Sensi says, “kiril was wrong.. help does come”
Kiril Drakesblood yells, “Arr!”
Malkor has fallen to Kiril Drakesblood.

Highlander says, “Smack her jade”
Tigger ponders, “nice Seph”
Olmy thinks, “We have her trapped south of auction house”
Lightbringer yells, “kill her muj!”
Phroon says, “DIE”
Olmy says, “Pack her in deep.”
Elenis Reyav says, “So she can’t pull”
(Sutai summons an incredible burst of purasuma magic to improve accuracy!)
Emer asks, “boosts anyone?”
Naferu says, “gonna need a buch”
Brimstar says, “I can hit”
Talin yells, “gooooo exiles!!!”
Phroon yells, “STOP HEALEING HER! :p”
Wedilen asks, “WHOS HEALIN HER?”
Callus exclaims, “[mumbling] Capture her!”
(Kiril Drakesblood smiles.)
Callus exclaims, “[gruffly] Capture her and bring her to justice $*$&!”
Naal asks, “WTF!?”
Angela yells, “be very careful cadders!!! kiril can be healed”
Talin yells, “kiiiiilllll herrrr”
Olmy says, “Okay Kir, pay us $500,000 and we’ll let you go….. NAH”
Elrod yells, “kill kill Kiril!!!!”
Indigo yells, “Death to Kiril and her minions!”

Twilth exclaims, “ha!”
Malkor exclaims, “Hah!”
Mac says, “heh”
Boris says, “yay”
Mujin-kun says, “yay”
Elise says, “She dead”
Tonoto yells, “OOOOOOGA!”
iTornade yells, “BEER !!”
Olmy thinks, “Kiril is dead!”
Liolel says, “shes dead”
Highlander says, “wee”
Mac yells, “Oooga”
Aldernon says, “sweet hroth”
Brimstar says, “Heh”
Rael the Squonk says, “uucool”
Elrod yells, “True Blue!”
Lightbringer yells, “WOOOOOOOOO!”
Phroon yells, “THOOOM! DEAD”
Neko yells, “score”
Callus exclaims, “[gruffly] Chain her!”
Twilth thinks, “Kiril is dead!”
Hrothgar yells, “ARR!”
Troy thinks, “Woooo!”
Polerand yells, “Clear out”
Benylin yells, “BEER !!!”
(Ayella cheers.)
Deebo says, “yay”
Wedilen says, “Could chain her”
Olmy yells, “Long live the exiles!”
(Indigo slumps to the ground.)
Naal thinks, “now what!?”
Twilth yells, “Hurrah!”
Dave yells, “B E E R!!”
Jade yells, “Hail Dorthy the wicked witch is sdead!”
Oleandar yells, “Yay!!”
Lightbringer thinks, “WE KILLED THAT BITCH!”
Yor yells, “Ooooga!!!”
Mjollnir yells, “For Puddleby and King Algy”
Reye yells, “nothing to see here… move along”
Talin yells, “yyyuuuuzzzzaaaa”
* You gain some experience.
Lundar ponders, “fog!”

[End transcript]


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Day 102, Year 549
Fog Battle
The Great Foggy Finale

We have finally defeated Kiril Drakesblood and her army of Darshak
Pirates, after a nearly two day long battle. After taking hold of town
center, we slowly worked on winning back the rest of town as well, then
fought against Kiril Drakesblood as she made her last stand in East
Puddleby. Afterwards there were still a few scattered remnants of the
Darshak army remaining, but we had managed to defeat the main force.

After doing a little cleanup work in town, we made our way to
the Dark Temple to save those who had been kidnapped by Necro at the
start of the invasion. However, Necro was nowhere to be found, though
we did run into his two pet Greater Deaths. In the end though, we were
able to defeat the undine and rescue the fallen exiles.

Pentagram Room
Battle in the Pentagram Room

Greater Death
The trapped Greater Death

We returned to town afterwards and celebrated in the
Fairgrounds, before retiring to the comfort of the libraries to recover
from the long fought battle.
This was truly a great victory for Puddleby, and I am happy to
contributed my meager abilities to this great battle. I still have some
sketches and transcripts and things that I may post later on, but for
now I must get some much needed sleep. Ev’lei!

Day 102, Year 549

It is now midnight of the 12th Day of Spring, and the tide finally
seems to be turning. Earlier we were able to set up an elaborate kudzu
wall, and now we have taken back control of Town Center, and are
working on taking back west and south Puddleby as well.

Kudzu Wall
The Great Wall of Zu

As for Kiril Drakesblood, she seems to be having some troubles
of her own. It seems that Necro no longer wants to be Kiril’s ally,
because she failed to devliver the payment that he was promised. Now,
Necro has pulled out all of his undine forces from Puddleby, leaving
only Kiril’s pirates. Here’s an excerpt from a conversation I

Kiril and Necro

Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “But think of the value in holding the town!”
A monster growls, “I don’t care about this town”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “Necro, if ye helps me keep it, it’ll make us both rich, I tell ya!”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “I’ll get it. I’ll get it fer ya in a zodiac er less, I swear it!”
A monster growls, “I don’t think you can hold this town for a zodiac.”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “I’m th’ Governor already, and workin’ up ta Empress!”
A monster growls, “Have you found the keys to their vault?”
Kiril Drakesblood says, “Furry laddy called Poolerand swallowed ’em.”
A monster growls, “And you haven’t gotten them!”
A monster growls, “You can’t hold this town without my troops, and you know it.”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “Without –!”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “But you made a bargain!”
A monster growls, “Give me the money now, or I am leaving…with my support”
Kiril Drakesblood exclaims, “Fine then, I’ll keep it without you!”
Kiril Drakesblood yells, “Lads! Mount an attack! Once we conquer here we’re goin’ ta get Necro!”