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Merdi, day 77 of Summer, 576

After a long downtime, I’ve finally gotten around to restoring my old webscrolls. The new location for the scrolls is: There’s nothing much new yet, but I plan on writing about some of my more recent adventures, as well as some new projects I’m working on, plus there’s nearly forty puddle-years worth of archives to sift through.

I’m still in the process of getting everything organized, but let me know if anything’s amiss. I hope you enjoy reading through what is quickly becoming ancient Puddleby history.

Lundar's New Library

Lundar's New Library

Sombdi, day 9 of Summer, 576

I just wanted write a quick note to congratulate Math, who was advanced to the station of Full Mystic today. Congratulations Ma’ta Math, on the well deserved and long awaited promotion!

A well deserved promotion

An exercise in patience