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For those who haven’t been keeping up with recent events, exiles were finally able to purchase the full-text of the book that Fat Alice has been touting as the way to kill Rowl, a super-powerful Lyfelidae that has been terrorizing Kizmia’s Isle of late. The pages of the book were all written in code, but exiles were able to decipher the text, which reads as follows:

“Rowl the violent first born and bitter”
“Groar the peaceful last of the litter”
“Rowl in anger ate all of the kits”
“Groar fled away by using his wits”
“Rowl hungers and searches the last to devour”
“Groar unearthed the source of their power”
“Rowl takes the strength of all of his kin”
“Groar only sleeping may save his skin”
“Rowl ignorant with the stone he could rule”
“Groar the wise guards the powerful jewel.”
What this has to do with defeating Rowl is still unclear. I suspect we will need to obtain the jewel, which is mentioned in the verses of the poem.

I received these by pigeon today:
I got two white shirts(I had to pretend to be a healer) and one grassy green shirt, with the artwork of Sor and Poesy, respectively. The shirts cost quite a few coins, especially with a mystic’s budget, but they’re worth every penny. They can be obtained from the Scrolls of Zazzle.

The illusionist Senfantia visited Puddleby yesterday, and a few of us were fortunate enough to speak with her. Senfantia told us that her research of phantasms is coming along well, thanks to the generous donations of exiles and proceeds from raffles.
Senfantia demonstrated for us the 8th phantasm page, which creates a colorful sparkle, and decided to give it away as a prize for an impromptu contest of phantasm skill. The Zo Strafuli won the contest handily, but ruined the page while attempting to copy it. Hopefully Senfantia will return soon, and bring more copies of her pages.

Today Puddleby was invaded and conquered– not by the Orga, or the T’rools, or the Darshak, but by a veritable bouquet of innocuous looking black flowers. The flowers, known as Deadly Poppies, have the nasty habit of knocking unsuspecting exiles unconscious, and today they blanketed the whole of town, like a sinister meadow.
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Usually these poppies only spring up from the body of a long dead corpse, but today they were sprouting from the feet of the Fen healer Tigger, creeping out from the earth wherever he stepped. Soon, the entire town was covered in poppies, and those of us in town were forced to bugger off until the flowers died down. I don’t know what Tigger’s been stepping in, but I do hope he washes his feet off next time, before he causes another crisis.

Today, mystics took over Puddleby. Not just any old mystics, either– there were no less than 8 sylvan mystics in town, and for a few minutes we had total control of town center. The only non-mystic anywhere near town was Fel Gabriel, Phiros’ son.
Unfortunately, fighters and healers soon began returning to Puddleby, and Ezail and Phiros had to leave, reducing our number to six. It was then, however, that Zaerion came up with the bright idea of organizing us into a pyramid, and putting on a mystic light show.

Below are some sketches of the sillines: