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Day 273, Year 549

My clan’s monthly meeting was held today beneath the trees of the Myrm
Highlands. At today’s meeting we had the pleasure of inducting two new
Hopefuls: Nip the Warrior and the talented bard Ly’fender. Just last
meeting Sasha and Midleaf joined us as Hopefuls as well.

Lyfe Joins Prentis
Our new Hopeful

It is very exciting to see the clan is expanding so quickly!
However, with the influx of so many new members, a few conflicts have
inevitably arisen. Luckily, ELF now has a new discussion board
to deal with such issues, as well as other, lighter matters. It has
been many, many years since ELF has last had a discussion board, so I
am very excited about this new forum!

Anyway, onto the hunting. After the meeting we decided to do a
quick hunt on Melabrion’s Isle as a “warm up” for our real hunt. This
proved to be quite disasterous. Before we could even get close to the
shore, we became plant food for a swarm of Giant Carnivorous Plankton.
Then, we were stoned to death by an entire extended family of
disgruntled Sasquatches. Needless to say, this changed our hunting
plans some. We decided to move our hunt to the Scaramis Pit.

Scramis Hunt
Hunting in the Pit

Hunting in the Scaramis Pit proved to be much more successful
than hunting on MI. We managed to clear out several chambers of the Pit
fairly easily, and for a while it seemed that we might all make it out
of the Pit in one piece. Then Kor’gah and Xepel decided to jump into
the Queen’s Chamber. And fell.

What ensued was a massive rescue effort spanning several hours
and involving nearly 30 exiles. It took us a while, but in the end,we
were able to clear out the Queen’s Chamber and rescue the two
sillyvans. All’s well that ends well, I suppose.

Big Rescue
The rescue

Rich Mandibles
The booty

Day 245, Year 549
Meeting with Melabrion
A historic moment for Puddleby


Today the meeting with the ‘Brion Brothers was held as scheduled, and the much anticipated trade
was finally completed with the handing over of 6 teleportation stones.
More than 40 exiles came to witness and participate in this truly
historic event. Here is a summary of the key points:

* We have traded 6 teleportation stones for a permanent portal
to the Ethereal Plane, which the ‘Brions are currently constructing.
The portal will be anchored by kyuems on either side, and be housed in
a protective structure.

* Seven keys will be given to us which will allow access to the
portal. Who will be entrusted with these keys has yet to be decided.
Melabrion said that he will also consider building a backdoor, guarded
by Mud Golems, which will also allow access to the portal.

* The portal will be located on the island which the ‘Brions
are currently constructing. The isle is “nearly finished”, and will be
completed “within a few Zodiacs”.

* As part of the agreement, the ‘Brions will provide us with
trainers to instruct us in the constructing and dismantling of our own
portals. This training will be available to all mystics. Full knowledge
of the current ether trainers is most likely required.

* Also as part of the agreement, the ‘Brions will share
anything that they learn about the teleportation stones through their
studies. To quote Melabrion: “We will share what we find.”

* The portal will lead to the fourth sphere of the Ethereal Plane, a Sphere yet to be explored by any exiles.

For more details, read the full transcript of the meeting. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments.

Day 233, Year 549

My clan has been trying to organize a number of hunting events on days
other than our usual monthly meeting, so today a bunch of my clanmates
got together and went hunting in Snaggy. At first things went well
enough, but we got into a bit of trouble when we ran into a group of
unfriendly warlocks in the Bones snell of Snaggy.

On Prae's Chain
Giving Prae’s chain a workout

Luckily, we were soon rescued by the fantastic chaining prowess
of Praetorius, with fighter backup from Gimli, Olmy, and Eyeball.
Another successful ELF hunt!

Day 187, Year 549
Today I attended my clan’s monthly
meeting, during which we tossed around a bunch of ideas about what to
do with the Museum Token which we obtained recently.
Mil’tan’ki to the wonderful Farhope who brought some of her delicious
chocolate doughnuts to the meeting to share with us. Her chocolatey
treats really got our creative juices flowing!

Farhope's Doughnuts
Farhope’s delicious doughnuts!

After the meeting, two of our Hopefuls were inducted into the
clan as full members: Selan and Ayella! Welcome to the clan you two!

Selan Joins ELF
ELF’s newest member

Afterwards, we decided to go hunting in Melabrion’s Mines since
we had a pretty decent group. The fearsome cobras and Tok’han gave our
party some trouble, but we managed to hunt in the Mines without getting
Mil’asantied (massacred).

Hunting in the Mines
It’s not as bad as it looks– honest!

Day 183, Year 549

EldonGM announced the winners of his roleplaying contest
today, and ELF won for bringing the Sylvan Spring Festival to Puddleby!
As our prize, we now have a Museum Space Token which we can use to
display a piece of artwork of our choice in the main room of the
Puddleby Museum.

The contest prize

Congratulations to all my clanmates for putting in all that hard
work into making the Festival a great success! Also congrats to the
Crafters of Oblivion and Phineas for taking 2nd and 3rd respectively.
And finally thanks to Eldon for the great contest!

Day 159, Year 549

The much anticipated Flower Ball(the final event of the A’viva Fen’bril
Spring Festival) was held in the Bard’s Field today. I attended the
Ball with my date, the beautiful Luminary, and we had blast! There was
plenty of food and drink provided by my clan, and the generous Madcat,
and the music at the Ball was simply magnificent! It is difficult to
adequetly describe the Festival with words… all I can say is that it
was a night to remember:

Sketches from the Flower Ball

Planting the Flower
Planting the ceremonial flower

Announced by Anfyr

Dancing with Luminary

Circle Dance
Dancing in a circle(?)

Fleming's Poem
Fleming recites a beautiful poem

The Bonfire
The great Bonfire

Day 157, Year 549

Uggh. I have a painful migraine as I write this, so my words may not be
entirely clear, but let me try my best. Yesterday I wad kidnapped. I
was just sitting in town with some of my friends, when Rot cast some
sort of “negative spirit pulse” on me, and the next thing I knew I was
being dragged off on Wilt’s chain.

Many exiles tried to rescue me(which I am very grateful for!),
but Wilt managed to evade them all. He took me to the hut near the
Northern Plains, and there he and his brother performed some sort of…
ceremony on me. I do not remember much, except that it involved a lot
of chanting, and blood. The last thing I remember is the word
“Oblivion” ringing in my skull.

Wilt & Rot
Wilt and Rot perform their dark magic

I do not remember much of what happened after that, except for vague
feelings of being trapped and helpless. When I finally regained my
senses, I found myself in the Puddleby Jailhouse, surrounded by family
and friends, and one splitting headache.

Awakening in the Jailhouse

I am still not completely certain what happened to me, but according
to my friends I fell into a sort of zombie state for a few hours, at
the control of Rot and Wilt, my body unable to move of its own
volition. I was finally cured when Stinkfist and Twilth managed to slay
Wilt and steal the many vials and potions that he held. Apparently, one
of the vials had my name on it, and it was this concoction which was
used to helped me to regain my senses.

I’m afraid I have no recollection of any of these events, but
f’nom, f’nom tan’ki to all those who helped to cure and watch over me.
I feel much better now, though my head still aches from the incident. I
will try to rest for now, and hope that this migraine goes away in time
for the Flower Ball.

Day 154, Year 549

Today Anfyr and Ruen were giving dancing lessons in the Bard’s Field in
preparation for the Spring Festival. I was only able to attend the last
few minutes of the lessons, but I learned a lot, and it was a blast! My
favorite dance out of the bunch is the “Strut” and I can’t wait to try
my new dance moves at the Ball this Sombdi(ooc: Sunday 2pm pst)! For
those who weren’t able to attend, Ruen has posted some handy mak’ros on
her webscrolls.

Dancing Lessons
Practicing the dance steps