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As was mentioned in the meeting minutes, Yazza fell asleep is the middle of town center a few days ago, and didn’t wake up until nearly four days later! I managed to get a sketch of the incident, which I’ve posted below:
As you can see, Yaz is so tired that she is sleeping on her feet! She is also surrounded by a bunch of rat carcasses which are on someone’s chain. Whether they meant to protect Yazza or to entrap her, I do not know.

I got the chance to help out with a bard audition today. Since there were only two auditionees, we started off the audition with a small bard concert, where each of the present bards played a piece of music. When it was my turn to play, I had to rumage through my pack for my ocarina, and accidentally managed to hit Ayella and Ezail with some carelessly thrown paint! Sorry guys!
Afterwards, the bard audition began in earnest, with the sylvan Lokar auditioning for the position of bard quester, and the thoom Baraboo auditioning to be a full bard. Fortunately, both of the auditionees were able to pass the scrutiny of the bard panel, and were inducted into the Guild. Grudos to both of them! I look forward to hearing their lovely music in the future.

Every four years a magical portal appears in town, leading exiles to strange and different lands. This year is no exception. The magic portal has appeared in town again, and this time it leads to the four different worlds from previous years– ClanLord Ho!, Movie Land, Net Hack, and the Boardwalk. There’s lots of fun stuff to be discovered and revisited. Just make sure to bring a fighter, and watch out for those pesky Oompa Loompas!