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It was quite an eventful day today. It started off with a meeting in the newly rennovated Clan House, followed by a chaotic hunt on Dal’Noth Isle(which I’m sure we’ll read about later in the minutes).
Afterwards, I headed to Puddleby Hollows to teach a class on Mystic teleportation. The attendance for the class was good, and I hope everyone was able to learn something from it. Following the lecture, Harper offered me a position as the Director of Mystical Studies at the University of Puddleby. I happily accepted, and hope to contribute the the University in my new position!

After that, I headed to the Orga Camp for an FMOCR to replace the teleportation stone I broke two days ago. We had quite an impressive party, thanks in large part to Kazik’s recruitment efforts, and we were easily able to make our way through the four Orga camps, though we did have some trouble getting back out.
After the successful raid, I returned to town, and was able to obtain two butterfly trophies for the Clan House, with the help of Sio’s half-sister Contstance. Finally, as I was sitting in town, Ansset surprised me with the gift of a Tor Shell, which we took to Hendrux, and he fortunately accepted. Now I have a Gitor in the making– I just need to write some music for it!
It was quite an eventful day today, and I’m grateful to all the wonderful people who were a part of it.

I’ve begun teaching some classes at the University of Puddleby, and its been pretty fun. Last moon I taught an introductory course on phantasms, and took the class on a field trip to Umbrion’s Keep, and just today I taught a class on the history of Dal’Noth Isle.
I think the University of Puddleby is a really great organization, and it’s fun to be able to pass on some of my knowledge to other exiles. This upcomming Sunday I will be teaching another class, this time on teleportation, at 7pm PST. If you want to learn more about this mystic art, I encourage you to attend. I promise it will be informative!

Today I got to participate in a bard audition in which the journeyman mystic Ansset auditioned for the position of bard quester. After a brief introduction, Ansset played five wonderful casserole pieces for us. My personal favorite was his first song, which was entitled “The Young Rockodiles’ Wedding March”.
After Ansset finished performing his pieces, the assembled bards gathered in the Bard Tower to discuss his performance. After some deliberation, Ansset was accepted into the Bard’s Guild as quester! F’nom grudos Ansset!