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Day 324, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

The 230th Chaos Storm has swept by the lands, and it seems the dwarves
have finally finished construction of the new tunnels under town. There
are now passages extending to the south-west that lead to the Brewery
and the Purple Tor Inn.

It’s nice to have an alternate method of getting
around town, and the tunnels might come in handy if town were ever to
be overrun by monsters.

Hopefully the new tunnels will go unnoticed by the Myrmtarr.

The Puddleby underground isn’t the only
construction going on in the islands, however. It seems that the ‘Brion
brothers have also been working on construction projects of their own,
and now the Keeps of the ‘Brion brothers are fortified by walls and
guarded heavily.

Tenebrion has also threatened to close down his portal to the Ethereal Plane.

This deteriorating relationship with the ‘Brions
seems to stem from the fact that the ‘Brions have yet to obtain the six
teleportation stones which they have repeatedly asked for. The ‘Brions
are offering a permanent portal to the Ethereal Plane in exchange for
the stones.

So far, exiles have been reluctant about making
the trade, but now the ‘Brions are putting pressure on us. The Mystics
of Puddleby are currently trying to negotiate with the ‘Brions, and
come to some sort of agreement.

Hopefully this matter will be resolved soon, before our relations with the ‘Brions deteriorates further.

Day 318, Year 545

A full moon rose above the skies of Puddleby last night, and that meant that it was time for another Full Moon Orga Camp Raid. On this raid it was decided that the Mystic Salandra would try to make an attempt for the teleportation stone that appears once every full moon, in the depths of the Orga Camp. Unfortunately, our party was unable to make it far enough into the Orga Camp for Salandra to make her attempt for the stone.

The problem with the raid was that we could not recruit enough healers for the party. As a result, we couldn’t form stable rods, and were forced to retreat. Twice, the party retreated all the way back to OC1 to gather more reinforcements, but even with the added help, it wasn’t enough. In the end it was all that we could do to chain out all of the fallen exiles, and leave the Orga Camp with the stone untaken.

The failure was disapointing for everyone involved, but the raid was still a valuable learning experience. Hopefully we will have better luck next moon, when Zorton attempts to go for the stone.

Day 294, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

Arr! Today I got the unique opportunity to help interrogate a Darshak
pirate. It all started when I decided to help out a rescue in the
Darshak Horde, on Ash Island. It turned out that in addition to the
normal Darshak found in the Horde, there were several “elite” Darshak
there as well. As a consequence, it took us quite a while to rescue the
fallens in the Horde, and I helped out where I could by dragging out
fallen exiles with my chain.

Once we had rescued everybody from the Horde, we
healed up just outside, and headed back in to take our revenge upon the
pirates. The battle was quite fierce, but in the end there was left
only a single Darshak Guard standing. The Darshak Guard was quite
powerful even for an elite Darshak, and he threw quite a few taunts at
us, but eventually he was dispatched as well. However, instead of
letting him slip into the clutches of death, Rel’lim quickly grabbed
him on his chain, so that we could interrogate him.

After a long round of questioning, we decided to
take the Darshak to the Dark Temple, and attempt to literally drag some
secrets out of him. Rel’lim dragged the Darshak Guard all around the
Temple, before finally taking him to the Pentagram room. This turned
out to be a mistake though, as several powerful undine spawned in the
Pentagram, felling most of our party. Rel’lim managed to escape though,
and wall himself up until a rescue party could arrive. Once we were
rescued, we took the pirate back to town, and questioned him some more,
before finally throwing him in prison.

Read a transcript of the interrogations here.

Day 281, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

It has become something of an ELF clan tradition to fall at our monthly
clan hunts. Something just doesn’t feel right if a hunt doesn’t end
with us lying on our backs, in need of a rescue. Today’s hunt was no

For our monthly clan hunt, we decided that we
should hunt in the Northern Plains today. The hunting on the plains was
very good, with many cats and ferals that provided some very good furs,
and even some experience for our newer members. After we’d cleared out
most of the plains, we headed north towards the beaches, and hunted
some Adult Rockodiles. The rockodiles provided some challenge, but we
were eventually able to dispatch them and all, and we headed back into
the plains in search of more things to hunt.

After hunting some more cats on the plains, we
decided that we should move next to the lair of the Forest Chamelopods.
Firebird warned us that we probably wouldn’t last very long hunting
Chamelopods, but we decided to go anyway, despite his warning. Firebird
turned out to be right. At first things went smoothly enough, and we
were able to able to defeat the Chamelopods through a combination of
healing power and Kor’gah’s hunting skills.

However, as we moved deeper into the lair, the
Chamelopods appeared in greater numbers, and began overwhelm us. We
began to fall more often, and the healers struggled to keep us alive.
We managed to hang on for quite a bit, but when our three healers fell,
we knew our hunt had come to an end. Luckily Kor’gah was able to drag
us out of the lair with his chain, and we were rescued by Ffodor and
Alchemist who were passing through the plains.

All in all, it was a very exciting hunt, and we
were able to uphold our clan tradition. I feel very honored to be a
member of a clan that keeps its traditions alive.

Day 270, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

Something is going horribly wrong with the ether flow near the ocean.
It seems like every other day that some manifestation of ethereal
energy appears on the ocean to menace sea travelers. Like today for
example. It all started when strange bursts of water began appearing
all over the oceans surrounding Puddleby. After a while several
Ethereal Stalkers began appearing on the ocean as well, and even an
Ethereal Cloud. Soon it was almost impossible for exiles to travel
through the water safely.

As exiles went to investigate this ethereal
phenomena, they became fallen on the ocean, and soon the exiles of
Puddleby found themselves busy trying to rescue the fallens, and clear
the oceans of the ethereal beasts. The battle raged on for some time,
but eventually the exiles were successful in clearing the oceans of the
monsters. A few Ethereal Stalkers did manage to slip past our boats,
and menace the western parts of Puddleby, but these were quickly slain
by the exiles posted to guard the western gates. Hopefully we will soon
be able to find how to stop the leak of ether into the ocean, before it
is completely overrun by creatures of the Ethereal Plane.

Day 261, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

Sometimes in life, a small mistake can lead to a huge disaster. Today I
made just such a mistake. For a while now, I’ve been working on trying
to open the pf path in the McBolie Cavern on Devil’s Island, which I
seem to have forgotten over the past few months. On my past few visits
I found that I had forgotten the path to the point where I could not
even see the path, much less open it. Luckily, today I was able to find
the path once more, and after a few minutes of staring at it, I was
able to pass through and open it. However, once on the other side, I
found that a pack of Dark Vermine had been waiting for me, and they
chewed me to bits before I could retreat back into the cavern. Since I
was pretty deep inside the island, I decided to depart from Devil’s
Island, so as not to cause anyone the inconvenience of having to rescue
me… or so I thought.

Once I emerged from Purgatory, I found a surprise
awaiting me. Instead of being inside the temple in Puddleby where I
expected, I found myself within a hidden garden, being greeted by the
strange hermit Qu’Dwrs-Li. I had departed from Devil’s Island only to
find myself stuck deep within the caverns below Dal’Noth Island. I had
completely forgotten that I had touched the strange “Altar” within
Qu’Dwrs-Li’s garden earlier, when I was exploring the ‘Noth underground
in search of hidden tunnels.
Now I was in more trouble than I was before, and not even departing
would take me off of Dal’Noth isle. Luckily for me, my friends Sutai
and Magnels were able to convince a Scaramis party to come rescue me,
and with their heroic aid, I was able to leave the island. I rushed
back to town, and changed my altar before I could make the same mistake
a second time. Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be considerate.

Day 249, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

Every once in a while the Necromancer Tenebrion decides to clean out
his basement of all the undine(his “failures”), and release them upon
the rest of the isle. This is all good and well as far as things are
concerned, unless you happen to have business anywhere near Tenebrion’s
Keep. And that’s exactly what happened to us.

Just the other day, Tenebrion and his brother
Umbrion were in the lands and a few of us wished to travel through
Tenebrion’s Keep, to speak with Umbrion. However, as things turned out,
none of us had a pass key to get into Tenebrion’s conference room, and
to make matters worse, Tenebrion had just cleaned out his cellars, and
now the isle was packed with deadly undine. It took us forever to cut
through the wave after wave of undine, and by the time we reached
Tenebrion’s Keep, Umbrion had already left.?

Still, it was a pretty exciting adventure; the
journey’s half the fun right? At least we’ve made Tenebrion’s Isle safe
to travel for future adventures, or as safe as it gets anyway.

Day 228, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

It’s that time of the year again. A magical, roaming portal has
appeared in Puddleby, which transports exiles to strange and mystical
lands. Yup, it’s April Fools again, and this year there’s a portal in
town which leads to the perilous Dungeons of Doom, straight out of the
classic adventure game NetHack.

What floor of the Dungeon will you make it down
to? How many points will you escape the Dungeon with, or will you
escape at all? See for yourself in the Dungeons of Doom! Happy April
Fools’ Day everybody, and try not to play too many tricks on your