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Yesterday I participated in the tail end of MaryJane’s Mystic Cloud Event, along with Vequalir, Yazza, and Kor’gah. When I arrived, people were trying to get the Dark Cloud back over Sfoft’s Peak, where a number of exiles were fallen.
Moving the Cloud turned out to be harder than I expected though, and even with the guidance of Apprender(who is familiar with the runic script of the Cloud control room), it took many frustrating hours before we could get the Cloud back over the Peak.

We did eventually manage to get the Cloud in place, however, and rescue those fallen at Sfoft’s. I even managed to get a mark on Sfoft’s Peak, thanks to a teleportation stone given to me by Ansset, so next time I should be able to reach the Peak without having to go through that whole ordeal.
Afterwards, we walked the green portal back to the Mirror, so a few more exiles could get access to the cloud, before moving it back to Falinea’s temple. All in all it was quite an event, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of Cloud driving.

Smooshed on the Cloud
Peering over the edge
Surviving the fall!