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Day 104, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Some days it is better to be wrong than to be
right. Today was one of those days. As I have previously written, the
clan E’las Loth’mon Ferindril mourned the death of our clan mate,
Lorian. However, Lorian was not dead. Today, when I stepped out of the
Library and made my way to town center, I almost jumped right out of my
shoes; for there, in the middle of town looking happy and friendly as
usual, was none other than Lorian! At first, I thought her a ghost, but
a firm hug from her confirmed otherwise. She was obbviously not dead.

Lorian lives!

It seems that some sort of mistake had been made,
though I fail to see how anyone could make a “mistake” about a clan
mate dying! I was of course overjoyed, but a bit sorry for Fleming, who
had ripped his hair out when he heard about the death of his lover. Oh
well. Welcome back Lorian!

Day 74, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Darqmax, Entil’Zha, and I sat in town, looking for
something to do. After a bit of thinking, and listening to cries for
help via the sunstone, we came up with two options: to rescue the
Abyss, or to help with a rescue in the ‘Noids. It was unanimously
decided that the ‘Noids was safer, and we hopped over to the ‘Noids in
no time(thanks to Entil’s Pathfinding ability). When we got there,
there were already tons of healers and fighters, and I thought the
rescue was going to be a piece of cake. How wrong I was. We started out
well enough, cutting down the Arachnoids left and right. We made it
pretty deep into the cavern, when a couple of Green Arachnoids showed
up, and started cutting us down. This, coupled with a few back spawns, sent us slipping down into the center of the cavern.

Arachnoid Mania

There were already quite a few bodies there, and
we formed a long chain corpses. I counted twenty-one bodies, but I am
sure there were more casualties. The place was crawling with
Arachnoids, and things seemed very bleak. Several attempts werre made
to rescue us, but all of them failed. Then finally, after almost eight
CL hours, a rescue party was able to put us back on our feet. The
Arachnoids kept attacking us, but once we were raised, they were
outmatched. Everybody gained two ranks from the Ancients for bravery
and compassion, and everybody went home happy.

Day 62, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

It is a sad thing to lose a member of one’s
family. Every member of a family is like a part of a larger whole, and
the whole cannot function when parts of it are lost. Today I lost a
member of my family. Her name was Lorian. I heard the news from Yazza while hunting in the Marsh.

Lorian Dead?!?

It seems that Lorian was murdered by the
treacherous Xeval, though his motives are yet unknown, and now the
lovely Lorian is no more. This is a great loss, even greater perhaps
than when we lost Dierdre, for this is effectively permanent. This is a
foul blow to our clan; don’t be surprised if yi see members of ELF just
sitting around town looking dejected. And if the death of Lorian hurts
us this much, it will hurt the Clan Lord of our clan a hundred times
more, especially since he was engaged to Lorian. Fleming has not yet
been notified of the situation, and it is assumed that he will find out
in our next clan meeting. I fear to think what he will do when he finds
out that his fiance has been murdered…

Day 39, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Swords clashed, and the sounds of battle rang out
everywhere. Today was ELF’s Dun’ilsar against the Dwarven Militia. For
the contest, we held a battle in the arena; with the best out of three
taking home the title of Dun’ilsar.


The two clans gathered in their respective
corners, and after discussing their strategies, the contest was begun!
We(ELF) planned a defensive strategy, for we lacked in fighters, but
had many healers. The fighters formed a semi-circle, and the healers
would backpack them. If any of the enemy fighters were to break
through, we were to immediately pull them back out. This worked pretty
well at first, but, well, we got our butts whooped ;p For the second
event, we had a “capture the flag” type of thing, with the “flag” being
our Clan Lords. Again we held with the defensive strategy, but we were
overrun in no time. Fleming was felled, and that was the end of the
contest. The Dwarven Militia were still the champions. Aftwerwards, we
had many small bouts, and plenty of fun. Now that I think of it, we
should have distracted the Dwarves by throwing out some beer, then
breaking their ranks… /action shrugs. Check out a Vision Stone of the
first and second contests. And one more thing before I close. Don’t try using Sylphstone Rings unless you are a healer. Those things hurt =)

Day 36, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Today, the much anticipated Beauty Contest was
held. The DJs for the day were Heccacia, Oddeseus, Phineas, Sor and
Tonle, with the special guest Chum. The contestants competed for two
categories, “Best Dressed” and “Best Swimsuit”. The contestants stepped
onto the stage, one by one, and strutted their stuff as the judges
judged them. One contestant, the Halfling Iho, went as far as to do the
Bacon Dance in tune to the DJs’ music, which in turn created a
moshpitting frenzy within the crowd.

It's the Bacon Dance!

After all the dust had settled, Althea was a
thousand coins richer, having won the “Best Dressed” category, while
Sutai took home a cluster of Lila Berries and 2000 coins for having the
best swimsuit. The runner up was Pacifist Thoom, and Una was
disqualified for having bribed the judges.

In other news, Alorthia discovered a strange new
type of Flying Snake in the South Forest. It looks just like any other
Flying Snake, but what is strange about it is that jumps from exile to
exile, attacking them from underneath them. This puts the Snake in an
excellent position to attack, while making it almost impossible for
exiles to attack it. I’ve made a short Vision Stone of the strange creature. Yi have to see it, to believe it!

The Strange Snake