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Day 177, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

I seem to be getting involved in a bunch of rescues lately, and my
second chain is getting quite a work-out. Just today, I sensed my clan
mate fall to a warrior myrm, and tracked him all the way down to the
Queen’s Chamber of the Hive. Since no healers were nearby, I jumped
into the Queen’s Chamber alone, chained all the fallens, and got myself
out of there. Luckily, my chain didn’t break or slip during the entire
episode. Now the number of times I’ve used this chain is up to 25; much
better than my first one! I even convinced my clan’s treasurer,
Firebird, to loan me 500 coins from the clan coffers to fix my first
chain. Now I have three chains again! However, later that day my
sunstone wore down, and it’s probably going to cost me a bundle to fix
it. Egads.

Day 176, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

I seem to be using my chain more often now, and I’ve already broken my
first chain, after only 14 uses. To make matters worse, I did not get
any of my metal back, and even if I had, I can no longer afford to
repair a chain. My bank account is finally empty, and I’ve spent all my
hard earned money from my first Foot Hills expedition. Loovma Geer
still tells me that I have much to learn, so I better study the craft a
little harder.

And there’s more bad news to report. There was
recently a small fire in the library, and it managed to scorch my maps
of Devil’s Isle. Now I must begin my work anew, and start a new map on
fresh parchment. However, I do not see this neccessarily as a bad
thing, as I love to explore Devil’s Isle, and I may be able to find
things that I missed when I first mapped the isle. Sorry for the
inconvinience folks, but if yi ever need a guide for Devil’s Isle while
I work on my new map, feel free to contact me, and I can take yi
anywhere. I also hear that there are many experts of Devil’s Isle in
the Hearts of Tan, Winds of Dawn, and Darkhorse clans, so it might do
good to ask them for a hand, if yi ever find yiself lost on the
Devilish Isle.

Day 159, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last entry, and for the most
part I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve been doing a lot of exploring(and
falling) in the Crater area of Devil’s Isle, and I’m beginning to lose
count of how many times I’ve fallen in the volcano now. Anyway, today
was my clan’s monthly meeting, and we hunted just off the shores of
Kizmia’s Isle. Magnels led us to a spot that spawned Baltoise faster
than we could vanquish them, and a few Mega Mouths also joined in on
the fun. All in all it was a pretty successful hunt, and we collected
enough Baltoise shells to pave the roads of Puddleby with. Now if only
we could make gitors out of those…

Day 161, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today a Fire Drake was discovered in the Lava Cave of Devil’s Isle, and
a party was promptly formed to hunt it. A group of rather powerful
fighters and healers was formed by Yor, and we headed for the Lava Cave
to hunt the Fire Drake. Inside the Lava Cave, the Drake was easily
trapped, and rodded by the healers present. We then proceeded to wiff
at the Fire Drake, until we were finally able to vanquish it.

Afterwards, we tried to tackle the Fire Drake in
the Drake Den, but that just ended up in a massive rescue that took
hours to succeed. The Drake inside the Drake Den appears to be some
sort of super-Drake, because our healers were burnt to a crisp in
seconds. To make things harder, cads do not seem to work inside the
lair of the Drakes, making rodding very difficult. Anyway, we did all
manage to make it off the isle without having to depart, but we will
have to think twice before we attempt to challenge the Fire Drake in
it’s lair again.

Day 124, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

I think this image speaks for itself, but let me explain a bit. This
sketch was created inside the Drake Den in the center of the volcano on
Devil’s Isle. Until now, few exiles have been able to visit this cave
alive, most being brought to this place by hungry Fire Drakes looking
for food. However, with the help of many exiles, and several helpful
Vision Stones, I have finally found a way to reach the Drake Den alive.
However, leaving the Den is another matter entirely. More to come

Day 117, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Well, I’ve been kind of slacking off on the entries lately, so I took
the time to upload a bunch of them today. Make sure yi check the archive
for the older stuff. Anyway, today I got to go hunting in the Valley,
which seems to have become everybody’s favorite hunting ground as of
late. There were mostly vultures, vipers, and boloks in the Valley, but
we did manage to take down a Angry Mother Sasquatch with some effort.
Afterwards, we decided to head to Kizmia’s Isle, and see if anything
was new.

On Kizmia’s Isle, we headed for the mysterious hut
on the west beach. Inside was filled with many bookshelves, with many
books spanning a vast number of topics, with many of the books written
in a strange tongue that we were unable to read. There was also a
staircase in the hut, which we decended to reach a stange basement,
filled with Stinging Beetles. We dispatched the beetles, and heard the
voice of a woman hollering. The voice identified itself only as Fat
Alice, and she mostly told us to go away. However, she did tell us that
if we saw Kizmia, we should bring her to her.

Heeding Alice’s orders, we decided to leave the
basement and the hut, after a bit more investigation. There seem to be
many interesting objects in the basement, which could be clues as to
who this “Fat Alice” is. At least now we know that Kizmia is a she. Now
all we have to do is find her. All this sounds like a mystery to me!

Day 115, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today the Journeyman Salandra was advanced to the station of full and
honourable Mystic. Salandra is a talented and intelligent Mystic, and
she will no doubt help to improve our Guild in her new position.
Salandra shows an interest in teleportation, and hopefully she can
solve the mysteries of the strange stones we find in Orga Camp, that
they may be used in every day life to benefit the whole of the
community. Please welcome Salandra, our newest Mystic, and please
congradulate her on her great accomplishment!

Day 112, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Tenebrion’s guards seem to be getting restless as of late. Today some
exiles took into their head to visit the dark necromancer’s isle, and
ended up being chopped to bits by his guards. Several rescue attempts
followed, and the rescuers too were stricking down by Tenebrion’s
guards, and lay scattered across the accursed island. It was now up to
a pair of fighters and a bunch of healers, and the mystic to rescue the
fallen exiles. We entered the isle from the southern side, and were
swamped by Tenebrion’s guards. We dispatched the guards with some
difficulty, and slowly moved northwards, encountering more and more
guards. By the time we had entered about two snells into the island, we
could no longer move, for wave after wave of guards kept arriving, and
it seemed impossible that we would make any progress.

However, luckily for us, reinforcements soon
arrived, and we were able to hack our way through the guards. We
battled through several more snells full of guards, before we
encountered our first fallen exiles. We soon found more and more bodies
as we neared the Keep, and we were really beginning to make some
progress. Since the fallen exiles were scattered, we had trouble
locating some of the corpses, but here my skristal ability came in
handy, and I was able to locate and chain the fallen exiles to the main
group. In the end we were able to raise all of the fallen exiles, and
our rescue was successful. It took us a little over two hours of
fighting and healing to save our fallen comrades, but in the end, it
was all worth it.

Day 107, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today there was a large number of mystics in town, and everyone knows
that with such a large concentration of mystical energy, something is
bound to happen. And it did. Some of us took it into our heads that we
should do something as a group, and show the world the power of
mystics. Soon the idea was catching on, and before yi knew it, the
first Mystic Raid was unleashed upon the isles. Our first casualty was
the north guard towers. Our force of six mystics sprung upon the guard
towers, and before yi could blink an eye, the guards towers were left
devoid of all rodent life. We then moved on to bigger and greater


Day 100, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

More exploration in the Devilish Passes today. This time I explored the
north-eastern corner of the passes with Mac-arena, Drue’Dreemi, and
Farb. The expedition went well enough, and I was able to add a few more
snells to my map. However, a sudden spawn of wurms and adders felled my
party, and I was the only one left standing. Farb had to leave, and
departed, but my other two party members needed rescuing, and it was
all up to me. I ran through the passes as fast as I could, and got some
rest whenever I got the chance. Finally, I made it out of the Passes,
but I could not return to the McBolie Caverns because of several Dark
Vermine and an Orga Berzerker. So I had to take the long way out, via
snells E5 and F5, and to my amazement, I made it.

Afterwards, I was able to get the aid of a Dark
Chamber party, and the powerful exiles cleared out the Passes with
ease. Drue’Dreemi and Mac-arena were quickly rescued, and we all made
our way out of the Devilish Passes. However, we decided to leave from a
different way than the way we entered, and this led to the discovery of
a cave filled with Arachne. Also, the healer J’nder got separated from
the rest of the party, and she reported seeing a river, before she
pendanted out of the Passes. The rest of us managed to make it out of
the Passes, but I was left with a desire to see more. Looks like I will
have to be re-visiting the Passes again, soon.