Archive for March, 2004

The artist Polanna recently completed a painting commissioned by Ramandu to commemorate the discovery of the river crossing on Gungla Island. The painting features Ramandu, Ayella, and myself standing next to Colmert’s Crossing. You can find this, and other paintings of exiles, on Polanna’s webscroll. (Warning: This scroll contains images of scantily clad sylvans. Viewer discretion is advised.)

I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about drakes invading Puddleby lately, and today I managed to catch sight of a number of drakes myself, running into a flock(?) of six drakes in East Field. Strangely enough, the drakes didn’t seem interested in attacking me at all, and instead flew straight past me into the marsh.
I tried following a couple of the drakes into the marsh, but quickly lost track of them. Some exiles were really curious as to where these drakes were headed, but my theory is that they’re simply migrating south for the winter. I’ve seen several flocks of geese flying south as well, and according to the POS, fire drakes are classified as a type of bird.
Still, it’s a bit curious why these drakes didn’t even bother to attack any exiles. Perhaps the drakes I encountered were simply scared off by my new paint job.

Idril Verbenna was inducted into the clan as a full member today! F’nom grudos Iddy!

Today I(along with Yella and Veq) actually had the opportunity of going on a Sarra expedition that didn’t end in a depart!… at least for the most part. The expedition began by heading through the mystic illusion on Gungla Island. Things started off well enough, and we were quickly able to secure the first snell.
However, things quickly fell apart when people began chasing after the cowardly Acid Cobras that reside in Sarra, and accidentally luring back monsters from other snells. Soon, more than half the party was fallen, with many of our healers fallen beyond healing.
I had to depart a number of times let re-enforcements in, but with the added help we were able to heal-up our fallen party members. With our party of more than 30 strong, the real exploration began.



I was sitting in town today minding my own business, when the Thoom Merlisk came prancing into town dressed up as a woman(with fake breasts and all). Now, I’ve come across many strange sights before in my travels, but this was one sight I could have done without.
Apparently Merlisk(or Merliska, as he now calls himself) was dressed like a woman in an attempt to sneak into the Woman’s Hut. His clanmate Leonin suspected him of having gender issues. In any case, I left before things grew too weird. Sometimes I have wonder about those fruity Thooms.

Bards everywhere were shocked and apalled yesterday, when the evil Hendrux announced that he had inducted the trickster Malkor into the Bard’s Guild as a full member. All the bards in the lands rallied to see whether this new bard had any musical talent in him, but to our horror and amazement, we learned that he had dumped all his instruments in Junko’s junkyard, and lost all his music! The Bard Master Coriakin almost fainted right there on the spot.
Malkor eventually got away from us, and can now be spotted in town sporting his new belt. Oh Mai…