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Day 207, Year 535 of the Ascendancy

It had been a long day, and I took to the Academy
to review my day’s adventures. After a few minutes of meditation, I
returned to town, to relax for a while. Little did I know that my
adventures had just begun. In town stood two exiles whom I had not seen
before; a slight ‘Zo woman by the name of Stonesa, and a Halfling by
the name of Awaria.

Stonesa and Awaria

The two, as it turned out, were healer trainers,
and they were looking for a third companion by the name of Sylpha. It
seemed that Sylpha had fallen to a winged snake earlier, and the two
had no idea where she could be. A quick skrying told me that Sylpha was
in bad condition, but I could not discern the direction in which she
lay. Luckily for us, Okasa was in town, and with his skristal training,
we were able to get a general fix on Sylpha; South East, and ten
Sne’els away. Okasa led a party of exiles on a search that led us
through South Forest, and through the dreaded Marsh itself. Finally, a
member of the party, Tam, found that Sylpha was in the old cemetery. As
we all made our way to the cemetery, I got separated from the rest of
the party. Luckily for me, my experience with the maze-like structure
of the Marsh quickly got me to the cemetery. However, upon entering the
cemetery, I was assaulted and felled by several dozen leeches. Others
who wandered in, also met similar treatment. No wonder Sylpha had

Leech Storm

The rescue party eventually made it’s way to the
cemetery, and dispatched the marauding leeches. Sylpha was raised
thanks to the efforts of many healers, and we all made our way back to
town, this time without even getting lost. 😉