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Fordi, day 9 of Autumn, 569

I’ve always been a little wary about Ethereal training, especially since it requires a sizable investment to master the art, but with the recent activity on the Ethereal Plane, I decided today that I should at least learn the fundamentals. Problem is that the first Ethereal trainer is located in Umbrion’s Keep, on the southern end of Kizmia’s Isle, not somewhere I can just stroll into.

Somehow I managed to convince my clanmates Lafiadem and Myiasis, along with the healer Brahtz, to tag along with me and try to storm the keep. The idea was to survive long enough to get to the trainer, then teleport out using my strange looking stone. We were grossly over-matched, though, and ended up failing several times. I racked up 3 departs while attempting the Keep, pushing me to a new milestone with Master Departus.

Master Departus Purgatory

"Your spirit has departed your body 200 times."

Finally, we enlisted the help of some heavy hitters such as Daimoth and Sala Dragon, who made getting through Umbrion’s Keep a breeze. I was finally able to speak with the mistress Leladar, and begin my training. Thanks to everyone who helped me get to the trainer– now I just need to make up for all the departs I racked up!

Soldi, day 52 of Summer, 569

It’s not often you see more than a few Mystics outside of the library, but today there were a quite few of my fellow Guild members out and about. We took the opportunity to take care of some business (including helping to restore K’vynn’s title), as well as get a few sketches of us dressed in full regalia.

K'vynn Promotion

Mystic photo op