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Day 56, Year 550

Today my clan went hunting in Melabrion’s Mines. The Mines were pretty
busy, and we had to be rescued on several occaisions, but it was good
fun nontheless.

Mela Mines
Battling the Tok’han

Mela Mines
Beset by Rippers

Xepel in Trouble
Xepel in trouble

Yazza Rescue
Heroic Rescue

Day 45, Year 550
Cimmbrion's Mazes
Cimmbrion’s Garden Maze

Today the Journeyman Abe asked me to aid him in an expedition to the
Ethereal Tower, and I happily agreed. The purpose of the expedition was
to get Abe to the 3rd Ethereal Amulet trainer. Our party was led by
Yor, and with his solid tactics we were able to reach the Ethereal
Tower in no time.

Savannah Level
Inside the Ethereal Tower

However, at a critical juncture in in our journey, I managed to
get separated from the rest of the party, and ended up in Cimmbrion’s
Garden Maze. Unfortunately, without me there to open the illusions, Abe
was unable to reach the 3rd Ether trainer.

Many apologies to Abe and to the rest of the party for
wandering off in the Ethereal Tower. I will be sure to follow Yor’s
instructions more closely next time.