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Day 59, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

An interesting thing happened in town today. It was a little past
midnight in Puddleby, and few exiles were out and about. Most of the
exiles that were awake huddled in town, complaining about how early
mornings were so boring. Suddenly, the town crier Crius announced that
the first exile to pull a man named Refareus would be awarded a cash
prize. Now, this surprised us all, to say the least. No one had heard
of this Refareus guy before. Soon enough, however, Crius’ words were
confirmed, when Refareus repeated what the crier had just said, over
the sunstone network. The race to find Refareus was on, and everybody
dashed off to seek out this mysterious stranger. Only I remained in
town when the dust settled. I had a plan.


Day 57, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Well, the 183rd Chaos Storm has rolled over the lands, but so far, I’ve
seen nothing new to write about in the lands. However, my skill in
breaking down illusions is continuing to improve, and I can finally see
past all of the illusions surrounding Umbrion’s Island, or Kizmia’s
Island, as the isle seems to be called this Storm. So far, to my
knowledge, no one is aware of who or what this “Kizmia” might be, so
whether this Kizmia is a friend or a foe remains to be seen. Other than
that, I spent my the rest of my time today just looking for bard parts
to make a flute out of, as well as the ever elusive Conch, and I also
got to participate in several rescues.

I am also collecting building materials for a
mystic building project we are working on. The project is just
beginning, but I promise yi, everyone will benefit indirectly from it
when it is complete. So far, the project has personally cost me over
600c from purchasing all the wood and stone, and it is beginning to
hurt my bank account. We still have a long way to go, so if yi see me
in the lands, please sell me any building materials yi might have on
yi. And remember to give me a discount 😛

Day 49, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today, as I strolled into town after a long day of adventure, I caught
the scent of alcohol in the air. I quietly pondered about where the
smell could be coming from, when suddenly, a drunk Darshak sailor
walked right into me. I was surprised, to say the least, and I fled to
town center, with the Darshak slowly lurching after me. Soon, several
more Darshak appeared, and after they were dispatched, we gathered our
forces and headed west, to combat a potential Darshak invasion.
However, when we reached the beaches, there wasn’t a single Waship in
sight. Puzzled, we were returning to town, when an alarm was sounded in
the Brewery. There, we met a force of about 20 or so drunken sailors.
Luckily, the inebriated seamen could hardly walk in a straight line,
much less combat us exiles. The battle lasted for only minutes, before
the last of the sailors hit the floor, with a satisfied belch. Thus,
our beer(or what remained of it) was saved. Check out a short Vision Stone of the event.

Day 40, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today I finally got the chance to go on another DP raid, and I now
write this to yi from my familiar spot in the cave before the Dread
Passage. It took us a while to get here, running through the
Snagglewood and the Orga Outback, but we’ve finally made it. Currently,
a rescue party is out looking for some fallens that got left behind in
the Outback, while the rest of us take a breather in the cave. We’ve
quite a powerful group with us today, and this group has the markings
of a successful DP rairding party. Thus, I think I will start another
journal of the my adventures again. It has been more than two Storms
since anyone has reached the Foothills, so we are all praying that
something new will be discovered this time.

UPDATE: We died 🙁

Day 38, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

I’ve had a bit more free time over the past several days, so I’m
getting to update my Sketch of the Day more often. I archive the
sketches quite frequently, so make sure yi check out the archives
for older entries. Anyway, today I spent most of my time scouring the
beaches of all the isles of Lok’Groton, in search of a Conch shell.
What is a Conch shell, yi say? Well, it is a large, pinkish shell, with
a hollow inside. The Conch shell makes a haunting but gentle melody
when blown into, and can easily be turned into an instrument. I think
that the eerie melodies of the Conch shell are perfectly suited for my
music, so I am searching in earnest for the elusive shell. If yi ever
find a Conch shell in the lands, please tell me about it; I offer good

Anyway, my search for the Conch shell led me into
a bit of trouble. I luckily survived several close calls on the beaches
of Devil’s Island, Tenebrion’s Island, and Umbrion’s Isle, but my rack
ran out on the southern beaches of Puddleby. I was leaning against a
rock, recovering from several rockodile bites, when an Artak Cougar
appeared out of nowhere, and began to attack me. I fled as fast as my
tired legs could carry me, but the Cougar felled me, just as I ran into
the hermit Varko’s hut. Now I was in a bit of a difficult place to
find, but the intelligent Farhope managed to locate me, and she and
Aries came to my rescue. F’nom tan’ki yi two! Now, I must continue my
search for the Conch…

Day 32, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today I finally got the opportunity to attend one of my clan’s
Shardik’luns, or monthly hunts. Fleming, Firebird, Tonle, and
Drue’Dreemi were present at this Shardik’lun, and we decided to hunt in
the Northwest Forest and Bear Caves. At first, the hunt went pretty
well, and we successfully hunted many bears, and gained many coins from
bear furs. However, things went awry when we came across a pair of
Choco Bears and several Deadly Adders. Luckily, some of us were able to
escape the onslaught and bring back help in the form healers and
fighters. Soon after, we decided to end the Shardik’lun, and return to
town for some rest. Thus, our clan hunt ended on a happy note.

Later that day, I learned that several exiles were
fallen in the Sasquatch Valley, and that a party was being formed to
rescue them. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to visit a place I’d
read of only from scrolls like Norm’s and Koric’s, Drue’Dreemi and I made our way to the T’rool Village, and to the entrance of the Sasquatch Valley.


Day 29, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

The above sketch is that of a mini-concert held today by the bard
Coriakin, in town center. Coriakin is surely one of the more
industrious Bards, and his repertoire of songs is impressive. The
concert lasted for about an hour and a half, and ended in a trio put on
by Coriakin, Mervine, and Forey. It was one most beautiful things I’ve
ever heard. Their music is definately an inspiration for me to write
more music. The three are thinking about putting a band together, so
definately watch out for that.

Other than that, I didn’t do too much today. I did
get my cloak mended by the seamstress Karsun, who can mend clothing for
1/3rd of the cost that the folks in the Dye shop can! Simply amazing!
Also, with the recent apprearance of the ‘Zo Mar Solkin, I was inspired
to buy myself a pouch of kyten, which Mar said could be useful in
making potions. If the kyten really is useful for potions, I expect the
demand for it will drive the prices through the roof, so I am stocking
up on kyten now, while prices are low.

Day 25, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today I was finally able to receive an Alchemy Bowl from the picky
potter, Worlin Klee. I won’t bore yi here with the details of the
process, but know that it involved a whole bunch of wandering, and
running from fearful monsters. With my new Alchemy Bowl, I was finally
able to enter Chymela’s Alchemy Lab. Inside, there were several
assistants ready to assist exiles in creating potions, as well as a
book that catalogues all the potions known to Chymela. So far there is
only one potion listed, but hopefully we will be able to discover more
in time. The usage of the Lab seems to be free of charge, so I guess
the “discount” I was supposed to receive is moot. Ah well. I left my
Alchemy Bowl with one of the assistants of the Lab, and now search the
lands for potion ingredients. Tell Chymela if yi discover any weird
substances; they just might have properties helpful to exiles.

Day 16, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Well, Hendrux has finally finished his work on my Ocarina, and it feels
great! I have to say that it is really fulfilling to receive an
instrument after almost six years of searching. I rushed outside as
soon as Hendrux handed me the instrument, and happily played my songs
on it. I have to admit though, that I haven’t been writing too many
songs lately. I guess I better get to work on a few more pieces, and
prepare for the next audtion.

Afterwards, I returned to town, and spoke with the
potter Worlin Klee, about getting an Alchemy Bowl, and she sent me on a
quest to find her some clay to make it with. It took many hours of
searching, and a few nudges from some friends, but I finally found the
source of the clay. I have to say though, that it wasn’t where I
expected it to be. Worlin Klee then sent me on a few more errands, but
she still didn’t seem ready to make me an Alchemy Bowl. Worlin sure is
one picky potter! One good thing did come about from all the running
around, though. As my clan mater Drue’Dreemi and I wandered the East
Forest, we ran into a multi-colored butterfly, who blew us some kisses.

One more thing worth mentioning. After flying
around the lands causing havok, we two butterflies returned to town for
some rest. There, I encountered an exile selling a nice blue cloak for
100c, which I just had to purchase. The cloak bears startling
resemblance to the first cloak I ever had, when I came to the lands of
Puddleby. Now my cloak collection is up to three! 🙂

Day 13, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

H’loi all. I know it’s been quite some time since I last updated my
scrolls, but I seem to have misplaced my recent journal entries
somewhere among my bookshelves. However, they should be showing up in
the archives as soon as I can locate them. Anyway, the recent Chaos
Storm has brought with it an influx of new exiles, including the potter
Worlin Klee. Worlin Klee can make all manner of pottery with her
talented fingers, and she has even offered to make us exiles Alchemy
Bowls, so that we may finally use Chymela’s Alchemy Lab!

Now Chymela the alchemist has been with us for
many years now, and like many of our teachers, such as Horus and the
recent Dentir, she has a story of how she came to Puddleby. Not many
know of it, but I was present when she first came to Puddleby, and even
assisted her in getting to town. I dug through a bunch of my personal
journals, and came up with an entry dealing with my meeting with
Chymela. I now reprint that tale for yi here.