In Search of a Conch

Posted on May 25, 2001 in Uncategorized

Day 38, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

I’ve had a bit more free time over the past several days, so I’m
getting to update my Sketch of the Day more often. I archive the
sketches quite frequently, so make sure yi check out the archives
for older entries. Anyway, today I spent most of my time scouring the
beaches of all the isles of Lok’Groton, in search of a Conch shell.
What is a Conch shell, yi say? Well, it is a large, pinkish shell, with
a hollow inside. The Conch shell makes a haunting but gentle melody
when blown into, and can easily be turned into an instrument. I think
that the eerie melodies of the Conch shell are perfectly suited for my
music, so I am searching in earnest for the elusive shell. If yi ever
find a Conch shell in the lands, please tell me about it; I offer good

Anyway, my search for the Conch shell led me into
a bit of trouble. I luckily survived several close calls on the beaches
of Devil’s Island, Tenebrion’s Island, and Umbrion’s Isle, but my rack
ran out on the southern beaches of Puddleby. I was leaning against a
rock, recovering from several rockodile bites, when an Artak Cougar
appeared out of nowhere, and began to attack me. I fled as fast as my
tired legs could carry me, but the Cougar felled me, just as I ran into
the hermit Varko’s hut. Now I was in a bit of a difficult place to
find, but the intelligent Farhope managed to locate me, and she and
Aries came to my rescue. F’nom tan’ki yi two! Now, I must continue my
search for the Conch…

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