Adventure in the Valley

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Day 32, Year 542 of the Ascendancy

Today I finally got the opportunity to attend one of my clan’s
Shardik’luns, or monthly hunts. Fleming, Firebird, Tonle, and
Drue’Dreemi were present at this Shardik’lun, and we decided to hunt in
the Northwest Forest and Bear Caves. At first, the hunt went pretty
well, and we successfully hunted many bears, and gained many coins from
bear furs. However, things went awry when we came across a pair of
Choco Bears and several Deadly Adders. Luckily, some of us were able to
escape the onslaught and bring back help in the form healers and
fighters. Soon after, we decided to end the Shardik’lun, and return to
town for some rest. Thus, our clan hunt ended on a happy note.

Later that day, I learned that several exiles were
fallen in the Sasquatch Valley, and that a party was being formed to
rescue them. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to visit a place I’d
read of only from scrolls like Norm’s and Koric’s, Drue’Dreemi and I made our way to the T’rool Village, and to the entrance of the Sasquatch Valley.


The party headed for the Sasquatch Valley gathered by the west side of
the mountains, just south of the T’rool Village. We were warned that
once we entered the Valley, we would not be able to leave for the
duration of the trip, for the path inwards was one-way, and the exit
lay on the other end. With powerful exiles such as the cookie monster
Gurgi present, we felt safe. We then slid down a steep slope, and found
ourselves in a dark, and rather smelly cavern.

The cave that we entered was just crawling with
terrifying scum like Stinging Beetles and Cave Cobras, which felled me
in one hit. Luckily, our party was able to overcome these forces, and
we were able to raise the fallen exiles, though we had to wait for
reinforcement healers to arrive. We then made one last check of the
area, and headed out of the cave.

Stepping out of the cave, we found ourselves in a
brightly lit valley. The valley was fairly wide, with several caves
dotting it’s perimeter. Many trees common to the mountains was found in
the valley, as well as several deadly Valley Cougars and Panthers. And
in the distance, we saw giant white shapes, that moved surprisingly
swiftly for their bulk. These were none but Sasquatches! These tough
monkies were powerful brutes indeed, and I would rank them to be about
as strong as the deadly Midnight Wendekas. We encountered several of
these beasts, but luckily they were all young ones, which we dispatched
with little difficulty. We then made our way to the exit of the Valley.

Several more Sasquatches awaited us near the exit
of the Valley, and they put up quite a fight before we could get past
them. We then entered a cave on the eastern edge of the Valley, and
were again assaulted by Stinging Beetles and Cave Cobras. These, we
dispatched with some difficulty, and those that had to leave, did so.
Those of us who remained exited the cave, and went back into the
Valley. There, we were greeted by a vicious pack of Boloks, Cougars,
and Panthers.

There seem to be many varieties of cats in the
Valley, coexsisting with massive Sasquatches. In fact, I’m surprised
there aren’t any Lyfelidae here as well, with all these cats about.
Anyway, we were able to fight off the horde of felines, when suddenly,
out of nowhere, a boulder came flying, and took out one of our number.
It was the Angry Mother Sasquatch!

Enraged at the destruction we were causing in the
Valley, the Mother Sasquatch bore down on us, and took out several of
our fighters. The only way we could possibly overcome it, was to lead
the Sasquatch away from the party, while the fighters healed up. Thus,
Michael was chosen for the unenviable position of Sasquatch lure, and
bravely led the angry monkey away, while the rest of the party healed
up. When the party was back to full health, Gurgi gave the signal, and
Michael led the Sasquatch back to the party. We then surrounded and
pounded the Sasquatch, until too many of our number grew hurt, and
Michael lured the Sasquatch off once more. This was repeated several
times, until finally, the Angry Mother Sasquatch was put to rest.

Wearied by our battle with the Mother Sasquatch,
the party decided to head back home. However, a large number of
Stinging Beetles had somehow boiled out of nowhere, and infested the
exit cave. Several attempts were made to clear out the beetles, but
that only lead to a mass of corpses, on our part. So, it was decided
that we would have to make a run for it. We healed up outside of the
cave, and made a mad dash for safety. Most everyone made it out, but of
course, the Stinging Beetles made fast work of me. Luckily for me, the
kind Cronos stayed behind, and pushed me out of the cavern. When I came
to my senses, I was in the Maha Den in the savanah, along with the rest
of my companions.

Thus ended my adventures in the Sasquatch Valley.
The Sasquatch Valley is a fun and challenging hunting ground, but I
feel a bit guilty for encroaching upon the haven of the majestic
Sasquatches, and slaughtering their children. Still, my curriousity is
aroused by this strange valley, which has remained hidden from us
exiles for so long. There could be some secret tucked away and hidden
in this valley, along with the Sasquatches. Only futher explorations
will tell.

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