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Meeting Minutes for Day 28 of Summer, Year 553
Present: Ayella, Dathanja, Elrohir, Fleming, Idril Verbena, Lundar, Mouser, Sasha, Vequalir, Yazza, Zeitgeist
Guests: Cyan & Treebeard
The following are the events which were discussed around the campfire this moon:



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I’ve really been neglecting my studies lately, traipsing off on adventures instead of studying the lessons of my tutors. Today was no exception.
Today I was fortunate enough to attend an FMOCR organzied by Yor. I was still a little groggy from wandering around Gungla Island, but I managed to stay awake for the whole trip.
Our party was quite small, numbering only about 14 exiles, but thanks to our coordination and Yor’s leadership, we were able to make it swiftly through all four orga camps, and obtain the orga stone.
Myl tan’ki to the wonderful exiles who helped with this raid, and Yor for helping to organize it. It feels great to have the teleportation stone as part of my arsenal once more.

Santino asked me to post some of the sketches I made at the wedding, so here they are! (Warning: there are a lot of large images, so this might take some time to load.)


Today I spotted Arista Stainfinger in town, asking exiles for any bottles of paint they might have, so that she could analyze them in her laboratory. A bunch of exiles were happy to comply, and Arista was able to figure out the recipes for several paints.
Most of the paint recipes seem to involve the use of the colored rocks that exiles have been finding for some time. Kalemis teaches how to make each potion seperately, but Arista assured us that mastering how to make one potion would make learning how to make the others easier.
So far Arista has analyzed how to make light green, dark green, dark blue, pink, purple, light blue, and yellow paints. I think there are a few more colors, so I encourage exiles to bring their paints to Arista in the Alchemy Lab for analysis.

There was quite a bit of chaos following the Chaos Storm yesterday. While looking to see what changes the Chaos Storm had brought, I learned that the western rat towers had gotten a facelift. However, when I entered the tunnel connecting the two towers to see if anything had changed there, I discovered something totally unexpected– the Storm had managed to warp the very fabric of existence!
The tunnel had been transformed into a one way trap– no one that entered could leave. The laws of physics also seemed to have gone haywire, for people found themselves able to occupy the same space in the same instant. Exiles also found it possible to walk off into the neverending grey void. Trapped in the rat tower with no way out, we decided there was only one thing we could do– we decided to have a little fun.


I’ve heard from a number of people that an illusionist named Senfantia was in town yesterday, selling pages for the phantasmonomicon. Apparently, she is an associate of Colmert, the wizard who created the illusions on Gungla Island. She came to town to sell a number of spells to raise money for her research, then returned to Gungla. Unfortunately, I missed all of it! So, I decided to seek her out myself, along with the help of my clanmates.
We set off on our search from the south beach of Gungla, and made our way northwards. My skristal was our guide, leading us ever closer to Senfantia. We made it as far as the river, before our trail hit a dead-end. Apparently Senfantia resides in Colmert’s castle, which is on the other side of the river! F’nord!
I can’t believe that no one asked Senfantia how she crossed the river. Now how am I supposed to get a spell for my book? I guess I’ll have to ask someone who was more fortunate if I can copy one of their pages…

Music was in the air today as bard hopefuls showed off their musical skills at the bard audition, organized by the Master Bard Coriakin. There were four participants in the audition: Talin and Baraboo, who auditioned to become questers, and Wheatstone and Kasa who auditioned for the position of full bard.
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All the auditionees were quite talented, and at the end of the day all four were inducted into the Bard’s Guild! Sor was even generous enough to give away several instrument parts– a luck bone, some internal organs, and two hairs from the winged centaur Falinea(one wonders what Sor’s been doing to Falinea to get all those hairs!).
F’nom grudos to all the talented new bards and questers! I look forward to hearing your lovely music in town!

The infamous Juliosaur made an appearance in town today, for the first time in many moons, along with a whole army of his eight-legged compatriots. Literally hundreds of chiggers poured out of the Mushroom Hut while Julius ran amok, slaying exiles left and right.
We were eventually able to trap the Juliosaur on Mai’s lawn, but it quickly dug its way out again. In the end, it was Puddleby’s talented Blood Bladers who were able to bring the mayhem to an end by injuring the Juliosaur. Wounded to within an inch of its life, the Juliosaur dug a hole in the ground, and fled town. Hopefully we will be better prepared, the next time the Juliosaur appears, to bring its reign of terror to an end.

mouser6thsm.gifToday The Mouser announced that he has passed the 6th circle fighter test! He attributes his success in part to a lazy Young Sasquatch. Mouser can now be spotted wearing his 3000 coin(!) blue belt over his trademark grey outfit. F’nom grudos Mouser!

The 323rd Chaos Storm swept through the lands yesterday, and it must have really cleared up the water, because the oceans look gorgeous!
It also looks like some work’s been done on the fort being constructed in south-west farms, which now sports a new moat and a small farming area.