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Day 212, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

Today, at the monthly meeting of E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, there was a
surprise in store for us. The sylvan warrior Harfoot had returned to
the lands, after being missing for more than ten years! We quickly
brought him up to speed on the events that had transpired since his
disapearance, and he told us a tale of how he and his brother fought
back orcs in his homeland. After the meeting, our clan headed for the
clan hut, and after filling out some of Gnaroon’s paperwork, Harfoot
rejoined the clan! We then proceeded to go hunting.

The first location that we chose to go hunting was
the snowy grove. However, the hunting proved to be a little scarce
there, and we left with only a few vermine skins in hand. We briefly
considered going to the Greymyr Village, but we decided against it,
because there might be too much people there. So intead, we chose to
leave Puddleby Island altogether, and hunt in the waters surrounding
Kizmia’s Isle. We soon found the hunting there to be rather scarse as
well, though it was an improvement over the snowy grove. Mostly, we
encountered a lot of GCP, with the occaisional Baltoise and Mega Mouth.
After circling around the east side of the isle, we decided to take a
small risk, and hunt on the western shore of Kizmia’s Isle. However,
this proved disappointing as well, as there wasn’t a single lifelidae
in sight. We paid a quick visit to the old witch Fat Alice, and cleared
out some Cave Cobras and spiders from her basement. We then headed for
the LSW Island.

The LSW Island, which is located in the northern
waters of Kizmia’s Isle, was crawling with the LSWs of it’s namesake. I
counted more than 11 Large Sand Wurms, as well a couple Deadly
Crawlers, which snapped at us angrily. We came up with a plan in which
I would try to attract the attention of most of the LSWs on the south
side of the isle, while the fighters entered from the north, with the
healers cadding the fighters. The plan worked pretty well at first, but
Large Sand Wurms are fickle creatures, and I could not hold their
attention for long. Soon, more and more LSWs drifted away from me, and
headed for the fighters on the north side. The LSWs managed to cut off
the fighters from their boats with their bulk, and gradually the
fighters were cut down, one by one, by the powerful Sand Wurms. The
healers tried healing the fallen fighters with their cads, and several
chain attempts were made, but when a sudden school of GCP spawned near
us, it left most of us fallen.

The lone survivor, Firebird, requested aid for the
fallen ELFs, and soon Entil’Zha arrived, and with her help we were
eventually all rescued. We then attempted to clear the LSW Island
again, and with Entil’s help we were successful. We ended the hunt by
finishing our circuit of the isle, and we were rewarded by several Mega
Mouths and Baltoise. There was one close call, when our group ran into
a huge school of GCP, but otherwise the rest of the hunt went pretty
smoothly. Hopefully our next hunt we will be able to do without getting
massacred, which has become something of an ELF tradition, in recent

Day 193, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

It seems that the Scaramis Pen that Hrothgar and I discovered two days
ago might not be linked to the Darshak after all. Today, on a
relatively uneventful day following the Bawkmas holiday, Crius reported
that there was trouble in the Dark Chamber. Curious as to what the
trouble might be, I quickly rented myself a boat, and headed for the
Dark Chamber. However, when I landed on Ash Island, I noticed that
something was amiss. A strange odor hung in the air, and the island was
wracked by several small earthquakes. Suddenly, seemingly out of
nowhere, several Scaramis Foragers and Larvae appeared, and proceeded
to fell me in record time. A small rescue party soon arrived for me,
and after raising me back on my feet, we proceeded to explore the
Scaramis Pen area. The sight that greeted us was shocking.

At first, there were only a few Foragers within
the Pen, but soon more and more Scaramis appeared from out of the
ground, until the Pen was literally filled with Scaramis of different
hues. To make matters worse, the Scaramis dug a tunnel beneath the
thick walls of their pen, and proceeded to attack us. Luckily for us,
reinforcements soon arrived, and we were able to push the Scaramis
back. After clearing the Scaramis on the outside, we entered the Pen
through the tunnel, to discover another surprise: the Keep of the
magician Lugubrion! However, once inside the Pen, we found that we
could not get back outside. The only exits, we soon found, were the
sculls that lined the Pen, which led out into the Ethereal Plane.

However, this snell of the Ethereal was like no
other that we had encountered before. In the center of the snell was a
small formation of sculls, which lead back to Lugubrion’s Keep, and the
rest of the snell was filled with deadly creatures, such as a Scaramis
Queen and an Ethereal Force. Needless to say, we all fell in no time.
Since rescue seemed impossible, we were all forced to depart, creating
more than ten Ethereal Clouds in Purgatory. So ended our adventures in
the Scaramis Pen. However, the adventure still leaves some questions
unanswered. Do the Darshak know that Lugubrion has built a Keep on
their Island? Are they in league? And where exactly on the Ethereal
Plane did those sculls lead to? Still, these sculls may prove to be of
use to us in the future. They effectively serve as a two-way portal to
the Ethereal– with four entrances and exits! I look forward to our
next forray into the Scaramis Pen.

Day 191, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

The Darshak seem to be up to no good again. Ever since the last
scaramis invasion in town, there have been numerous sightings of
scaramis on Ash Island for some reason. At first, people just assumed
that the scaramis had swum there from Puddleby, or perhaps Kizmia’s
Isle. However, the adventurers Hrothgar and Stinkfist have been
exploring Ash Island as of late, and have noticed that there is
something in the air that isn’t quite right. Today the two asked me to
investigate the woodlands near the Dark Chamber, and to my surprise, I
discovered a mystic illusion. Beyond the illusion we were met by a most
startling sight– a pen filled with deadly scaramis, and night
wendeckas. We circled around the entire enclosure, but were unable to
find a way into the penned area.

Norm later joined us in our investigation, but he
could not find a way in either. We did manage to find a pf path on the
north side of the secluded area, after hours of searching, but it
turned out that it just led to the lake area of Ash Island. Obviously
the Darshak have been letting the scaramis out, so there must be some
way to do it. Hopefully we will be able to figure out the mystery of
these scaramis, before the Darshak unleash them upon our town.

Day 187, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

The dark necromancer Tenebrion has been up to some mischief again, and
this time he’s created a two-way portal for us exiles to use. Tenebrion
claims that he created the portal to show us what we could get for
trading him six teleportation stones, and also so we can get a better
understanding of the ethereal plane. Tenebrion told us he would only be
keeping the portal open for a couple days, so a large party was
gathered outside of Tenebrion’s Keep, to explore the ethereal plane.
Scouting of the portal by the J’Team revealed that the portal was
indeed two-way. We quickly came up with a plan to have J’jh run the
undine, while the rest of the party formed a tight ring around the
portal, ready to retreat, and entered the portal.

At first, the plan seemed to work, and we were
able to bring down many of the powerful undine. However, soon after,
our party began to fall apart, and within minutes our entire party was
masacred. A few exiles did manage to make it out though, and after a
series of daring chain runs, our party was rescued. After that, we
decided that we did not have the fighter power necessary to take the
plane, so we ended our expedition. The portal remains open on
Tenebrion’s Isle though, waiting for another foolish party to make an
attempt. Currently we are discussing whether having a permanent two-way
portal would be beneficial, and whether such a portal would be worth
six teleportation stones. This is going to be a difficult decision for
exiles to make.

Day 181, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

Merry Skristmas, Bawkmas, and Thoomas everybody! The holiday seasons
are really getting into high gear now, with lights going up everywhere
and candy raining down from the sky, with the festivities broken only
by a few minor orga and vermine invasions. There’s also been a new area
discovered on the western side of North Field, which leads to a snowy
area inhabitted by Polar Bears and Snow Cougars! There’s a friendly
merchant there who sells tasty eggnog, and a wandering Thoom lady(not
Ma Tota!) who slices up potatoes into nice strips. Now all we have to
do is find some way to fry all these potato strips!

In other news, the mystic/astronomer Luminary was
advanced to the station of full Mystic today, on this first day of
Summer. Afterwards, there was a small party in town with lots of beer,
to celebrate Luminary’s promotion. Luminary put away enough beers to
make a dwarf proud, and even had shot of sylvan whiskey, which the
mischievious Malkor purchased for her. However, even after all that
drink, Luminary managed to stay on her feet. Malkor was not so lucky
though, as he was nibbled to death in a vermine invasion that came
shortly after Luminary’s promotion. F’nom grudos to Luminary,
Puddleby’s newest Mystic!

Day 173, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

There was an expedition to the Ethereal Plane earlier today, which
unfortunately ended in a massacre and a mass depart. The expedition to
the Ethereal Plane was formed in response to a recent talk with
Tenebrion, in which the necromancer revealed that several ethereal
bubbles were forming on the plane, which he recommended our mystics
investigate. We also wished to search Sombrion’s Keep for potential
illusions leading to a kyeum room. Unfortunately, we were unable to
accomplish any of these goals, because we were overwhelmed by the
undine and the denizens of the Ethereal Plane, almost as soon as we
entered our Ethereal Portal. We managed to set up a fort of bodies for
a while, but it soon broke down under the pressure from all the
monsters. Several exiles made desparate chain runs for the tower, but
they were felled as well.

After everyone was fallen, a bunch of us departed,
and attempted to make a rescue/chain attempt, but just ended up
departing for a second time. With all hope gone, the rest of us
departed from the Ethereal Plane… only to find that in the wake of
our departs, we had created four Ethereal Bubbles in Purgatory. These
bubbles eventually dissipated, but for a short while, departing was a
very risky businees. So ended our rather brief expedition to the
Ethereal Plane. The Journeyman Neige did manage to get a few readings
of the Ethereal Plane while he was there, but as he put it, the
readings were rather “mild.” Hopefully our next expedition will be more
successful, and we will be able to learn more of the mysterious secrets
of the Ethereal Plane.

Day 175, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

The holiday season is upon us, and holiday decorations are appearing
all around town. Wreaths of mistletoe can be seen hanging in front of
the doors of many of Puddleby’s prominent buildings, and many of the
trees are being decorated with scores of colorful ornaments. However,
what many exiles might not know, is that there are stories behind each
of these different decorations. Today the storyteller Keemhan came to
town, and told us the stories of three holidays– Skristmas, Bawkmas,
and Thoomas; from which the traditional decorations come from. My
favorite story was the tale of Skristmas, which involved the wise
Mystic Man’ta Claus, and his skristal-nosed starbuck Rudolph. Keemhan
comes out of the library every once in a while to share his tales, so
if yi see him in town, buy him an ale and ask him to relate to yi the
tales of the three holidays.

Day 170, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

Well, the 212th recorded Chaos Storm has swept through Puddleby,
bringing about quite a few changes to the lands. The most notable is
that the passes have shifted a little, revealing a small river valley
inhabitted by never before seen wendecka, including wendecka
babies(which exiles slaughter mercilessly, of course). There also seems
to be large crop of potatos popping up in the northern farms, though
exiles have yet to figure out what to do with these starchy roots.

In other news, after years of practice and
composition, I was finally inducted into the Bard’s Guild as a full
bard! Now I can play my music anywhere I want to, and I also get to
wear a fancy gold Bard belt. Phineas has written more about this on his scrolls.
If yi ever want to hear some short ocarina tunes, just ask. On the flip
side though, my Orga Drum broke after just a couple uses, which is
rather disapointing. I’m on the look out for another drum, so let me
know if yi see any around.

Orga Drum

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Day 146, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

Today I had the good fortune of finding an Orga Drum deep in the
Tanglewood. I found the broken Drum on the day of a FMOCR, while
leading a small group of exiles to reinforce a larger party that was
occupying OC4, waiting for the Orga Magician to appear. As it turned
out, our party never got past OC2, where most of us were massacred.
After that, several Orga Warlocks spawned both inside and outside OC1,
making rescue a very difficult task. After an hour or so of chain runs
and reinforcements, everybody in OC1 was finally back on their feet.
However, as the 20 or so assembled exiles made their way to OC4, we
heard it announced over the sunstone that Zorton had gotten the strange
looking stone from the raid. So, our efforts came to naught, but the
raid was a success. Later, I returned to Puddleby, and had Hendrux fix
up my Orga Drum. I hear there is a bard audition coming up, and
hopefully I will be able to make it, and impress the judges with my
flute and drumming skills.