Archive for November, 2004

Ailidh and I learned the ancient art of Coin Whoring today, when we attended a free coin hunting class provided by the University of Puddleby. The class was taught by Maeght, and began with a short lecture in the classroom where he explained to us some of the basics of coin hunting.
After the lecture, we got to put our knowledge to test in the real world, going on a whirlwind coin hunting field trip around the isle. We started off with NWF, which was unusually empty, save for herpatids which kept menacing our party. Then we moved onto the Myrm Highlands and KB, which was good hunting.
The party headed next to the vermine tree, but unfortunately I passed out along the way, and didn’t wake up until much later. Perhaps Ailidh can fill in on how the rest of the hunting went. The class was very fun, and even enlightening(though not for my purse, which gained 53 coins), and I am considering looking into increasing my Skea training in the near future.

A routine break from the library turned into a bit of an adventure the other night when Naferu invited me on an expedition to the Land of Sarra. My previous expeditions to Sarra haven’t always been successful, so I was a bit reluctant, but in the end I decided to join.

Our party of 12 strong gathered on Centaur Isle, then headed for the Land of Sarra. We entered via the mystic illusion, and made slow progress through the foresty plateau. We encountered dozens of Sarra’dons and Sarra’yrms that can sap an exiles balance, along with Venomous Cobras, who spit poison from afar.
Half of the fighters in our party were bloodbladers, so party was always on edge, what with our bleeding fighters falling to stray bits of venom every other minute. Luckily, we had Lorikeet on hand, along with several other powerful healers, so none of our party was fallen for long.
After a few hours of hunting, we decided to head back, and successfully made it past a gauntlet of Angry Mother Sasquatches, to safety. Our party didn’t get very far in Sarra, but we encountered dozens of tough critters in the few snells we visited, and it was a fun hunt overall.