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Pile of Scrolls

I’m happy to announce that 3 new scrolls have been added to Feodoric’s Files, Diotima’s Garden, and The Chicken’s Roost. As a long time scribe myself, it is a pleasure to see all these exiles sharing their knowledge and creativity through webscrolls!

If you would like a scroll hosted at, just contact me, and I will be happy to set you up with shelf space of your own.

I came across this book buried deep in the library. I’ve not had a chance to read it yet, but it appears to be a children’s book about a magical horse. Most interesting.

Puddleby by Thea Wilcox

Puddleby by Thea Wilcox

Merdi, day 78 of Winter, 582

Congratulations to Salazar, who was recognized as a full Mystic today! It’s hard to believe, but it’s been years since the last big promotion! Time flies when you’re in the library, I guess.

There was plenty of booze on hand for the celebration in town afterwards, including a barrel of my favorite Brambleberry beer! Congratulations to Salazar on his well deserved promotion!

Salazar Promotion

Post promotion celebrations

(More sketches of the celebration over at Ansset’s Annexe)

It looks like Ansset has finally made use of the shelf space I lent him, and created his very own webscroll called Ansset’s Annexe. Go and check it out, Ansset is one of the most adventurous mystics in the lands these days, and he’s put together some pretty nifty scrolls.

Ansset's Annexe

Ansset's new scrolls